Can You Charge A Motorcycle Battery With A Car Charger?

Batteries can fail at any time, and nothing is more inconvenient than a dead motorcycle battery in the middle of nowhere. However, you might be considering the possibility of charging the battery from a passing vehicle. But you do that? Is it even possible?

Turns out, with proper caution and following the right procedure, you can!

So, the question is, can you charge a motorcycle battery with a car charger available already?

Before you proceed to charge the motorcycle battery with a car charger, there are a few things you should be aware of. You’ll find all the answers you need as we discuss them through.

Charging A Motorcycle Battery With A Car Battery, is it safe?

Certainly, using a vehicle charger to charge a motorcycle battery isn’t a good idea. Battery sizes for motorcycles are much smaller than those for cars. Consequently, the battery may overheat or become more damaged as a result of excessive voltage.

Also, the charge rate from the car battery directly can go over 10Ah which is not good for the motorcycle’s battery health. Anyway, you can connect the motorcycle battery to the car battery for a jump start.

Can A Car Charger Charge Any Motorcycle Battery?

Yes, a car charger can charge any motorcycle battery. But it is not recommended to charge the smaller motorcycle batteries with a car charger. The fundamental to charge a battery is to charge 1/10 of its apms. Likewise, if the battery is 10 amps then you have to charge it in 1 amp for 10 hours.

can you charge a motorcycle battery with a car charger

Apparently, pushing a small battery to get charged with larger batteries can result in overheating, battery blast, melting of plates. So, it is clear that a car charger can charge any motorcycle battery but needs to be monitored.

How to Charge a Motorcycle Battery with a Car Charger

As you already know, charging a motorcycle battery with a car charger is riskier and needs extra monitoring. And this task needs proper instruction. Keeping that in mind, we have organized these steps on how to charge a motorcycle battery with a car charger.

How to Charge a Motorcycle Battery with a Car Charger

Step 1: Place the Vehicles and Ready The Charger

First, you have to place both the motorcycle and the car in the right position, so your jumper cable can connect both with ease. Also, do not forget to switch both vehicles off and get the car charger ready in place.

Step 2: Take the power down

As  the car battery charger has a higher power output than the motorcycle battery needs, be sure to drag the output level of the charger. You can charge a motorcycle battery with 6-12 volts, and the car charger can do way more. So, crank it down a little that the motorcycle battery can resist well.

Step 3: Connect the Positive Clips

Now, connect one end of the jumper positive cable to the vehicle’s positive post and another end to the motorcycle battery’s positive post. Also, make sure they’re both properly attached.

Step 4: Connect The negative Clips

Next, connect a negative clip of the jumper wire to the negative post of the automobile, as well as a negative cable to any metal element of the bike.

Step 5: Charge The Battery

After that, start the car and wait for a while to charge the motorcycle battery. Then, start the motorcycle. If you fail once, try the same process after 20-30 minutes. Be sure to monitor the batteries along the way for extra safety.

Step 6: Finish It Off

Finally, once your motorcycle is running, unplug all the cables from the battery terminals. First, unplug the negative clips and then the positive ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Voltage Should You Charge Your Motorcycle?

6 and 12-volt batteries are available in motorcycles. Batteries for 12V motorcycles should be able to sustain 9.5 to 10.5 Volts below the load for at least 30 seconds without running out of power. With a load connected, this 12V battery produces 10.5V when fully charged.

Is It A Good Idea To Use A Trickle Charger To Charge A Motorcycle Battery?

You can use a trickle charger in place of conventional chargers to charge your motorcycle battery, it’s not a bad idea. Because of their low voltage, they cope up good with the motorbike batteries. Besides, these chargers are good if you are keeping your bike battery idle. They keep the battery away from discharging.

How Often Should You Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

Charge the motorbike battery once every 30 days for the best results. As a matter of fact, it depends on the use. Because the motorbike’s battery is charged by the engine when it is running on the road. However, if you don’t intend to use it much, you should charge it every 30 days.

What Type Of Battery Charger Do You Need?

You have to choose the charger depending on the battery voltage. If your bike has a 12V battery type then the charger should be the one of 12V. If your motorbike has a 6V battery then a 6V charger will work.

How Long Does A Motorcycle Battery Take To Charge?

If the motorcycle battery charger you are using is of proper voltage then the motorcycle battery will take anywhere between 4-24 hours to charge. But, if it is not of the proper voltage then it will take longer and sometimes will not charge even after the plugin.

Final Thought

To wrap things up, let’s recap whether can you charge a motorcycle battery with a car charger or not. In simple terms, you should never charge your motorcycle battery with a  car charger as the career is designed for higher batteries.

However, if the battery support tweaking the voltage output, you can drag the output power aligning the motorcycle battery power. After that, you can charge the motorcycle battery with the car charger. Nonetheless, be sure to monitor the process as they charge.

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