10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet (Top Picks of the Year 2023)

A motorcycle helmet with greater durability and robust design is a vital piece of equipment for the safety of motorcyclists. However, if that helmet does not have proper internal ventilation, the lack of air will lead to sweating and, in turn, itching your head.

You should always feel comfortable while cruising down the high road at a tremendous speed. That is why I have spent valuable time in my research and figured out the best ventilated motorcycle helmet to ensure a comfortable ride.

Here it goes!

Do Motorcycle Helmets Have Ventilation?

Yes, motorcycle helmets have ventilation to help the rider stay cool during the ride. It has a good ventilation mechanism for a proper flow of air inside and outside of the helmet.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Have Ventilation ports


These helmets with good ventilation have great airspeed, reduce noise, and keep the rider free of claustrophobia and sweat. They also have extra vents and ports in the back and in the jar region to reduce fogginess during winter and create proper visibility.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet?

Wearing a ventilated motorcycle helmet is necessary during both long and short rides to keep yourself safe and cool at the same time. Besides adequate air flow, it will ensure you’re not itching while on the ride.

Enough air vents help you to breathe comfortably and reduce stuffiness. Therefore, your head will always remain cool and save you from freaking out on hot weather.

They also make sure you’re safe from detrimental Ultra-Violet rays while cruising around in extreme Sunlight. Not only that, but also some of these helmets offer anti fogging features. It will assist you to see the road clearly even in the foggy weather.

Comparison Chart:

Every helmet has its own features. Let’s have a quick look at the key differences of my listed helmets.

Product NameVentSizesWeightDimensions
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Matte Black – Large)Top, Chin, And Back.LargeStreet Bike3.5 pounds15.28 x 11.34 x 11.42 inches
FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth HelmetTop, Front, And Back.Medium, Large, Extra LargeStreet Bike4.05 pounds14.7 x 11.1 x 10.6 inches
YEMA Motorcycle Motocross Helmet DOT ApprovedAdjustable Intake and ExhaustSmall  to XLATV, Off-Road Bike, Dirt Bike2.8 pounds‎14.2 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches
GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet2 upper Intake 1 lower 4 ExhaustSmall to XLStreet, Sport, Off-road3.1 pounds‎13.8 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches
LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street HelmetChin, Front, Back, And Breath Deflector.Small to 4XLStreet4 pounds12 x 12 x 14 inches
GDM Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle HelmetFive layers of air flow systemSmall to XXLSport Bike, ATV, Scooter, Snowmobile4 pounds14 x 10 x 10 inches
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full-Face Motorcycle HelmetAdjustable vent switches for constant air flowSmall to XXLOff-road, Street4.4 pounds13.78 x 10.24 x 9.84 inches
Shoei GT-Air II Helmet (Large) (Matte Blue)Multiple channel ventilationX-Small to XXLCruiser/Touring, Street Bike5.8 pounds15.5 x 11 x 11.8 inches
AHR RUN-F DOT Motorcycle Full Face HelmetEPS liner additionally helps in the ventilationSmall to XXLStreet Bike, Scooter, Snowmobile4 pounds10.8 x 14.2 x 10.25 inches
1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face HelmetSix layers of air flow compartmentSmall to XLOff-road, Street4 pounds15 x 11 x 11 inches

10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

You must know the best features, benefits, and specifications of the best-ventilated motorcycle helmets before choosing them. We have come up with the most suitable information to help you with these details.

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Matte Black – Large) – Editor’s Choice

Comfort, security, and proper ventilation are three of the most important aspects that every helmet must offer. The Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet meets all the criteria and exceeds when it comes to ventilation.

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet


Brand Bell
Size Large
Color Matte Black
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Dimensions 15.28 x 11.34 x 11.42 inches
Additional Feature Antibacterial Liner
Material Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS
DOT Approved Yes

Whether it is for everyday commuting or occasional touring, the Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet gets you covered with top, chin, and back ventilation.

