What Are Bad Stator Symptoms? (Causes and Fixes Explained)

A stator is the electric coil that converts DC power into AC for different bike parts to use. Without it, you’d be stuck pushing your bike around. Most people get the bad stator symptoms early but fail to act which end up in severe damage. And for those who do not know the symptoms, this page is for you.

Some of the symptoms of a bad stator include no spark, intermittent spark, weak spark, no light on the dash, with no sign of power from any electrical component. A bad stator can cause many different problems depending on what is wrong.

You need to ensure that the stator is in good condition as a failed stator can be a serious problem for your motorcycle. With a failed stator, you should expect a great drop in your engine performance.

So, once you witness any of the signs mentioned above, you need to act fast to repair or replace the stator in your motorcycle.

What Makes a Stator Go Bad on A Motorcycle?

One of the prime motorcycle bad stator symptoms is the battery losing its charge. Charging problems can cause many other problems and malfunctions with the motorcycle. So what are the things that could make the stator go bad?What Makes a Stator Go Bad on A Motorcycle

Power Overload

The stator is the engine’s electrical generator that creates the alternating current. Suppose a motorcycle experiences a power overload, and the voltage regulator can’t compensate for the flow of electricity.

In that case, the stator coils can become damaged and not pass enough electricity to charge the battery.


Heat is often overlooked, but it is the most important factor in magnet wire insulation failure. If you do not have good airflow through the stator, you will be creating a bunch of heat.

Overheating is the biggest culprit behind a bad stator. A bike engine makes a lot of heat, and if it is not dissipated properly or if oil temperatures get too high, the result can be a fried stator.

Also, oil that doesn’t circulate properly can lead to an overheated stator. Your stator may fail for other reasons, but the first tell-tale sign is that your motorcycle starts running rough. With some bikes, the engine light will come on, and you will notice poor gas mileage.

It is best for you to address the issues as soon as possible because diminished performance will affect other components of your motorcycle in the long run.

What Are Bad Stator Symptoms?

The symptoms of a bad stator vary depending on the specific failure, but there are a few common signs that can indicate the need for replacement.What Are Bad Stator Symptom

The Headlight Is Not Working.

If your motorbike’s stator or armature is not working as it should, then the headlight will be the first symptom that you will start to notice. If your headlight is not bright as usual, this can be bad news for the stator of your bike, and you should start looking for a better solution.

No Spark

A bad stator can cause a host of problems with your ignition system, creating no spark. Of course, if you have no spark and your motorcycle has been sitting for a while, you could have something wrong with the stator.

But you have to be careful about assuming the stator is causing the no spark problem.  It could be bad wires or plugs too.

Intermittent Spark

Intermittent spark is the most common bad stator symptom. If your motorcycle stator goes bad, your ride will drop dead in its tracks. You do need to take your motorcycle to your mechanic as soon as possible.

Leaving your motorcycle with the spark will only lead to severe damage which you could have avoided by acting in the right way.

Can You Ride a Bike with A Bad Stator?

Yes, you can still ride your motorcycle with a bad stator. However, that doesn’t mean you should. If you choose to continue riding with a bad stator, be sure to monitor the electrical system closely.Can You Ride a Bike with A Bad Stator

A bad stator can cause a lot of different issues with your motorcycle. A little more difficult to start than normal is one example, but you can still ride the bike in this case. However, when the stator is causing a reduction in the electric current while the bike is idling or in gear, you cannot ride the motorcycle and must have it towed to a shop for repairs.

Also, you can still ride a bike with a bad stator, but your lights and other accessories will not work. This is why it is of the utmost importance to have a functional motorcycle.

Is It Possible to Repair a Stator?

Yes, it is possible to repair a stator. With little expense and few tools, you can have your unit up and running again. You just have to take it through electric motor rewinding. The electric motor rewinding is removing old wiring, inspecting the components, and replacing them with new and improved wiring.Is It Possible to Repair a Stator

It will enhance electrical performance, improve functionality, and lengthen the lifespan of an electric motor in a repaired product.

In addition, a bad stator winding or core can be replaced by an aftermarket manufacturer with a few exceptions. Stator repair kits are available for some models, and some manufacturers have installed connecting pins as part of their design.

It makes the process easier. For example, Yamaha no longer installs connectors on their machines and restricts the replacement of stator coils to authorized Yamaha dealers.

When Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Stator?

The stator on your motorcycle plays a critical role in keeping your bike running smoothly. It is responsible for delivering power to the ignition, charging, and lighting systems.When Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Stator

Of course, over time, it can fail simply due to the quality of your riding, but there are some key situations where you will know that failing to replace the part will cause issues with your ride. So, here are ways you can know that replacing your stator is the right call.

When It Shows No Sign of Sparks

The timing of a stator replacement can vary greatly depending on how often you ride the motorcycle. If you notice sparks, it’s time to replace the stator. Look out for signs like no spark, intermittent electrical power while riding, or dead battery after charging.

If you notice any of the symptoms, it is an indication that your stator is failing and might need replacement. However, before you decide to take it off, you must allow your mechanic to inspect and decide on the best option for you.

No Light on The Dashboard

If you have a motorcycle with a stator and you don’t have any lights on your dashboard, there is a good chance your problem lies within the stator. If the battery isn’t getting the proper charge, it will most likely not light up the dashboard.

Also, if you don’t see a ‘Check Engine Light’ on the motorbike’s dashboard, then your stator might have burned out. Even if the engine is turning over, it may not be able to run for more than a minute.

Motorcycle not starting

If your motorcycle is dead or not starting, it could be a problem with the stator. Therefore, you should subject the stator to resistance and continuity testing to see if they have shorted or broken in the windings.

Test the stator output under load and at higher RPMs. A no-load test is typically not enough to check a stator. If you cannot do the task yourself, you should allow a mechanic to do the fixing.


The importance of having a good and working stator in your motorcycle can never be overlooked. However, most people ride a bike with a failing stator due to the lack of knowledge. There are ways you can fix it, and that is only when you get to know the bad stator symptoms and act fast.

Therefore, I have provided the information you need on this page. You have lots to learn about the importance of the stator, how to know a failing one, and the right way to fix it.

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