How Much Does It Cost To Paint Motorcycle Tank And Fenders In 2023?

There are lots you should know about painting motorcycle tanks and fenders. First, you have to make sure that you get the right color, the right paint quality, and that it will last.

If you do not have any experience in this area, you may consider hiring a professional to take care of your motorcycle tank and fenders. But before you do, you need to know the cost to paint motorcycle tank and fenders.

The average cost of painting the motorcycle tank and fenders starts from $400. The painting task can be broken into four separate operations: sanding, basecoat application, clear coat application, and color-sanding/buffing. However, the price may differ based on many factors and the process involved in painting.

The right thing to do is get a consultation to know the price and then go on with the task if you have the money to do so. This article will guide you through the process of painting a motorcycle, the costs and the factors to consider, as well as tips to do it yourself.

Cost To Paint Motorcycle Tank And Fenders In 2023

A high-quality paint job doesn’t usually cost less than $400. However, it requires several proficient operations with well-adjusted machinery. Generally, painting a motorcycle tank and fenders is between $400 and $1000.Cost To Paint Motorcycle Tank And Fenders

You need to know that many factors can contribute to the price of the painting. Some factors include repainting an old fender or tank or painting a new tank and fender you just purchased.

Getting the cost to paint motorcycle tanks and fenders can make learning how to request quotes. Most professionals specializing in painting motorcycle tanks have no problem giving out free estimates.

How Much Is It To Paint The Whole Motorcycle?

The cost to paint the whole motorcycle depends on what’s wrong with it and how much work it needs.

If you’re just looking for a quick touch-up, it should be under $100. However, if you need full-on bodywork, or if there are dents in the metal, expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000.Cost to Paint the Whole Motorcycle

Painting a motorcycle can help it stand out from the other motorcycles of the same model. It can also help to cover up any imperfections on the body of the bike so that your motorcycle looks new.

Customizing your bike affects how confidently you ride it, and most riders paint their bikes just for this reason alone. While you might show interest in painting your motorcycle, you need to plan its payment because it does not come cheap.

The cost to paint the entire Motorcycle is $1000 and above, depending on how complex a design you want to be done. You must know that the cost is influenced by many things, such as the quality of the paint, the procedure involved, and the materials used by the professional. Besides, you can not overlook the service charges.

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Painting A Motorcycle

Several factors affect the cost of painting a motorcycle. These include the size and style of the motorcycle, how much work needs to be done to restore the original look, the quality of the primer and paint, and how long it takes to finish the project.

However, the following are common factors that affect the painting cost of your motorcycle.

What Factors Affect the Painting Cost of Motorcycle

1. Size of The Motorcycle

The size of the motorcycle is directly proportional to the painting cost. The bigger it is, the more paint it will require resulting in higher painting costs. The size of the motorcycle means its width, length, and height.

The bigger the motorcycle, the more its painting cost will be. The larger the size of your motorcycle, the more paint you’ll need. The more paint you need to use, the more time it will take to paint your motorcycle.

Also, the bigger and more complicated the shape and design of your bike, the more tricks a painter will have to pull to get a perfect paint job. All this together may cause a higher cost.

2. Quality of The Paint

The quality of paint impacts the price. For example, typical paints mixed with high-quality color and finish retails for between $250 and $400 per gallon. Mid-range paint costs between $150 and $250 per gallon. Low-end paint goes for less than $150 per gallon.

The quality of the paint you decide to use on your motorcycle will affect the overall cost. So, if you are going for cheap paint, you should know it will affect the appearance and look. Therefore, quality paint is the best, but it is not cheap.

3. Paint type

The cost can vary based on the type of paint you want to use. The most common colors for bikes feature a metal flake or glitter, making the bike appear metallic. These paints are also more expensive than regular colors.

If you are painting a bike with aluminum parts, it will cost even more because these paints have special effects that make metal look better when applied correctly. The best thing before painting a motorcycle is to talk with your painter, as it will help you make the right choice.

4. Skills and Experience of The Painter

The painting cost of motorcycles is affected by the skills and experience of the painter. The more experienced the painter is, the higher their reputation and the price they demand for their work. On the other hand, a less experienced painter may make mistakes that cost you additional money to fix.

You should use professional painters for the task because they have plenty of experience with many different projects and can share these experiences with you. In addition, they can help you fix or paint your motorcycle on your specific budget and requirements.

They also know how to use the right tools, materials, and techniques to get the best possible results.

5. Quality of The Materials Used for Painting

Many factors affect the cost of motorcycle painting. These include the quality of the materials used for painting, whether or not you opt for a custom design or a premade template, and paint job location.