The three lightweight polycarbonate ABS shells make this helmet an amazing construction with a light yet sturdy build. You can course through the roads with style with the smart look of the headgear without having to worry about the comfort.

If we talk about the additional features offered by this helmet, the antibacterial liner can be removed and washed easily, keeping your helmet clean and fresh at all times. With the help of a high velocity flow ventilation system on the chin, top, and back of the helmet, you will experience a great airflow, especially on the scorching summer days.

Durability is not an issue in any way and the DOT approval certifies the quality and security of the product. It uses a NutraFog II shield which prevents fogging and reduces the impact of UV radiation, allowing you to get a clear view ahead of you all the time.

Featuring an attractive matte black finish, it is a perfect addition to all bikes and the pricing is affordable with a Clickrelease Shield for easy and quick shield replacement. However, fitting of the helmet often results in a headache after a long ride. But that’s not always and doesn’t occur to everyone.

Key Features

  • For a sturdy build, the helmet is manufactured with polycarbonate/ABS shell.
  • It offers removable and washable antibacterial liner.
  • Consist of a Clickrelease Shield.
  • High velocity flow ventilation for breathable touring.
  • Outstanding ventilation system
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Ensures a clear view
  • Fitting results into headache at times


Available at an affordable cost, this ventilated helmet ensures a clear view with anti-fogging shield and proper ventilation for airflow. It is a comfortable and durable helmet with Clickrelease shield and features a liner that can be removed and washed to prevent germs and bad smell.

2. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet – Best For Bluetooth

Are you looking for the best ventilated motorcycle helmet for easily commuting and communicating on the roads? Well, I have just the thing for you. The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is an ideal choice for a smart and pleasant bike ride.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


Brand FreedConn
Size Medium
Color White
Weight 4.05 lbs.
Dimensions 14.7 x 11.1 x 10.6 inches
Additional Feature FM radio, MP3
Material ABS Composites
DOT Approved Yes

As the name suggests, this ABS composite shell protective headgear features a high quality Bluetooth connectivity to ensure a proper communication between fellow riders along with cell phone connection. With a 500m range, you can pair your smart helmet with 2 other helmets and establish a proper communication with another rider at a time.

Forget the struggle of taking out your phone for a call or GPS as the single button control on the helmet allows you to receive, redial, and reject calls. With features like FM radio, MP3, and many more, keep yourself entertained and focused on the long rides. Besides, the noise cancelation technology provides a clear hearing quality.

Available in various vivid colors and sizes, you have freedom to choose depending on your comfort and style. The vents on the front, top, and back of the helmet ensure a proper airflow and the washable microfiber liner prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant smell.

With one full charge, it provides a total of 9 hours of rider to rider communication and a 12-hour phone call duration, making it a perfect choice for longer trips. The pricing is reasonable and a great bargain given the features offered by the product. However, the only downside of this otherwise outstanding headgear is that the noise cancellation is not 100 percent accurate.

Key Features

  • 3-ways ventilation for enough air to in and out.
  • It comes with MP3 and FM connectivity along with the bluetooth.
  • The single click button is used to receive, reject or redial calls while moving.
  • Becomes fully charged within 3 hours.
  • Communication range between riders is 500m.
  • Affordable cost
  • Long lasting and comfortable
  • Various color and size options
  • Washable liner
  • 500m rider to rider communication range
  • Noise canceling technology could be improved


With a high quality and clear Bluetooth connectivity, it establishes a proper communication network between two riders and successfully pairs with 3 riders at once. The noise cancelation technology drowns out the outside noises, keeping the rider focused on the road with a crystal clear view.

3. YEMA Motorcycle Motocross Helmet DOT Approved – Best for ATV bikes

The YEMA motorcycle motocross helmet is a stylish, breathable product with a great aerodynamic design. It is DOT-certified for safety and suits all riders in hot weather. Below are the amazing features of this motorcycle helmet.

