How Much Does The Cheapest Harley – Davidson Cost?

Harley Davidson motorcycle is quite a prestigious possession that lots of riders dream of getting. With the high value placed on this motorbike, some tend to compare these motorbikes with some luxurious cars.

The cost of a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle will hang on nothing less than $40.000. Nevertheless, you won’t need to break a bank when you opt for a used Harley bike.

So, if you’re asking how much does the cheapest Harley Davidson cost, this article is for you. Also, we’ll examine if it’s good to buy a used Harley Davidson motorcycle and its reliability.

How Much Does The Cheapest Harley Davidson Cost?

To answer how much does the cheapest Harley-Davidsons cost, we can say that it varies depending on the model of the bike. However, the price of the cheapest Harley Davidson will be in the range of $7,000 to $45,000. In reality, the cheapest Harley Davidson you can get remains a used one.

How Much Does The Cheapest Harley-Davidson Cost

There are different models of Harley Davidson motorcycles, having both three-wheeled trikes and electric models.

The three most popular models of Harley Davidson are

  • Cruiser
  • Touring
  • Street

1. Cruiser Harley Davidson Bike

This class of Harley Davidson is ideal for city riding. You can conveniently use them for day trips and exploration of back roads within the city. Also, a cruiser can serve you for extended treks.

Cruiser Harley Davidson Bike

Cruisers offer you a bridge between the street and touring models of Harley Davidson bikes. They put forth a combination of the riding quality and features of the other two models that will keep riders quite satisfied.

Some of the affordable cruisers include

  • 2018 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 – priced at $9,999.
  • SOFTAIL Standard – priced at $13,599.
  • FATBOY 114 – priced at $20,599

2. Touring Harley Davidson Bike

Touring Harley Davidson remains the perfect bike for long rides. It is powerful and offers comfortable seats for its riders.

Touring Harley Davidson Bike

This model’s saddle seats have some unique fixtures such as GPS navigation and 4 speaker stereo. Also, some of its models feature a defensive driving system that is computer-aided. This maintains an upright position when it encounters unsafe circumstances.

Some cheap touring models include

  • Road Glide Limited – priced at $28,000
  • Ultra Limited – priced at $28,000.
  • CVO Limited – priced at $44,039

3. Street Harley Davidson Bike

This is the sport riding class of Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are the ideal choice for canyon racing and jetting.

Street Harley Davidson Bike

The models are reputable for their inverted forks, premium shocks, and flat bars. Also, they have increased ground clearance that empowers them for aggressive maneuverability.

Some cheap street Harley Davidson include

  • Harley Davidson 500 – priced at $6,899
  • Harley Davidson 750 – priced at $7,599
  • Harley Davidson Rod – priced at $8,699

Are Cheapest Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Reliable?

The Cheapest Harley Davidson motorcycles are reliable as they offer your value which is worth the money you spend on their purchase. Also, having them means ownership of a historical piece and gives an exclusive privilege to the prestigious group of like-minded owners.

Cheapest Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson remains an impressive motorcycle, mostly among cruisers and tourers. Though it encounters image issues, the brand keeps introducing newer versions that are quite on the higher pricey sides. With its high reputation in the manufacturing of conservatism, the used versions remain standard with great quality but at a lower price.

Before now, lots of Harley-Davidsons had issues related to quality and reliability. Hence, they became too expensive to purchase and in their maintenance. However, Harley Davidson has a unique model, the Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster, that is known for its bulletproof reputation.

Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster

This model of Harley Davidson is one of the oldest, being released way back in 1957. Through the process of time, the company kept making some refining to quality and functionality. With the lapse of almost two decades came a new model from Harley, V-twin – the Evolution in 1986. This new introduction brought a boost to the company both in cash and name. Thus, many believed that the Evo was the saving power of Harley in the 80s.

Harley-Davidson Evo Sportster

The Evo Sportster is reputed as a bulletproof and indestructible product of Harley Davidson. It’s remarkably less prone to oil leakage, lighter, and cooler running. Also, it hardly undergoes a chain tensioner and gives no engine issues or complications seen in other bikes.

Besides the great functionality of the engine, Harley Davidson Sportster has other outstanding features that make it a reliable used motorcycle. For example, Harley designed the Sportster to have a low center of gravity. This accounts for its balance and easy maneuverability. Moreover, you can opt for a comfortable seat for Harley Sportster for enhanced balance and comfort. Also, irrespective of its capacity, it’s considerably an approachable bike, even for small riders.

Is it Good to Buy a Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

To a greater extent, the conviction and decision for buying a used Harley Davidson motorcycle lie solely with the rider. However, purchasing a used Harley is worth the cost and move. This’s because the bike is a combination of traditional and modern technology, which offers riders great riding geometry.

Though Harley-Davidsons are not the fastest, most enthusiasts don’t pick them because of speed. They are quite heavily built and will provide solid and sturdy rides to users.

Harley Davidson has the following outstanding features:

  • Great rake angles and long-wheelbase – These provide good stability on open roads, especially in high winds.
  • Wide plush seats – This offers a relaxed and perfect riding position for riders.
  • Amazing road shocks – This makes Harley Davidson the ideal motorcycle for touring.
  • The peculiar Harley engine sound – This attracts most riders and makes them fall in love with Harley. With the low rumble of the engine, it brings images of straightened open roads that offer endless possibilities for enthusiasts.

Why Will You Choose A Harley?

No matter have powerful and inducing the sound of Harley Davidson is, it’s not the only reason people stick with the motorcycle. Harley has several other features and accessories that keep attracting riders and buyers to its brand. Some of the additions include its riding gear, leather jackets, and other fixtures.

Harley Davidson has a long history of over 115 years in the manufacturing of motorcycles of different models. Their products are of high quality and will last the test of time if the user inculcates good maintenance culture and the necessary attention to it.

Here are some of the reasons to choose a Harley Davidson motorcycle:

  • The long history of Harley Davidson.
  • Reputation and iconic nature of the brand.
  • Reliability of the bikes.
  • The functionality of the bikes


Our article on how much does the cheapest Harley Davidson cost gives you a possible expectation on the price of this motorcycle brand. Though Harley Davidson is a prestigious bike that you can own, the prices depend on the model you desire.

Buying a used Harley Davidson will be a good move based on the reliability and reputation of the brand. When your budget can’t meet up with a new model, a used Harley Davidson can be a good alternative with proper maintenance culture.

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