How to Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visor? The Best Easy Way Explained!

The importance or benefits of a helmet visor can never be overlooked, but it’s best to remove them when they’re impairing your vision. There are many reasons your visor can increase your chance of getting involved in an accident, and removing the visor will never be wrong.

This page will walk you through how to remove motorcycle helmet visor. The best part is that you do not need any experience to do this. All you need is some tools, spare time, and then you are good to go.

Can You Remove Visor From Helmet?

Yes, you can remove or replace the visor on your motorcycle helmets. The only challenge is that it might take time because you need to be careful with the removal. Also, the removal methods might be different from one another based on the designs of the helmet and visors.

Can You Remove Visor From Helmet

You can remove a visor from a bicycle helmet, and the helmet will still serve its basic purpose of protection. However, whether you can remove it depends on what type of helmet you have.

The good news is that most helmets have removable visors these days. Though the size, shape, and the quality of the visor will vary from brand to brand.

If you are considering removing your visor from the helmet, it’s best to consider getting a helmet that has a removable feature. Many helmets come with this feature, and it thus makes it easier for you to do any customization with your helmet.

When Do You Need To Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visors?

There are many reasons people choose to remove their helmet visors. Below are some major reasons most people remove the visor from their helmets.

When Do You Need To Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visors

1. Get Natural Air To The Face

The function of the visor is to prevent flying objects in the air from getting to your face. But while it works best for this purpose, it also restricts the flow of air to the face. Therefore, if you feel like connecting with the nature while riding, removing the visor is one of the things to do.

However, when you get the air blowing against your face while driving, you need to be careful and watchful of objects flying in the air.

2. Cleaning The Visor

Removing the visor off the helmet is the best way to clean it. To clean, you can use only water with some dish soap and a soft cloth to dab and clean the visor. You should avoid detergent or other cleaning solutions at any cost as they could damage the visor materials or leave spots on the surface.

Keep in mind that there are no textbook reasons for cleaning. When you have dirt on the visor, scratches, or marks on it, they can affect your vision, and cleaning or fixing those scratches will help restore the visor to its best condition.

3. Replacement

A scratched visor can decrease your vision, and then it’s time to remove or replace it. You should also consider removing your helmet’s visor if it gives signs that it can no longer protect your face. If the visor shatters due to unforeseen circumstances or an accident, it is worth replacing with a new one.

One important thing to know about motorcycle helmet visors is that they are not maintenance-free. Periodically, the surface gets scratched and damaged from mud, chips, rain, etc. In some cases, the scratches are so deep that its visible impact on visibility. So, removing it necessary in that regard.

4. Customization

You can customize your motorcycle helmet visor according to the design you prefer. You can also choose the color and style of the helmet visor that matches your uniqueness. It is also possible to imprint your character in a design that you want to showcase.

Most of the times, you can only do this by removing the visor.

How To Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

If you are doing your own motorcycle helmet visor swap, you need to know how to remove motorcycle helmet visor. The following step will make the task easy for you to do.

How to Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Tools Needed

  • The helmet with the visor you wants to remove
  • A new visor if you intend to replace the old one
  • Screwdriver
  • Towel

Step By Step Process Of Removing The Helmet Visor

First, you need to locate the screws on the helmet visor and then get the right sized screwdriver for completing the task. Once you find the right size of the screwdriver, you can go ahead to unscrew the bolt so you can remove the visor.

Take note that this only applies to a helmet that comes with a screwed visor. The application to remove is different from others.

If your helmet comes with a clip-in visor that is easy to remove, you probably do not need a screwdriver for the task. All you need to do is gently unplug the clip to expose the visor, and you can go ahead to remove it from the helmet.

Not all helmets come with this feature, but it is common among modern helmets. This type reduces your chance of damaging the visor when removing it. Once you are through with the removal, you can clean the surface using the towel and store it somewhere safe until you need it again.


A helmet visor offers maximum protection from radiant lights and helps keep dust particles away from your eyes. But in a situation where it is impairing your vision, you should remove the visor.

How to remove a motorcycle helmet visor? This is a simple task as long as you are patient with the right tools available. Just locate the screws and unscrew and then have your helmet without a visor.

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