YEMA Motorcycle Motocross Helmet DOT Approved


Brand YEMA
Color Matte Black
Weight 2.8 Pounds
Material EPS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Vehicle Service Type ATV, Mountain Bike
Buckle Quick Release
Dual Visor Yes
DOT Certification Yes

YEMA 915 is a professional-grade motorcycle helmet with advanced features and a modern design. They make it using a unique technology that suits both men and women. This helmet has an ABS shell made with multi-density EPS materials for sturdiness and safety.

Best part about this helmet is that there’s space for riders to wear the latest trendy glasses and ride their bikes in style. This helmet looks great while riding an ATV, mountain, or dirt bike.

The YEMA motorcycle helmet has a great aerodynamic shell with a perfect ventilation system. The fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents help with easier airflow on top and across the head, creating a comfortable and cool environment for the rider.

You can easily wear this helmet with the reinforced chin strap that offers a better grip. It has a quick-release buckle for faster removal. They line the interiors of the helmet with removable and washable laser-cut foam for easy cleaning and dusting.

This super cool helmet meets the DOT standards, making it the best ventilated motorcycle helmet for both hot and cold weather. It’s lightweight and easy to carry on your adventures on road trips.

Key Features

  • Incredible aerodynamic technology offered by the manufacturer.
  • ABS shell ensures extra durability of the helmet.
  • Adjustable vents offer easy airflow to the riders.
  • The helmet is DOT-certified for its beast-level safety.
  • Easy to wear with quick release buckle
  • Washable interiors
  • Extra space for glasses
  • Perfect to wear on adventure trips.
  • Offers great protection.
  • Get a bigger size.


If you’re looking for a tremendous comfortable helmet to wear then YEMA Motorcycle Motocross Helmet is for you. It’s perfect for all types of bikes and suits best with ATV ones.

4. GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet – Best for lightweight

The GLX GX11 motorcycle helmet is a comfortable and lightweight product suitable for sports and off-road bike rides. It is perfect for short and long-distance travel with a superior aerodynamic design and DOT-approved safety standards. Below are the unique features of this street bike helmet.

GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet


Brand GLX
Model GX11
 Color Matte Black
Weight 3.1 Pounds
Material Expanded Polystyrene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Vehicle Type Sports, street and off-road Bike
DOT Certified Yes

This stylish motorcycle street bike helmet boasts a compact and lightweight design with the best aerodynamic technology. With a sturdy exterior build it gives the best protection during your road trips.

The helmet has magnificent interiors with innovatively designed ventilation panels that offer easier airflow. Lower vents streamline the cooling experience and make it comfortable to use in all weather conditions. Moreover, it has two upper vents for air intake and four exhaust vents at unique positions.

An extra-tinted visor and a 3D molded shield makes it an unique and comfortable design. Besides, it has a removable breath guard to reduce the fogging.

Tinted shield is another excellent feature offered by GLX. You will be protected from harmful UV rays everytime you go out.

A microfiber inner layer helps absorb sweat, and a chin curtain reduces wind turbulence and noise. It is easy to remove and wash this microfiber layer.

Key Features

  • Tinted Shield ensures 99% UV protection from Sun.
  • Breath Guard is easily adjustable according to convenience.
  • It offers multiple vents for comfortable breathing.
  • The material of the helmet is anti-scratch.
  • Lightweight
  • Chin curtain to reduce noise and turbulence
  • Tinted Shield
  • Sweat-absorbing interiors
  • 3D molded design for anti-fogging.
  • The nose shield comes off easily.
  • Heavily Padded


If you’re a night rider looking for a lightweight helmet for your cruising then GLX GX11 is for you. It has excellent anti fogging shields that work very well at night. Moreover, the tinted-shield will protect you from harmful UV ray during your day-riding.

5. LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet – Best For Comfort

Next on the list of ventilated helmets is another top notch protective headgear and one of the favorite products among motorcyclists. Known for its safety, airflow, and longevity, the LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street meets all the quality standards of DOT with flying colors.

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet


Brand LS2
Size 3X – Large
Color Happy Dreams Zombie Clown
Weight 4 lbs.
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 14 inches
Additional Feature Scratch resistant
Material ABS
DOT Approved Yes

You can simply enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with the outstanding ventilation system on the top, front, and back of the item along with the breath deflector.

