How To Fix Motorcycle Shut Off While Riding And Won’t Start?

There are various reasons as to why a motorcycle can suddenly shut off during a ride and refuse to start, no matter how hard you try to fix it. This could happen due to lack of fuel, a faulty or dead battery, a loose wire, or even a dysfunctional fuel injection system. Sometimes, it could also be because of some minor issue that you can fix with regular maintenance. Whatever the reason behind a motorcycle shutting down while riding and won’t start, knowing what to do can be life-saving at times.

One of the most important things for motorcycle riders is to carry out regular maintenance. However, some riders do not stay conscious of this fact and are often caught unprepared when there’s an emergency and zero immediate help at hand. To avoid this, it is necessary to know a few things including how to fix a motorcycle shut off while riding and that won’t start.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Motorcycle Shut Off While Riding And Won’t Start?

For a motorcycle, shutting off while riding is an unexpected phenomenon that is not supposed to happen. Many things can cause it, ranging from poor maintenance to harmful products. Below are a few causes of motorcycle sudden shut down that every rider should look out for and avoid.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Motorcycle That Shuts Off While Riding And Won’t Start

  • No fuel: Well it’s obvious. If your motorcycle suddenly shuts off, your eyes automatically go to the fuel gauge to check if the tank is empty. This happens to a lot of people and the best way to avoid it is to check your fuel every time you go for a ride.
  • Contaminated fuel: If the fuel is contaminated, either with dirt, metal, or other components of crude oil, it might block the valve through which the fuel passes, causing the motorcycle to shut off.
  • Electrical problems: The charging system on a bike is made up of three main parts. The regulator rectifier, the stator, and the battery. If any electrical system component gets faulty, it can alter the working process of the motorcycle.
  • Bad plugs: This is also another common reason, not just for motorcycles but any other engine. Spark plugs are accountable for igniting the air/fuel mixture and resulting in an explosion that allows engines to generate power. They might look small but are very important in the machine.
  • Bad Stator: A stator and a rectifier regulator work together to achieve the same goal as an alternator. They generate the DC power needed to run the motorcycle. The current induced goes to the spark plug during ignition. A bad stator would also not be able to charge the battery of the bike, which could make it stop on the way.
  • Clogged carburetor: What the carburetor does is that it mixes the right amount of fuel and air needed by the engine to perform correctly. If the carburetor is dirty. It can hinder the motorcycle from starting.
  • Dead battery: Certain things could make a battery run down. A battery doesn’t charge when it lays dormant for a long time, this could lead to its malfunctioning.

How To Fix Motorcycle That Shut Off While Riding And Won’t Start?

If the motorcycle shuts off while you’re riding and fails to start afterward, fixing the faulty parts right away is a must. To avoid a total breakdown, take measures for each situation as soon as you notice anything fishy.

To restore the bike, the first step is to identify the problem itself. Though this may be quite tricky, especially without any experience in mechanics, there are some things you can do yourself. Ways to fix a motorcycle shutting down while riding are:

motorcycle shut off while riding and won t start

  • Buy good fuel: Always buy fuel from trusted vendors to ensure that the fuel has a good octane rating perfect for the engine.
  • Low fuel: Make sure the fuel gauge is working perfectly. This helps you keep track of the quantity of fuel in the tank, avoiding any unexpected events. Once the tank hits rock bottom, it is best to refill immediately. Avoid running a motorcycle until the tank is completely dried up as this may have a lasting effect on the engine and carburetor.
  • Have spare plugs: Spark plugs tend to wear off after a certain period. So, you must always have a spare and a plug spanner to replace it if it gets damaged on road.

Have spare plugs

  • Bad Stator: Even though it’s not too hard to fix a bad stator, the process is long and tedious. So, it’s best to have a mechanic’s expertise to repair.
  • Clean the carburetor: For a clogged carburetor, all you need is to take out the carburetor and clean every hole using oil and other cleaning reagents.

Clean the carburetor

There is also a way to clean the carburetor without removing it. This method involves spraying carb cleaner aerosol into the pilot air jet and then removing the airscrew to air from the hole.

Drain the float bowl by opening the drain screw to let fuel spill. Spray the carb cleaner into the fuel hose, and allow the setup to stay for about an hour. Start the engine running on the carb cleaner; this should release harmful fumes, hence it is advisable to do it outside. After a while, the engine’s sound would get back to normal, leaving the carburetor clean.

  • Active battery: Check to make sure the motorcycle battery is well-grounded to the circuits and is charging at all times. If the battery is dormant for a while, give it a full charge before using.

Final Words

It is always best to perform frequent maintenance instead of waiting till the motorcycle shuts off while riding and won’t start. As this situation often happens out of the blue, I would recommend having some necessary tools within a hand’s reach. The troubleshooting you can do yourself is mentioned in this article. However, some particular situations will require professional help.

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