The quality of the materials used for painting is very important. However, some beginner painters might not have sophisticated tools, which will prolong the time to paint and final production. So, allowing them to do the painting does not seem too good.

Get a professional that has sophisticated tools or materials to paint your motorcycle. The outcome will be fast and alluring, but you will have to spend big for such a service.

6. Customize Design

The cost of paint depends on a lot of factors. For example, the complexity of the design, how many colors are used, the type and amount of coverage on the bike, and other customization details such as engraving, inlays, etc., all affect the cost of motorcycle painting

How To Avoid Common Mistakes when Painting a Motorcycle?

There is no way you can avoid mistakes without knowing the mistakes. So, the best way you can avoid mistakes when painting your motorcycle is to know those mistakes you can make. Therefore, below are some common mistakes and ways to avoid them. common Mistakes to Avoid when Painting a Motorcycle

1. Uneven Color Appearance

Uneven color coverage is one common problem, specifically when the primer or paint isn’t mixed enough before application. You end up with shiny and new areas while other sections are duller and drier looking, even if they were all applied simultaneously.

Improper spraying techniques can also cause uneven color coverage. If you are not proficient with a spray gun, those spots will be very apparent once the job is done and your bike is out in the sun.

How to Fix Uneven Colors on Motorcycle?

If the paint is still wet, you can repaint those areas. And if it is dry, you can do some blending by sanding the area and repainting.

2. Paint Cracking

Exposure to heat or direct sunlight can cause paint to bubble and crack. So, when you are painting, you should ensure that you do not place your motorcycle under direct sunlight or heat. There are many other reasons you can experience cracking.

Some include applying the paint too much and quickly, using the wrong inducer or hardener, incorrect mixing ratio, and many more.

How to Aviod Paint Cracking on Motorcycle?

The best way is to avoid those issues discussed above. However, the only solution is to sand out those cracked areas and repaint if it does occur.

3. Runs and Sags

Runs and sags are very common issues faced when painting any vehicle, but they easily happen when painting a motorcycle.

Because motorcycles have a lot of curves, it can be hard to tell whether your paint is running or sagging. Luckily, you can avoid the mistakes that most painters make.

How to Prevent Paint Dripping?

If the painting is still wet, you can apply the solvent, wipe it away, and then repaint it. But if it is dry, you can sand the area all over and repaint it.

4. Fish Eyes

Fish eyes are the term that painters use to describe tiny spots where the paint finish sinks and fails to cover the metal. Fish eyes are usually 1-6mm in diameter with depression at their center.

Fatty acids primarily cause the fish eyes in metal, primer, or paints to react with harmful contaminants on the metal surface.

How to Fix Fish Eye on Motorcycle Painting?

Rubbing the area with wax and grease remover will generally remove the contamination and allow you to apply the topcoat without fear of fish eyes.

5. Flaking and Peeling

One of the common mistakes when painting a motorcycle is flaking and peeling. Unfortunately, it can be hard to paint a motorcycle and avoid flaking and peeling.

Flaking and peeling are two of the most common mistakes when painting a car or motorcycle, but they can be avoided by understanding the importance of both primer and paint.

How to Fix Paint Flaking and Peeling on Motorcycle?

You should remove the paint and then repaint the areas.

Tips To Reduce Your Motorcycle Painting Cost

Reducing your painting cost is the goal when you plan to paint your motorcycle and reduce your labor cost. But before you begin, you should get some estimates for the painting to ensure that you don’t overspend.

However, here are tips to help you reduce the painting cost.Tips To Reduce Your Painting Cost

Use a Beginner Painter

It’s true- beginners are not as qualified as those with years of experience. But it should not prevent you from testing them out. Although they are not as experienced as master painters, they are still qualified enough to give your painting a good start and save you some money.

Buy Affordable Paint

Sometimes the best way to spend less money on painting your motorcycle is to buy cheap paint. However, it is not always as bad as it sounds as long as you follow your painter’s advice. You will get cheap and quality paints from both local and online stores.

Just ensure that you get a quality one even if you are getting it for so cheap.


You can avoid paying labor costs by painting on your own, which can easily save up to hundreds of dollars. Even when hiring a professional painter, you will typically have to pay at least $12 per hour per painter, but the cost can be much higher. So, doing it all by yourself will reduce your money for painting.


If you are not confident of the appearance of your motorcycle and you want to repaint it, you should be ready for the task. However, the cost to paint a motorcycle tank and fenders or a total motorcycle painting is not cheap, considering lots of things involved.

So, carefully review all the factors and prepare for the task rather than just get into it and get stranded. One of the things about repainting your motorcycle tank and fender, which you will never get wrong, is that it will boost the appearance.

However, make sure you select the right paint and get the work done by a professional.

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