Due to the lightweight construction of the helmet, you might be skeptical about the performance. But do not worry as the performance and safety do not depend on the weight of the product.

With a top quality hypoallergenic and breathable liner, you can get it out and wash it effortlessly to avoid any sort of germs or smell caused by sweat. The UV and scratch resistant visor ensure a long lasting performance and a crystal clear view under all conditions.

The reinforced chin strap and micrometric buckle makes sure that the helmet fits you perfectly without causing any discomfort. However, the visor often fogs up easily during night time.

If you take a look at the costing of the item, it varies depending on the design and size you choose, but it is still within a decent range.

Key Features

  • Inner liner is hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • The helmet offers UV and scratch resistant visor.
  • Comes with a secure chin strap with micrometric buckle.
  • It features a breath deflector with multiple vents.
  • Design and size variability
  • Reasonable cost
  • Topnotch security
  • Proper airflow
  • Ensures clear view
  • Fog resistant at night isn’t up to the mark.


This top quality headgear offers proper airflow and remarkable comfort for riders while ensuring clear visibility due to the scratch resistant visors. Not only that, but the pricing is reasonable and the durability promises an extraordinary security for several years.

6. GDM Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – Best Eccentric Design

GDM Duke Helmet is the most eccentric design among any other helmets on the market. The unique construction of this helmet includes a full face to provide you with the best possible level of safety while riding. It is also DOT FMVSS-218 certified, which allows the buyer to have the best choice while making their decision on such important things.

GDM Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color Matte Black
Vehicle Type Sport Bike, Road Bike, Chopper, Scooter, Snowmobile
Brand ILM
Department Unisex Adult
Model Number DK-120-S
Product Dimensions 14 x 10 x 10 inches
Weight 4 pounds

You will find no reason feeling uncomfortable wearing the GDM Duke Helmet. The flush-fit antibacterial liner and the sturdy shell design circulate the air very efficiently and keep the head dry and healthy for a long ride.

Still, are you worried about the level of unhygienic? Then remove the liners and wash them on a regular basis as Duke Helmets give you the freedom to maintain a hygiene environment all the time.

The D-ring chin strap contains soft fiber creating low pressure on the chins. This helmet consists of poly-alloy, which is excellent for its lightweight property. Riding in the scorching Sun will never be this easy as it contains five layers of ventilation starting from chin to ear and forehead vents.

Let us move on to the visor; you can suit it to three different modes: chromium, tinted, and clear view. The face shield is scratch-resistant and UV proof which will protect you from harmful rays of the Sun.

Are you worried about fitness options? Duke Helmets brings you varieties of sizes, starting from small to ending at double extra-large. Therefore, no matter how big-headed you are, your helmet is waiting at the Duke’s local store.

The curved compound design around the helmet increases this helmet’s aerodynamics property, hence withstanding less air resistance during the ride. It obeys all safety precautions verified by DOT, and it is compatible with the street bike, scooter, chopper, cruiser, snowmobile, and many other vehicles mentioned in its user manual.

You can easily synchronize with this helmet’s unique features, and we suggest you make the order immediately before you change your mind.

Key Features

  • The model is certified from DOT FMVSS-218 maintaining maximum level of safety.
  • Poly alloy construction gives the helmet a complete durable protection.
  • Five layers of the ventilation system ensures steady flow of air inside the helmet.
  • Flush-fit antibacterial liner stops sweating and itching.
  • The unique design and color of this helmet will surely attract you.
  • Flush-fit antibacterial liner and shell design system maintain a steady flow of air
  • Unique design and color
  • The curved outlook structure provides aerodynamics
  • Three different styles of visors
  • Poly alloy construction makes it lightweight
  • The elasticity of the cheek and forehead pad decreases over time


Who would not want a helmet with an attractive design and exclusive ventilation system? The five layers of air circulation keeps your head calm and cool. Its UV resistant feature is one of a kind, providing a firm protection from the sun.

7. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet – Best for Communication Systems

Answering the calls while riding a bike is a troublesome job and can be life-threatening too. Why do you need to be so daring when you can answer all our phone calls with one touch in your helmet? Next on my list is ILM Bluetooth integrated modular flip motorcycle helmet.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color Matte Black
Uses Motorcycling purposes
Brand ILM
Athlete Biker
Model Number 953-MB-M
Product Dimensions 13.78 x 10.24 x 9.84 inches
Weight 4.4 pounds
Battery Requirements 1 Lithium ion

ILM Bluetooth helmet is the best helmet for communication while cruising around. The Bluetooth version 3 allows you to connect with your phone for almost 8 hours and contains 110 hours of standby capability.

Not only Bluetooth! It has also got an FM radio transmitter and GPS, which will help the other riders access your location and communicate with you through the transmitter.

Minimum communicating distance between two riders on the road is 1650 feet. Remember this threshold value which will help you while giving a long-distance motorcycle ride with your friends.

It also has DSP echo cancellation technology, eliminating any echo coming from the nearest bike by avoiding superposition. Additionally, the noise suppression technique in the speakers will help you listen to the other voices quite loudly even if you are surrounded by noise pollution while riding.

Moreover, ILM helmets also have two high-quality built-in speakers to let you enjoy music on the road. If you are a heavy metal fan, then I’d say it is your lucky day to purchase this helmet!

It has adjustable vent switches all around the helmet’s structure, allowing a constant flow of air to maintain proper ventilation. Its ventilation system is designed for three kinds of weather, and it is most effective during summer.

In case of safety, ILM helmets are DOT certified. Therefore, you can trust their manufacturing process and leave your safety over to this helmet.

As always, installed visors makes it completely UV ray resistant, and the buckle seems to have a quick-release advantage. For the Bluetooth to work efficiently, the company has included a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery. Just do not forget to charge the battery on a daily basis. Otherwise, your Bluetooth system will malfunction.

Though this communication system makes it better than the other helmets, affording all these features can be a burden on the budget. If you plan to stick to an efficient ventilation system only, then this model might not be suitable for you.

Key Features

  • Safety precautions are approved by DOT.
  • Efficient mobile, radio, GPS communication helping to stay connected with your friends.
  • The Bluetooth system includes 12 hours of phone talk time, 8 hours of intercom conversation, and 110 hours in standby mode.
  • Quick ventilation system is installed to dry up the inside compartment of the helmet.
  • The Bluetooth system comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Enhanced safety measures
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Prevents fogging at night
  • 12 hours of phone communication
  • It includes a chin guard system
  • Quick-release straps
  • A little bit pricier.


While having a long ride across the forest, there is a great possibility you can get from the group. Therefore, a bike helmet with a communication system will keep you connected with your friends. If you want a bike with good ventilation and ways to communicate without any hassle, choose this helmet.

8. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet (Large) (Matte Blue) – Best for Long rides

Shoei GT Air II will be the perfect helmet for traveling longer distances. This model of the helmet is certified for longer touring thanks to its aerodynamic structure, proper ventilation, and ability to cancel noise during high-speed bike chases.

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet (Large) (Matte Blue)


Brand Shoei
Model number GT-AIR II
Size S, XS, M, L, XL, XXL
Color Matte Blue, Matte Black, Yellow, Black, Matte Deep Gray, Silver, White
Service Type of The Vehicle Road Bike, Tourer, Cruiser
Product Dimensions 15.5 x 11 x 11.8 inches
Weight 5.8 pounds

What features make the Shoei GT Air II helmet best for touring? Well, how many do you want to hear? It features a multi-channel ventilation system where a smooth slider controls a single chin vent on the front.

Along with the large vent switch at the back, this helmet controls the continuous flow of air on the inside compartment. On a bright sunny day, your head will remain cool, and you can stay more focused on the road.

