Michelin Commander 3 Problems & Solutions [With Complete Maintenance Guide]

Searching for a good tire to get more out of your ride? The Michelin Commander 3 can be your next pick. The tire is too hard to turn down when it comes to performance and longevity. However, many riders see Michelin Commander 3 problems as setbacks, but how much effect do these actually have?

Some problems with Michelin Commander 3 include poor handling and braking performance, vibration, noise while driving, losing air frequently, and the tread wearing out too soon. However, I know for a fact that you can manage these problems if you find the right way to maintain the tire.

Aside from the problems, it is a versatile cruiser tire with unique styling cues that complement any bike. The Michelin Commander 3 Cruiser Rear Tire is specifically designed for passionate cruising riders who want the ultimate style, performance, and mileage.

With modern technologies like a patented steel-belted casing, these tires deliver exceptional stability and handling, phenomenal grip under acceleration. Besides, you won’t feel a thing with hard braking.

In addition, the advanced tread pattern uses specially designed rubber compounds to provide longer life, superb wet weather grip, and enhanced tire performance.

Keep reading to find out the common Michelin Commander 3 problems and how to fix them.

How Long Do Michelin Motorcycle Tires Last?

While Michelin motorcycle tires are considered to be of top quality, the life of any tire depends on the number of miles it is driven and the weather conditions where you drive. Also, more factors contribute to the lifespan of Michelin motorcycle tires, and they are:How Long Do Michelin Motorcycle Tires Last

Driving Style

Your driving style can greatly shorten the life of your tires. For example, if you accelerate and brake aggressively, or continuously drive at high speeds, your tires will wear out faster than other passengers in the car.

So, it is no doubt that your driving style plays a major role in the lifespan of a car. From speeding to hitting curbs, it’s important to remember that aggressive driving causes your tires to wear faster.

Road Condition

It is important to look at the condition of the road because this can affect the lifespan of your tires. Places with uneven or poor road surfaces, potholes, and speed bumps should be avoided.

Bad roads, potholes, and curbs are the enemy of Michelin tires. If your tires are constantly exposed to these issues, you can expect a shorter lifespan.

Overloading the Tire

Vehicle overloading will reduce your tire’s optimum performance capability and tread life. Loading your vehicle above the recommended weight is a common way to reduce the life of your tires.

You can find the recommended vehicle load in your vehicle’s manual, sticker on the frame of the driver’s side door, or listed on the tire sidewall. Ensure you do not overload the Michelin commander III tire for the best performance and long lifespan

Driving with Wrong Tire PSI

Driving with the wrong tire PSI can decrease your tire life than estimated as you will be increasing the frictional force of tires hence wearing down the treads much quicker.

Most Michelin tires are built with a recommended tire pressure range. Generally speaking, the lower limit should be considered only rarely.

Driving at the lower limit could affect your gas mileage and safety. And, if you feel like your tires aren’t performing or handling as they should, it’s a good indication that they need more air.

Michelin Commander 3 Problems and Their Solutions

Michelin Commander 3 are good tires, but here are a few common problems you might face during their lifespan. Some of the common problems with Michelin Commander 3 tires are:Michelin Commander 3 Problems and Their Solutions

1. Limb Numbing Vibrations

Michelin commander 3 tires are a great deal as they come as a budget-friendly product. The tires have a low profile and feature an amazing tread depth. However, besides the many features, Michelin commander 3 tires produce excessive limb numbing vibrations.

These vibrations cause heavy steering, discomfort in the ride, and even fatal if traveling at high speeds. Vibration in these tires arises due to the misalignment of wheels, damaged wheel balance, or worn wheel bearings.

How to Fix Vibrating Issues in Michelin Commander 3

You can fix it by taking your bike to the mechanic to align and balance your tires. However, if the problem persists, you might have to get a new tire if it shows an advanced form of damage.

2. Short Life Span

The tire has a short life span, which is the main reason for all bad reviews. Many riders have even replaced the tire in under 3000 miles. While this can be a big disappointment to riders who are used to riding Michelin tires, it’s not as bad as we would want to think.

The problem here is more likely to be improper care of tires than the manufacturer using cheap materials. The primary cause for this problem could be overinflation of the tires that ends up spoiling the carcass and treads of the tire.

How to Increase Michelin Commander 3 Tires Lifespan?

You should follow the proper maintenance for the tire to last longer to fix the issue.

3. Low Mileage

Commander 3’s low mileage is a problem worth mentioning. On soft pavement, the tires tend to wear off very fast. The best way to handle this situation is by getting the tires rotated regularly. Front and rear tires should have their positions interchanged every 3000 miles.

Also, most of the low mileage problems are caused by bad installation or incorrect mounting.

How to Increase Michelin Commander 3 Mileage?

