9 Best Methods To Wear A Helmet With Long Hair

While riding a motorcycle, the helmet remains critical safety equipment to prevent life-altering head injuries. And knowing how to wear a helmet with long hair is a piece of information both male and female bikers will find helpful. This is because the way a short-haired person conveniently puts on a helmet, a person with long hair can’t due to fitting issues. So, how to wear a helmet when you have long hair?

Saving your long hair from damage while wearing a helmet calls for different hair braids, scarf, bandana, and a few other ways. You can also use a doo-rag, hair socks, or a modular helmet as alternatives.

I will discuss all the traditional as well as unconventional methods of wearing a helmet with long hair in this article. You’ll also find valuable info such as why you should protect your hair from helmets along with some hair care tips while wearing one. So, let’s get to it.

Is It Really Possible To Wear A Helmet With Long Hair?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to wear a helmet despite having long hair. However, it is only achievable if you know how to protect your hair before wearing a helmet.

There are a few tweaks to how to wear a helmet with long hair. For instance, those who wear a helmet with long hair should use a doo-rag, scarf, bandana, etc., to keep the hair in order.

Can You Wear A Helmet With Long Hair

Most riders often complain about hair breakage or damage when wearing a helmet. Some also complain about their hair being messy when they get to their destinations and take off their helmet. All these problems can be fixed by simply altering the hair-do. The section below will give you a detailed idea about how to wear a helmet with long hair using simple hair braid styles.

What Hairstyles Are Suitable To Wear With A Helmet?

Sometimes, riding can get messy because hair gets into the eyes, or the helmet might not be a good fit. Those who have long hair will benefit from the hairstyles below.

  • Simple Low Plait

A biker who doesn’t want the hassles of wearing a helmet with long hair can do simple low plaits. First, you should take three sections of hair near the scalp base and hairline, then layer the sections over one another and make thick plaits down to the back. A well-made low braid will sit comfortably under the helmet while keeping hair from the rider’s eye.

  • Low Ponytails

The low ponytail is the most preferred hairstyle for long-haired riders. You must compile all their hair together at the base of the head and tie it up using a rubber band or hair tie. It is important to note that a high ponytail will not work in a helmet.

  • French Braid

Those with long shoulder hair will benefit from making a minimalistic french braid. You can make this braid by taking three sections of the hair and switching the sections in a basic traditional pattern. While changing the sections, keep putting more hair in every individual section as the braiding proceeds down to the scalp. The hair-do should be secured in place using a rubber band.

  • Single Bun

A single bun is one of the most effortless styles to wear helmets. First, you should take all their hair and twist them up while holding the twisted hair at the center. A low bun can then be made by securing it with a rubber or a bobby pin.

  • Dutch Crown Braids

 Dutch crown braid is the most natural and comfortable hairstyle that will keep the hair in place under the helmet without hair getting into your eyes. Fortunately, the Dutch crown braid is quite easy to do. First, you should divide their hair into two parts and use the same process as a French braid from the front and back. After the process is done, the plaits are dangled over the shoulder or hanged from behind.

  • Wear-Down

 A long-haired biker can wear their hair down without a specific hairstyle. You can tuck the hair behind the ear and let the hair go down over their shoulder. Then wear the helmet directly over the hair. Although it might look messy, it allows the helmet to fit securely over the head.

Does Your Hair Length Affect The Helmet Size?

Hair might affect the helmet size if your hair is long and thick. If you have long hair, there is a high chance of having a hair braid or other makeover underneath the helmet. This makes the helmet unlikely to fit the head perfectly.

Also, if you are wearing a balaclava or beanie under the helmet, even a perfect-fit helmet may feel a bit tight. So, it’s best to choose a helmet at least one centimeter above the preferred size for long hair.

Why Is It Important To Protect Your Hair From Helmets?

An improperly fitted helmet is one of the significant causes of hair loss amongst bikers. So, you must be careful not to damage your hair while wearing a helmet during rides.

If you feel any tension when putting on a motorcycle helmet, it is a sign that the helmet is not worn correctly. This can lead to traction alopecia or hair loss due to repeated pulling on the hair.

While it is not advisable to wear a large helmet as it may slide off during an accident, a tight one can create excess pressure on one’s hair and cause hair loss. So, as I mentioned earlier, go for a helmet model one cm bigger than the preferred fit.