The visors installed are well constructed and fit perfectly when lifted down so that no air particles can hamper your vision. Therefore, when it comes to accidents, Shoei GT Air II has the maximum level of precaution to avoid such a disaster.

Shoei is constantly upgrading their helmets, and that is why GT Air II comes with a 5 mm thickness inner sun shield which protects the harmful UV rays from the Sun.

You can also lock these shields in one fixed position to get a better view in the rainy season. Furthermore, the lock switches also help in cleaning the shields.

One of the essential features rare in other helmet models is that GT Air II has fabric in the head region that acts as a drying agent, absorbing all the sweat secreted from the head.

You do not want too much noise while riding your favorite bike wearing your favorite helmet. That is why Shoei brought ear pads with noise cancellation features so that you can enjoy the sweet, calm beauty of mother nature.

Besides safety, relaxation is also required when it comes to a long bike ride. After comparing Shoei GT Air II with other existing models, none came close to the level of safety and relaxation supported by this particular model.

Key Features

  • The material consists of multi-density polystyrene, which ensures durability.
  • Multiple rooms for vents to maintain a steady flow of air.
  • Safety level approved by DOT.
  • The inner fabric acts as a drying agent for the head to absorb all the unnecessary sweats.
  • Excellent 5 mm inner shield protects harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Durable construction
  • Noise-canceling pads
  • Smooth ventilation system
  • Efficient UV protective inner shields
  • It is a bit heavyweight.


With so many amazing features like noise cancellation, extra layer of fabric to absorb the inside moisture, and durable construction, you cannot take your eyes off this helmet. Furthermore, multi-channel ventilation might spice up your interest in purchase.

9. AHR RUN-F DOT Motorcycle Full Face Helmet – Best for Durability

Besides having a smooth ventilation system, you might want to consider a durable helmet. That is why you will find the AHR RUN-F DOT helmet quite interesting.

AHR RUN-F DOT Motorcycle Full Face Helmet


Brand AHR
Size S, M, L, XL
Color Matte Black, Black, Red
Type of  vehicle Road Bike, Snowmobile, Scooter
Model number 33HEL010-09BS-MAB
Product dimensions 10.8 x 14.2 x 10.25 inches
Weight 4 pounds

The outer layer construction of the AHR RUN-F helmet consists of an ABS shell, giving it a robust look and immense durability to withstand a greater amount of mechanical stress. Therefore, DOT has approved it as safe due to this heavy construction.

Riding a motorcycle at an incredible speed might damage your ear due to increased friction of air and the helmet surface. That is why AHR makes their helmet with maximum aerodynamics to reduce noise and air resistance.

Are you satisfied with the durable construction? Now let us move on to its ventilation system. In other helmet models, you will notice that the EPS liner helps to absorb the crush impacts only.

But, with AHR’s helmet, you will get an EPS liner that can conduct heat flow and let the temperature flow outside of the helmet, thus helping in keeping the head cool.

Therefore, along with the vent switches, the EPS liner plays a vital role in the ventilation system. This helmet also comes with a double layer of visors, and the upper layer protects you from the wind and any obstacles that might hit your helmet at the front.

On the other hand, the inner layer of the visor protects your eyes from UV rays. You can control the inner layer of the visor with a lever-type switch depending on the weather condition.

Unlike all helmets mentioned until now, this helmet provides the most comfort even after using it roughly. The belt buckle is easy to hook on and off, and the cheek pads situated are removable and washable.

So, if you are a germ freak, you can wash them immediately, and they are good as new to use repeatedly. Be careful with the ranges of sizes available by AHR. Their length measurement is bigger in magnitude than usual.

Therefore, the helmets might feel a bit loose while wearing. But apart from that, you will consider this as one of the best ventilated full-face motorcycle helmets for sure.

