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What is The Moto Gears?

Welcome to Motogears. It’s a virtual assistance and workshop for every bike rider. Motogears is built with a team of bike experts and specialists to serve you with bike-related problems. All of our members are highly skilled in this category. When you search for any bike-related products and queries, we are committed to giving our best effort to save your time and effort.

Our expert will help you to find the ideal product based on your budget. It doesn’t matter, what are you looking for? In Motogears, you’ll find the best motorcycle Boot, Best Torque Wrench, most comfortable seat for Harley, best transmission fluid, windshield for road glide, etc.

We’ll provide you a complete buying guideline for every single motorbike gear and other accessories you need.

Our Mission

We built our motogears team with expert people with a vision to provide the best bike accessories that you may need for your bike.  To guide you to the ideal product, our team goes through a well-organized process. We start with market research and investigation to identify the best product of the famous company. Our team analyzes a product in-depth and determines the product’s key features. We also explore the reviews of genuine buyers to get a real-life experience of those products that we’ve selected. Once our expert team completes their analyzing process, we prepare the best product buying guideline.

Meet The Team

Richard Browning

Richard is the owner and an editor of this site, “Themotogears.” After completing his study in mechanical engineering, he worked for a motorbike manufacturing company for almost seven years. But this identity isn’t well enough to classify his relation with the motorbike.

Richard is a very popular motorbike stuntman in his state West Virginia. He is the kind of man who doesn’t understand anything else except motorbike and its relevant thing.

That’s why his friends call him a mad biker. Because of his expert knowledge of motorbikes, his friends, colleagues, and others always poke him whenever they need any bike suggestions.

Richard always tries to help them at his best, but sometimes he can’t make free time to help them. So he thought of something bigger and created this “Themotogears” site. He started this site with a broader vision to help people worldwide regarding motorbikes and their accessories.

Henry S. Wells

Henry is the chief editor of the motogears. He’s also a friend and colleague of Richard. They both work in the same bike manufacturing company. Henry works there as a Instrumentation & Controls Technician. After creating this site, Richard asked him to join us. We hired Henry because of his vast expert knowledge about motorbikes. Henry is also the team leader of our research team. Under his supervision, all team members completed their tasks.

Brian M. Stillman

Brian is a technical writer, and he’s the head of our writing team. He completed his graduation in English Literature and linguistics. Brian has more than 12 years of experience in writing. He’s a very creative writer and has a super ability to make things simple for the readers. His experience and excellence in writing are the main things that influenced us to hire him for our team. Now he takes the position of head of our writing team.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

Market Investigation

We begin our review process with in-depth market research. Market research helps us understand the current demand for a particular product and the novelties of the market. It also allows us to identify the famous products of the top brands.

Identification Of Key Features

Once our team completes the market investigation, they make a preliminary list of the best products.  As we want to short down our list to determine the best product, we look for the key features of our primarily selected product.

Some brands included unnecessary features to increase the price tag. Our expert team identifies the core feature of a product so that you get the right product for the right task.

Product Selection

Once the product’s core feature is selected from the preliminary product list, our team separates the final product. While choosing the final product, we mainly focus on the top-selling product of the best brand that its users highly appreciate.

Analyzing Reviews

Analyzing the reviews of actual users is one of the essential tasks in our product review process. We develop an advanced system to determine the unnatural reviews to only focus on the genuine buyer’s review. By analyzing the reviews of real buyers, we get the real-life experience of a particular product.

Product Ranking

To list the best product from different brands, we also develop a product ranking system. In the product ranking process, every product gets a score for every positive side, such as quality, durability, functionality, price, etc. The higher the score, the better the product.

Reviews Writing

After selecting the product and completing the analyzing process, we forwarded the product research data to our writing team. The writing team cross-check the data validity and write an in-detail review to list the product on our site.

Buying Guide

Buying guide is the summation of all our research data. Here we explain everything about the product to understand whether the product is suitable for you or not? Our ultimate goal is to guide you to the right product; we do that job perfectly through buying guides.

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