8 Best White Wall Motorcycle Tires In 2023 [A Thorough Analysis]

Choosing An Ideal Motorcycle Tire Can Be Very Overwhelming If You Don’t Know The Drill. From Construction Material To Tire Size, There Are A Bunch Of Things You Need To Check.

Taking all the factors into consideration, White Wall tires ranks quite high on the list. Apart from their unique design, these tires are more durable, offer better traction, and overall outperform Black Wall in many ways. But what are the best White Wall motorcycle tires you can use?

We Have Done The Sweaty Work And Found Out The 8 Best White Wall Motorcycle Tires That Come Packed With Features You Would Expect From High-end Tires.

whether You Are Looking  For A Cruiser Tire Or Touring Tire, Or Commuter Tire, This List Has An Option For Everyone.

so Without Further Ado, Let’s Walk Through…

Are White Wall Tires Any Good?

sure, They Are! Once Every Car And Motorcycle Used To Come With Whitewall Tires, And They Looked Pretty Cool. They Have A Unique Look And Compared To The Black Wall Tires, They Are Strong And Long-lasting As Well. The Trend Of Whitewall Tires Was Down The Last Couple Of Years But Now They Are Getting Back On Their Feet Again.

are White Wall Motorcycle Tires Good - Let Know

here’s Why You Should Choose White Wall Motorcycle Tires…

  • they Make Your Motorcycle Look Unique And Stylish.
  • specialized Rubber Construction Makes Them Highly Wear And Damage-resistant.
  • compared To Blackwall Tires, They Last Way Longer.
  • offers A Decent Grip On Most Kinds Of Terrains.
  • these Tires Allow You To Mix And Match.
  • the Sidewall Comes In Different Colors, Allowing You To Choose Your Favorite One.

quick Comparison Chart 

we Know You Are In A Rush But That Shouldn’t Stop You From Picking The Right Tire For You. We Have Prepared A Quick Comparison Chart For You, That Should Help You To Sort.

Name SizeLoad IndexDiameterSpeed rating Max Load
Dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire130/90B167325.40-inchesH805 @ 41
Shinko 777 Rear Whitewall Tire170/80B158325.71-inchesH42 PSI
Vee Rubber Whitewall Radial Tire170/80B158325.5-inchesR40 PSI
Metzeler ME888 Rear Motorcycle Tire150/80B166216-inchesS40 PSI
Dunlop D402 Whitewall Rear Motorcycle Tires130/90B167425.7-inchH827@40
Avon Cobra Chrome Whitewall Front Tire120/70-216827.9-inchV40 PSI
Shinko Classic 270 Front/Rear Tire - Whitewall130/54-265426.42-inchH41 PSI
Continental Conti Legend Rear Tire180/65B-168116-inchHNot Specified

8 Best White Wall Tires Reviewed : In Depth Analysis, Core Features, Buying Facts & Many More

we Have Thoroughly Reviewed Each Of These Whitewall Motorcycle Tires, Mentioning Both Their Advantages And Disadvantages So That You Can Get Your Hands On The Right Model.

best White Wall Motorcycle Tires – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire: Best Fit For Harley Davidson

starting With Our Top Pick, The Dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire. Dunlop Isn’t A New Brand, It Has Been Around For Years Producing Top-notch Motorcycle Tires That Are Satisfying Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Their Construction Quality, Grip, Look, And Durability Is Always Up To The Notch.

dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire

and Here We Are Talking About The Dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire, A Pick For Harley Davidson Riders, The Tire Has Been Preferred By Hd Riders For Generations For Its Finest Stability.

another Thing Why This Tire Is Famous Among Harley Riders Is Its Control In Wet Conditions. It Is A Tire Specially Designed For Harley Davidsons And Has Been Tested On Harleys To Checkitse Performance. And Not To Forget, The Harley Davidson Branding On The Sidewall Makes It Classy. However, Let’s Dive A Little Deeper Into It.

along With Excellent Dry Road Performance, This Tire Performs Incredibly Well In Wet Terrains As Well Which We Have Mentioned Before. And All Credit Goes To The Specially Formulated Compound And Advanced Tread Pattern. Controlling The Bike Is Very Easy When The Wheels Are Wearing These Tires.

it Features A Computer-optimized Tread Profile Which Protects The Tire From Uneven Wearing. Though It Doesn’t Seem Dangerous, It Is Deadly, Especially At High Speed. The Tread Pattern Works Toward Providing Even Wear.

this Is A Dual-compound Tire, Therefore The Center Portion Is Hard And The Sides Are Soft Which Delivers A Decent Grip. Dual Compound Constructed Tires Last Longer Than Single Compound Tires As Well, So With This Tire, You Get Both Durability And Good Grip.

it’s A Tubeless Tire Obviously Because That’s What Provides The Best Value. And It Has An H Speed Rating Which Means The Tire Can Handle Up To 130 Miles Per Hour Speed. The Tire Is Available In Three Different Variations, Narrow Whitewall, Wide Whitewall, And Black Wall.