You will need to contact a professional and discuss the issue with him. Re-installing or mounting in the right way could fix the issue.

4. Shallow Tread Depth

The Michelin Commander 3 has a shallow tread depth compared to other tires.

It is one of the major problems of Michelin Commander 3. The tread has a very low life and lasts for less than 5,000 miles.

In addition to the short life, the tread wears pretty fast on dry roads while leaving a significant amount of rubber on wet roads. Solving the problem of shallow tread depth involves the installation of a new tire from Michelin, specially designed for riders who want long-lasting tread on their tires.

How to Tell if You Need To Replace Your Michelin Commander Tires?

If you’re the owner of a Michelin Commander III, you probably know that your tire is one of the best on the road. It’s great at handling curves and corners, and it has a low rolling resistance which means you’ll get more miles per gallon out of your vehicle with this tire than most others.How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Michelin Commander Tires

But even though it’s so good at what it does, some signs indicate you need to replace them.

Here are some of the ways to know it is time to replace your tire:

  1. You see uneven tread wear on your tire’s sidewalls or shoulder area (this can indicate an alignment issue)
  2. Your tires are making odd sounds when they roll over bumps or cracks in the pavement (this could mean they’re worn out)
  3. If you notice that your tires are excessively shiny on one side but not on another (an indication that they’ve been run underinflated)
  4. If your tires look like they have pits or grooves in them
  5. When checking the pressure inside each tire, if any one of them is lower than 26psi
  6. You have cracks in your tire’s sidewalls, which could cause a blowout while driving at high speeds or in hazardous conditions (such as snow).
  7. Your tire loses air pressure over time despite proper inflation levels. This means damage to its structure that cannot be repaired with air pressure alone. The tire will need to be replaced entirely if this happens often enough.
  8. There are bulges or blisters in the tire (a sign of an internal issue).

It might be a good call for replacement once you notice any form or sign that the tire is malfunctioning. You should never use a tire that has no tread or one that has signs of damage, such as wear and tear.

How To Take Care Of Motorcycle Tires?

If you want to enjoy the ride for a longer time, the tire must be well maintained. Looking after the tires of your motorcycle can be an easy task. But many people are confused about what to do and what not to do.Tips to Take Care of Motorcycle Tires

So, here are some tips on how to care for your motorcycle tires.

1. Wash Regularly

Washing your tires with soap and water is one of the quickest and most economical ways to remove dirt and grime. Unfortunately, motorcycle tires face a ton of abuse, so it is really important to wash them regularly.

It is about more than just keeping the bike looking clean; dirt and grime can chip away at your tires’ rubber over time. Also, you need to get a safe cleaning product for your tire.

Not all cleaning products are safe and good to use on your tire. You need to check online or in local stores to get the right cleaning products.

2. Use Tire Shining Product

Using tire shining products can provide your tires with a luster, wetness, and deep black look. It also protects the tires from premature cracking and damage. If you want to make them look shiny, use a tire shining product. Remember, it’s best to scrub and clean them before applying the shine.

3. Check Tire Pressure

You need to check tire pressure monthly. Maintaining the proper air pressure will increase tread life and provide a safer and smoother ride. Regularly checking the pressure on your tires is important to maintain their efficiency.

4. Rotate Your Tire

Rotating the tire on your motorcycle is a key part of good maintenance and something you can do yourself. Rotating your motorcycle tires provides an even wear pattern. Rotate the rear tire first and then the front to ensure equal wear.

5. Check the Tread Always.

Checking the tread on your motorcycle tires is essential to see if you have worn down the tires past their safe limit. You can use a coin to check the tread. Check your motorcycle tires regularly for signs of excessive wear and tear.

Be sure to avoid bumpy or slippery roads with your motorcycle, so you don’t have to worry about tire blowouts. Also, always check the tread before using or storing a motorcycle for a long time.

6. Reduce Sudden Braking

You should try as much to reduce sudden braking. Instead of hitting the brakes hard and abruptly, ease off the gas and coast to a stop, allowing the wheel’s momentum to do some of the work; then, you can match the brake. This can help reduce tire wear.

7. Use Adequate Tire PSI.

The best way to enjoy your motorcycle tires is to ensure they are kept at the proper pressure. Not only does it help to prolong the life of a tire, but it will also provide better handling and traction.

Check your tires regularly with a tire pressure gauge to ensure enough air. It is also best to check them when cold, like first thing in the morning, before you’ve started riding.


If you want a good cruising tire for your motorcycle, you will consider Michelin commander 3. It is one of the best you will get in the market, and it has lots of benefits to offer. However, it has its flaws.

The Michelin Commander 3 Problems are not some sort of setback to get rid the tire because the right maintenances can help you prevent some of the problems. And I have listed some amazing tips on maintaining and prolonging your tire’s lifespan.

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