Key Features

  • Safety level synchronizes with DOT standard; therefore, it is safe to use this helmet on the road.
  • Huge aerodynamic design to minimize the air resistance and noise which will reduce noise pollution while you are riding the bike.
  • The helmet is constructed from ABS shell that gives it the durable and lightweight property.
  • Numerous rooms for ventilation to maintain constant flow of air to prevent you from suffocation.
  • Dual visor configuration protects the eye from UV and any other obstacles on the road.
  • Removable and washable EPS liner which can give your helmet a new look after every wash.
  • Easy to hook on and off
  • Lightweight model
  • The outlook design is quite attractive
  • Comfortable cheek pads
  • Might feel uncomfortable for the first few days.


You should always choose a motorcycle helmet that is very light to carry and comfortable to wear. The aerodynamics in this helmet makes it a must consider helmet and the ventilation system will bring you enough satisfaction.

10. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet – Best for UV protection

I tend to save the best surprises to the last minute, presenting you with a 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face helmet. If you talk about the best ventilation system installed in a model, this will be the right pick-up for your bike.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet


Brand 1Storm
Product dimensions 15 x 11 x 11 inches
Weight 4 pounds
Material Thermoplastic
Size S, M, L, XL
Color Matte Black, Arrow Blue, Arrow Red, Arrow Green, Fiber, Glossy Black, Glossy Red
Recommended use Motorcycling
Service Type of The Vehicle Motorcycle

1Storm Modular helmet comes with a textured design with a unique modular flip option that can easily make you switch from full-face to the open-face mode of your helmet.

When it comes to the visor configuration, the inner lens and the outer shield will provide double-layer protection for your eyes and face.

The visors are also UV resistant, absorbing or reflecting any harmful rays coming from the Sun while driving on a sunny day. The material type given by this helmet is thermoplastic which maintains both durability and heat resistivity.

The exterior design of the helmet is built to be highly aerodynamic, and the weight concern is taken so seriously that you do not feel too many pounds on your head.

You will never forget to keep your helmet clean as the paddings are easily removable and washable under the usual detergents.

This model is termed the best-ventilated helmet for a reason. Do not drop your jaw after hearing about its six-ventilation opening system. How does that work?

It has two vent switches at the front and the other two at the top of the helmet. You can easily adjust these vent switches according to the amount of air inlet and outlet you want circulating inside the helmet.

Along with the vent switches and the dual visor configuration, the inside compartment always has a constant flow of air while you drive, keeping your head, ears, and face completely dry, and most importantly, you will not feel any significant suffocation.

The belt buckle installed has a quick release system that allows you to take off your helmet within a second. The strap is adjustable according to the volume of your head.

Though many reviews suggest that the chin strap becomes a bit uncomfortable over constant use, I’d say not everything will be perfect. You must compromise a minor flaw in the design after seeing so many features offered by this brand.

With that being said, my opinion is that it is a must-consider helmet if someone wants to purchase the best ventilated helmet for hot weather.

Key Features

  • This helmet is constructed from thermoplastic material which gives it both heat resistant and durable property.
  • Six ventilation opening systems for the air outlet and inlet so that there is no room for any sweating or suffocation.
  • The paddings are removable and washable to maintain a hygienic environment inside the helmet.
  • This helmet is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around the places.
  • The inner shades come with a double layer protection to protect you from the harmful UV rays.
  • Two visors for safety
  • Unique ventilation system
  • Easily removable chin strap
  • Simple installation procedure
  • The manufacturer should focus on a more comfortable chin strap


A helmet that is very easy to clean and comfortable. If your focus is only on the ventilation system, then 1Storm Full-Face helmet is the one that you have been looking for all this time.

How Do Helmet Vents Work?

All ventilated helmets are equipped with vents that allow for adequate air circulation. When traveling forward in the wind, air joins the path of least resistance and follows the contours of your body, searching for a way through.

How Do Helmet Vents Work

However, when it hits the helmet’s shell it gets deflected up and back over your head where it exits through the exhaust vents that are typically located at the back of the helmet. This aerodynamic design keeps the rider dry and free of sweat.

How to Choose the Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet?

There are certain factors to consider while choosing the best ventilated motorcycle helmet. These include,

How to select the Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet


You need to know your helmet size and head shape to choose the perfect ventilated helmet. Use a measuring tape around your head just above your eyes to measure the circumference of your head. Once you have measured the size of your head, you can check online for the most suitable one that fits your measurements.


