5 Common Harley Freewheeler Problems & How To Fix Them? With Maintenance Tips

Keeping your Harley Freewheeler in good condition is important for your safety and keeps it running smoothly. You can avoid some major problems if you make sure all the Harley Freewheeler parts are working properly. But problems arise, and knowing the common Harley Freewheeler problems can help you prevent them from happening.

The common problems you will experience with Harley Freewheeler include difficulty in starting the bike, finding it hard to shift gear, clutch issues, difficulty in turning, and serious engine noise.

If you ride often or you are a casual rider, these problems mentioned can make the whole experience sour or less appealing. The important thing about this page is that I won’t just share the problems but also talk about solutions. So let’s begin.

Are Harley Freewheelers Worth It In 2022?

Harley Freewheeler is a good bike even in 2022 because it is fast and can go over any terrain. It also has good handling, comfort, and style. It’s a good bike for a lot of reasons.

First of all, it has a very comfortable seat that is padded for convenience. This makes long rides more enjoyable and lets you get to where you’re going in comfort than if you were in a less comfortable seat.

Also, the adjustable suspension system makes riding more comfortable by reducing vibrations and bumps in the road.Are Harley Freewheelers Good

The Harley Freewheeler is also very sturdy and reliable. This means it can handle rough terrain without getting damaged or causing problems with its components (like breaking down).

Speaking of fuel efficiency, you have got to love the bike. It is fuel-efficient as it runs on unleaded gasoline and gets more than 30 mpg in city driving conditions. That means you’ll spend less money on gas, which means more money in your pocket.

There is no way you can get over the love of riding this bike. With its long handlebars, the bike supports riders of all heights. The engine is powerful enough to get you up to speed, but not so much that it’s difficult to control while trying to stop.

Lastly, it has an engine that provides plenty of power without being too loud or too large. This makes it easier to ride around town without disturbing others who might not like loud noises coming from your bike.

On all grounds, the bike is good for solo riders who want something comfortable and easy to ride. Still, couples looking for a reliable way to travel together on the open road can use the Freewheeler too.

How Long Does A Harley Freewheeler Last?

When making a purchase, you are always curious to know how long it will last. And when it comes to motorcycles, this question is right up there at the top of the list.What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Harley Freewheeler

The Life expectancy of Harley freewheeler is tough to speculate on. However, on average, it will last well over 100,000 miles with proper maintenance and if the bike has not been “abused” or overworked.

So, if you are asking how long a Harley Freewheeler will last, the answer is as long as you properly maintain and service it.

Also, your driving habits, road conditions, and trips made are all factors that affect the engine life. Therefore, proper care and maintenance of your motorcycle can help extend its service life. And these practices will ensure you get many years of riding enjoyment from your Harley freewheeler motorcycle.

Harley Freewheeler Problems and Their Solutions

Just as mentioned in the introduction, you can face some problems with your Harley freewheelers. As good as the bike is, some problems are inevitable, and when you encounter them, you should not worry too much.Harley Freewheeler Problems and Their Solutions

Some require a little fix, and you have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix them. Overall the best thing is to always allow your mechanic to inspect and do the needful with fixing.

1. Difficulty to Start

Harley Freewheeler not starting? Or is it starting and then dying off after a few secs?  This can result from a fuel pump failure, or you may have a dirty air filter. There could also be issues with the carburetor, which needs fixing.

It is essential to understand the root cause of the problem rather than trial and error because each error will land you up putting more fuel into your system, which causes the fuel injection pump to malfunction.

Solution: The right thing to do is get the trike to your mechanic and let him/her inspect to discover the cause and then fix it appropriately. It can be fixed by cleaning the carburetor, but an experienced mechanic should handle the task.

2. Hard Shifting

Hard shifting is a common issue with Harley Freewheelers. To understand the problem and fix it, you will have to know a little bit about how the bike works.

The hard shifting issues usually develop because of a problem with the clutch, but other components can also cause this issue. Either way, you should have it checked out as soon as possible since letting it go could cause permanent damage.

Solution: To fix, you have to troubleshoot, and troubleshooting hard shifting is relatively straightforward. Typically, hard shifting is caused by a low transmission fluid level or contaminated oil. In either case, the right place to start is to thoroughly flush the transmission oil.

However, for the perfect solution, you need to get your mechanic to run an inspection to find out all possible reasons for the hard shifting and then solve the issue.