One other major issue with long hair is that the scalp will quickly get sweaty. This will lead to dandruff, itchiness, and eventually hair loss. So, I suggest you check out ventilated motorcycle helmets to prevent that from happening.

Some Hair Care Tips For Those Who Wear Helmets Daily

Motorcyclists with long hair that wear a helmet daily will benefit from some tips on how to take care of their hair. Below are some helpful ones.

Some Hair Care Tips For Those Who Wear Helmets Daily

  • Keep The Hair Clean: The human scalp constantly secretes sebum, a natural conditioner for the hair. However, when the hair isn’t washed regularly, the sebum will build up and make the hair greasy and oily. If you wear helmets regularly, wash your hair because oily hair can lead to hair fall, dandruff, and other issues.
  • Don’t Wear Helmet On Wet Hair: Wearing a helmet on wet hair will cause the helmet’s insides to become damp. The warm and humid environment of the helmet will encourage the growth of bacteria. Also, the lack of airflow will promote the development of fungi, resulting in infections on the scalp. Motorcyclists should only wear a helmet when their scalp is dry.
  • Moisturize The Hair: A well-hydrated hair will reduce the friction between the inner lining of the helmet and the rider’s hair. Regular moisturizing is vital to prevent breakages due to friction with the helmet, whether you have thin, coarse, or thick hair.

How To Wear A Helmet With Long Hair?

A good helmet will protect its wearer from head injuries. However, the purpose of a helmet can get defeated if long hair keeps getting into the wearer’s eye, resulting in an accident. The hair should not blow around as the biker travels, and it has to be secured under the helmet and still look good at the end of the journey.

How To Wear A Helmet With Long Hair

The following paragraph will discuss some simple ideas on wearing a helmet with long hair.

1. Using A Doo-rag

There are various styles and materials choices when it comes to doo-rag. The doo-rag or durag will keep the motorcyclist’s hair out of the way while also keeping the hair comfortable under the helmet.

Doo-rag is more stylish than regular hairnets. These are also easy to put on, preventing itching while wearing a helmet.

2. Hair Sock

 A hair sock is a handy tubular sock popular with motorcyclists who wear dreadlocks. The hair sock is also known as a “loc soc,” it is trendy amongst bikers with long hair. You will find these in local stores or online stores.

3. Pile-up

Piling the hair up is an easy way to secure long hair into a helmet. You will need to do a longbow, guide the braids into the helmet, and then stand up straight and fasten the chin straps. Pile-up is an excellent method to ensure that the hair is kept out of the way.

However, this method works best for people with straight, long hair that cooperates readily. Those with curly hair may need a stretchy band to hold the hair together before wearing the helmet.

4. Using A Scarf

Scarfs are great for keeping the hair together when wearing a helmet. The great thing about a scarf is that it is stylish and can be matched with the biker’s outfit. Putting on a scarf is simple. You’ll only need to tie it to cover the front of their head. Then wrap the two loose ends around the long hair to form a ponytail. Scarfs are easy to remove and will not mess up your hair-do.

5. Using A Bandana

A bandana is easy to remove and store for reuse in the future. It is one of the best ways for a biker to keep their long hair in check underneath the helmet. Bandanas come in a variety of colors and designs. A well-fitting bandana will also reduce the chances of having any reddish pressure lines caused by the helmet.

6. Use A Modular Helmet

Although more expensive, modular helmets are worth the price compared to full-face helmets. The helmet’s design assures the rider’s safety while offering more flexibility when putting the helmet on and taking it off. People with thick, long hair can increase the diameter of the helmet’s opening to take the helmet off.

7. Add Layers

Those who struggle with their long hair looking squashed after removing their helmet should consider adding a few layers to their current hairstyle. Adding layers may include adding some shorter parts to the hairstyle.

Helmets tend to push down on the top of the head and pull the person’s hair towards the back. So, by adding more layers, the rider can maintain the overall long length when riding.

8. Using A Face mask

Although unconventional, a face mask can be pulled over the hair to work as a hairband. You will have to keep it hooked around the ears and remove the wide part that generally covers the nose to keep the bangs from the face.


There are many available options for people with long hair to stay comfortable while wearing a motorcycle helmet. Knowing how to wear a helmet with long hair will save the biker from taking extreme measures like cutting their hair to wearing a helmet. With some preparation and planning, you can easily keep your long hair and still have a pleasant ride.

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