It is important to choose a lightweight helmet that fits your head and shoulders perfectly. Most helmets weigh between 1400 and 1800 grams, typically.

Build Quality

Modern helmets have polycarbonate, polystyrene, or carbon fiber outer and inner shells. You should check the quality of the helmet on the inside and outside before buying it. They pack the ventilated helmets with shock-absorbing material in the inner shell.


A well-ventilated helmet has many features for air circulation. Check the ventilation on the sides, back, and even at the jawline to ensure proper aerodynamic technology in the helmet design.


A certified ventilator helmet will come with safety standards that allow riders to be stress-free while driving. Ensure that the ventilated motorcycle helmet has a label that says it’s compliant with safety standards.


Though the visor may not impact ventilation, it is best to choose a tinted or clear visor for better visibility during the ride. You can also choose visors with anti-scratch coatings and anti-fog prevention.


It is important to maintain your helmet for longer shelf life and a better riding experience. You must choose ventilated helmets that are easier to remove and clean. Some helmets come with removable linings that you can take out for washing and replace for the next ride.

Water Resistance

Most modern motorcycle ventilated helmets are waterproof, but it is best to confirm that your helmet will protect you against rain when purchasing. This can help avoid unnecessary trouble during poor weather.


You need to buy a good-quality ventilated motorcycle helmet that has the best aesthetic features and safety standards. Therefore, it is best to choose expensive helmets that have all these features rather than cheaper ones. It is better to pay extra for a good ventilation system to meet your riding expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see some most frequently asked questions. It will boost up your knowledge on choosing the best ventilated motorcycle helmet.

Is It Hot Inside a Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, it is hot inside a motorcycle helmet, which does not have any ventilation system. A black motorcycle helmet may get hotter in the sun than other colored helmets. Despite the colors, you need to make sure that your helmet has a good ventilation system. Otherwise you might get exhausted on a long ride or even a shorter ride in hot weather.

Are Ventilator Helmets Quieter Than Non-Ventilated Ones?

It depends upon the design of the helmet. There are non-ventilated helmets with better sound insulation and sleeker designs. However, compared to ventilated helmets, they are slightly on the noisier end.

A ventilated helmet with the right vents and visor will reduce the noise compared to a non-ventilated helmet.

Are Ventilated Helmets Cheaper Than Non-Ventilated Helmets?

No, ventilator helmets are more expensive compared to non-ventilated helmets. Ventilated helmets usually come with lightweight and a lightweight helmet needs aerodynamics technology to meet the DOT standard. Therefore, these helmets become pricier than non-ventilated ones. Besides, They have advanced noise cancellation technology and some even have bluetooth connectivity to  contact fellow riders easily. That’s alsp another reason ventilated helmets are more expensive.

Do More Expensive Motorcycle Helmets Provide Better Protection?

Yes, the price of a motorcycle helmet depends on the quality and design. Manufacturers make expensive motorcycle helmets as per the safety standards to protect the rider against injuries and unexpected accidents. These helmets offer better shelf life and effective protection for a longer period. Also the more expensive motorcycle helmets offer additional features.

Do Helmets Have Air Conditioning?

Yes, but not too many. Feher is the only manufacturer that produces air conditioning helmets in the world. They invented and patented it and therefore no other company isn’t legally allowed to produce air conditioning helmets.

Feher have different models that offer air conditioning features. And most of them feature two different types of air conditioning -Fan mode and AC mode. Riders can select or change between anytime they want.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best ventilated motorcycle helmet is crucial for your comfort and safety. It helps keep you cool and sweat-free throughout the ride. Besides, the additional features such as noise cancellation, anti fogging, anti UV ensures a smooth and worry free biking experience everytime you go out.

If you want a compact and well ventilated helmet, you can go for the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet. It is of great quality and aerodynamic design that offers the comfort of a cool ride in the scorching heat.

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