How To Adjust Idle On Fuel Injected Harley Davidson?

Since its inception, Harley Davidson has grown to become one of the most legendary motorcycle companies in America and several European countries. And one of the many things that distinguished them in the motorcycle market is their daunting designs and durable revolutionary engines.

However, many features and settings changed after the innovation of fuel-injected Harley Davidson bikes. You willing to adjust idle might start looking for how to adjust idle on fuel injected Harley Davidson.

The process of adjusting a fuel-injected Harley Davidson’s idle system is quite easy. You only have to adjust the idle screw on the motorcycle so that the tachometer gives an ideal reading that corresponds to the ideal RPM according to the manufacturers.

This guide highlights the step you can take to adjust the idle system of a fuel-injected Harley.

Is Is Possible To Adjust Idle On Fuel Injected Harley Davidson?

To fully comprehend the answer to this question, you  have to know the meaning of the term idle in a motorcycle.

In simple terms, idle is a motorcycle’s state where the engine is running, but the rider doesn’t touch the throttle grip for the bike to move. For instance, an idle condition occurs when you’re warming up the bike in the morning hours or while waiting for traffic.

Is The Adjustment Of Fuel Injected Harley Davidson’s Idle Possible

With that said, just like every other bike, a fuel-injected Harley Davidson has an idle state, and it is possible to adjust the idle speed as well.

However, the process of turning an idle speed is different for electronic fuel injection motorcycles compared to that of carburetor bikes.

This is because the fuel injection system runs on an engine control unit that oversees the function of several actuators on internal combustion. In comparison, carburetor systems are more direct, drawing fuel from the tank without the help of any electronic sensor.

Why Should You Adjust The Idle On A Harley Davidson Bike?

It’s quite easy to spot when a Harley Davidson needs idle adjustment since the bike’s functionality is one of a kind compared to several other motorcycles. A few abnormalities to spot are:

  • Excess noise.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • High clunk from the gearbox when changing gear.
  • And RPM below or above that recommended by the manufacturers.

Steps To Adjust The Idle Of Fuel Injected Harley Davidson

Most times, there comes a need to adjust the idle speed on fuel injected Harley Davidson bikes regardless of using ECU. One might be looking to reduce the engine’s noise, adjust fuel consumption or even reduce the clunk from the gearbox.

Whichever it is, you must know how to adjust idle on fuel injected Harley Davidson. Luckily, adjusting idle on fuel injected Harley Davidson is quite easy. The steps are:

How To Adjust Idle On Fuel Injected Harley Davidson

Step-1: Learn The Motorcycle’s Rpm

Before diving right into it, it is crucial to learn the recommended RPM for the bike according to the manufacturing company. It is possible to get this info on the bike’s manual guide. However, most times, it falls between 700 and 1000 RPM.

You have to check and compare if the ideal RPM range and that of that tachometer’s reading are the same. If this is the situation, avoid tampering with the bike’s idle setting. Most times, it’s possible that the tachometer might be faulty. At this juncture, there is but only one option; to guess the RPM using one’s hearing. A good idling system should give out a steady whir sound.

Step-2: Look For The Carburetor

The second step is to locate the carburetor on the Harley Davidson. It is mostly close to the engine of the bike. A carburetor looks more like a large chunk of metal with a circular opening in the middle. However, if it’s hard to locate the carburetor, it’s best to look up the bike’s manual to get an idea of its location. This is because the location of every bike’s carburetor is different.

The main idea behind locating the carburetor is to find the idle screw for the bike. It mostly lies next to the carburetor, and they both play simultaneous roles in fuel combustion. For instance, the idle screw is responsible for the quantity of gas and air entering the bike, while the carburetor converts these intakes to power the Harley Davidson needs.

Step-3: Locate The Idle Screw

The idle screw is embedded right in the float bowl connected to a coil, but the problem is that it’s quite hard to reach. Therefore, it’s best to get a 12 or 13 inches screwdriver for easy adjustment.

Step-4: Remove The Things Blocking The Idle Screw

Once more, Harley Davidson comes in different designs. The idle screw can be blocked by metal, wire, or any other hindrance. It is crucial to be careful when removing anything that might hinder access for the screwdriver to reach the idle screw. Also, note that the cases for the bike might not be bolted. Sometimes, manufacturers use clips instead. Therefore, you must be aware of which one they are going for. If it’s too complicated, it’s best to leave the adjustment to professionals rather than damaging the bike’s structure.

Step-5: Stabilizing The Motorcycle’s Engine

As you commence the major process, start the motorcycle leaving it to run for a few minutes. This is crucial since it ensures the motorcycle’s stability. Although, depending on the area, if it’s snowy, it’s best to leave the bike for 15 to 20 minutes. The main idea behind running the motorcycle is to allow fuel to pass through the bike while changing gears slowly.

Step-6: Adjust The Screw

After figuring out the problem with the bike, it’s time to adjust the screw. This is done either by tuning the idle screw clockwise or anticlockwise. If the idle speed of the bike is low, turn the idle screw clockwise. On the other hand, you have to turn the idle screw anticlockwise if it’s high.

It’s best to check the RPM after every turn. It ensures that you didn’t overdo the process while at it. Adjusting the idle screw the wrong way can prove to be a big problem.

Step-7: Check The Readings On The Tachometer

The last and final step is to check the readings on the tachometer. You have to make sure that the readings are now within the ideal range of the Harley Davidson. If this is not the case, there might be a need for a few more tweaking of the idle screw.

However, if everything is in order, put off the motorcycle and start it all over again. Still checking that the readings are appropriate. Then take the bike for a ride. To ensure that everything remains okay on the bike, it’s best to go for Harley transmission fluid. It is possible to find the product in several supermarkets around the country.

Final Thoughts

Got an issue with a Harley Davidson? Is the RPM off, asking how to adjust idle on fuel injected Harley Davidson? Well, it’s pretty easy. All there is to do is adjust the idle screw until the tachometer gives an ideal reading that correlates with that recommended by the manufacturers. To learn how to adjust idle on fuel injected Harley Davidson, read up.

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