3. Clutch issue

The clutch lever problem is the most common issue in the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler. You can experience a slipping clutch that leads to jerks while riding. It happens due to using the wrong clutch fluid or not keeping it filled.

The other reason is the leaking seals of the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.

Solution: You can resolve the issue by cleaning out your clutch disc and replacing it with a new one. You can check this video on that.

4. Difficulty in Turning

Safe and easy steering is a must when steering a motorcycle. But unfortunately, difficulty in turning is also one of the problems you face in your Harley freewheelers.

If your Harley Freewheeler is experiencing difficulty turning, it could be caused by a damaged front wheel, bent front fork tubes, improper bearing adjustment, and damaged or worn-out bearings.

Solution: The best way you can fix this is to get the car to your mechanic and allow them to fix the issue for you.

5. Oil Consumption

If you have owned your bike for several years and have not performed an oil change in your engine, you are likely to experience this problem.

If oil consumption is one of your Harley Freewheeler problems, it is a serious issue. Don’t freak out just yet. Many different things can cause this issue and you can fix it quite easily.

Solution: To fix this, you need complete servicing your engine and oil system. In addition, a clean air filter will help to get rid of the issue.

8 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Harley Freewheeler Top-notch

Harley Freewheeler is a unique trike that offers exciting experiences. It is different from other bikes. Therefore, owners need to take care of the Freewheeler while riding and not in use during long periods.Maintenance Tips for Harley Freewheeler

You should prepare and follow a maintenance schedule for your motorcycle to enjoy the trike for a longer period. There is no restriction on maintenance tips or tricks, but it must be safe and easy to offer better performance.

You should follow the tips below to maintain your Harley freewheelers.

1. Read the Maintenance Manual

To keep your motorcycle in safe operating condition, follow the recommendations and procedures in the manual carefully. Failure to follow the instructions may damage the trike or result in death or serious injury for you.

In addition, do not substitute parts or modify your motorcycle unless instructed by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

2. Use Recommended Oil

It is recommended that you use only motorcycle oils that meet the requirements of Harley-Davidson. See your Harley-Davidson dealer for details on recommended oil and how to properly maintain and care for the motorcycle.

3. Use Recommended Gas

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler requires high-quality fuel for premium engine performance. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends using unleaded gasoline with a pump octane rating of 89 or higher.

However, you should check the manual that comes with the trike and see the type of gas you should use with the motorcycle.

4. Use Recommended Tire PSI

Too much (or little) tire pressure will negatively affect the handling, tire life, and uniformity. Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct tire PSI on your Freewheeler model.

Also, you need to avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight as it can break down the chemical properties of tires over time. It’s best to store motorcycles in a cool, dry environment.

5. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Use only Harley-Davidson-approved cleaning products to maintain the quality and appearance of your bike. The wrong chemicals can cause corrosion. However, these compounds are very effective at removing oils or grease.

Still, they can also damage the surface finish and, in some cases, may penetrate the finish to attack painted surfaces, chrome, or sealed aluminum components.

6. Wash Properly

Wash your bike every week. Avoid excessive pressure when washing. Instead, attach a soft surface cleaner to your garden hose and spray all surfaces with the highest setting of your attachment.

The best way to wash your bike is to clean in sections- starting from the bike’s top and working down. Use a degreaser if needed for stubborn dirt.

Also, for the best cleaning, you should look out for some ideal cleaning materials and products for your trike and use.

7. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Keep your Freewheeler in top condition with scheduled maintenance. Make sure your bike gets the attention it deserves with a regular maintenance schedule. The right maintenance will help you get the most performance, reliability, and fun from your bike.

8. Store Your Bike Safely

Ideally, your motorcycle should be stored indoors in a well-ventilated area. But, if not, a good outdoor location is necessary to protect it while it is parked.

When you are storing your Harley Freewheeler outdoors, it’s best to use a waterproof cover. It will protect the finishing and leather saddlebags from the weather elements.

If you can’t store your bike indoors, an enclosed carport or garage is the next best thing.


The Harley Freewheeler is a good bike because it’s a bike that can be used for many purposes. You can use it for riding around town to go on long trips, or even take on long journeys. It’s also very easy to maintain and repair.

It has a very comfortable seat, so you’ll be able to ride it for hours without getting tired. It also has wide handlebars that offer good control while riding, so you won’t have trouble keeping your balance.

As good as the bike is, its problems can make you lose interest in it. It is important you know the Harley freewheeler problems as it will help you know the right way to fix them.

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