  • size: 130/90b16
  • load Index: 73
  • speed Rating: H
  • diameter: 25.40
  • width: 5.18-inch
  • tread Depth: 12/32
  • max Load: 805 @ 41

From Our Experience-

  • specially Formulated Compound Construction Makes It Durable And Long-lasting.
  • advanced Tread Pattern Enables The Tire To Perform Best On Wet Terrains.
  • to Promote Even Wearing The Tire Comes With A Computer-optimized Tread Profile.
  • dual Compound Construction Delivers Both Durability And Top-notch Grip.
  • it’s A Tubeless Tire That Offers Better Stability And Riding Comfort. Plus, Easy To Deal With When Punctured.
  • the Tire Can Withstand Up To 130 Miles Per Hour Speed.
  • durable And Long-lasting Tire.
  • offers Good Grip And Stability.
  • performs Great On Wet Roads.
  • prevents Uneven Wearing.
  • can Withstand Good Speed.
  • easy To Deal With Punctures.
  • not A Good Tire For Heavy Cornering.

Why Do We Recommend It?

the Dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire Is One Of The Best Whitewall Tires For Harley Davidson Riders, And If You Are One, Then It’s For You. Durability, Stability, Top-notch Wet And Dry Road Performance, And Good Grip, This One Checks All The Boxes.

2. Shinko 777 Rear Whitewall Tire: No Interruption While Cruising

shinko Has Been Producing Good-quality Tires For Around 70-years Now And They Make Varieties Of Tires Including Scooter Tires As Well. The Shinko 777 Rear Whitewall Tire Is Specially Designed For Cruising Around. That Being Said, Sometimes It Can Be Used For Touring As Well But It Is Not Recommended By The Manufacturer So Better Stay Away From That.

shinko 777 Rear Whitewall Tire

you Will Be Amazed By The Grip And Comfort It Offers On The Very First Ride, All Thanks To The Formulated Rubber Compound Construction. It Is Heavily Constructed Which Not Only Makes The Tire Deliver Good Grip But A Long Lifespan As Well.

an Advanced Tread Design Comes With Grooves And Effective Siping That Offers Incredible Traction In Both Wet And Dry Conditions. You Will Feel The Excellency Of Traction When Braking, Cornering, Or Accelerating. That Being Said, As It Is A Cruiser Tire, Do Not Try To Do Hard Cornering, That’s For Your Good.

the Siping Channels Water Out Of The Tire Pretty Well So You Shouldn’t Worry Much About The Tire Slipping But Still Being Careful Will Be Wise. It Offers Decent Load Capacity As It Is An Aramid Belted Tire. Plus The Stability Of This Tire Is Also Pretty Amazing, That’s Because Of The Reinforced Carcass.

h  Speed Rating Tells The Tire Can Withstand Up To 130 Miles Per Hour Speed. And Have A Load Index Of 83 Which Is Decent. Doesn’t Matter What Your Rim Size Is, This Tire Is Available In Different Sizes, Pick The Suitable One. And Lastly, It Is A Tubeless Model Enabling You To Handle The Bike Better.


  • size: 170/80b15
  • load Index: 83
  • speed Rating: H
  • diameter: 25.71-inch.
  • width: 6.69-inch
  • tread Depth: 12/32
  • max Load: 42 Psi

From Our Experience-

  • formulated Rubber Compound Construction Gives Incredible Grip.
  • advanced Tread Design Enables You To Control The Bike Better Both In Wet And Dry Conditions.
  • comes With Siping That Does A Pretty Good Job At Moving Water Away From The Tire.
  • the Reinforced Carcass Makes The Tire Very Stable In Different Road Conditions.
  • it Can Withstand A Max Speed Of 130 Miles Per Hour And The Max Load Capacity Is 83.
  • highly Stable Cruiser Tire.
  • offers Great Grip And Traction.
  • performs Well In Both Wet And Dry Conditions.
  • easy To Deal With As It Is Tubeless.
  • acceleration, Cornering, And Braking Feel Good.
  • can’t Handle Hard Cornering.

Why Do We Recommend It?

if You Need A Rear Tire For Daily Commuting, Then This Shinko 777 Rear White Wall Is One Of The Best Options You Will Find Right Now. They Are Not Highly Expensive, Plus, Come With All The Features That An Ideal Cruiser Tire Should Come With.

3. Vee Rubber Whitewall Radial Tire – 200/60r16: Ultimate Comfort  And Stability

in Tour Bikes, One Of The Most Important Things Riders Need Is Stability. During Long Tours, The Conditions Are Unexpected, You Might See Some Portion Of The Road Dry And Some Wet. And Some Very Muddy. Hence, Wise Is Them Who Choose A Tire That Can Deliver Stable Performance In All Kinds Of Road Conditions.

vee Rubber Whitewall Radial Tire – 200_60r16

and That’s Exactly What This Vee Rubber Whitewall Radial Tire Is, Comes With A Distinctive Tread Pattern That Makes The Tire Suitable For Both Wet And Dry Conditions.

Touring Bikes Are Often Loaded With A Lot Of Stuff, And They Are Usually Heavy, The Specialized Tread Pattern Of This Bike Allows The Boke To Perform Well On Both Wet And Dry Roads Even With A Heavy Load.

having That Said, This Tire Is Not For Hard Cornering. So If You Are Someone Who Loves Cornering, This Is Not A Suitable Option For You.

it Has A Speed Rating Of 1.6 Miles Per Hour Which We Think Is Perfect For A Touring Bike. On Top Of That, The Tire Siping And Formulated Compound Construction Deliver A Good Handling Experience As Well. The Siping In The Tire Pushes Away Water From The Tire As A Result You Get Good Traction.

the Way This Tire Is Designed It Fits Both Custom And Oe Wheels. Plus, This Tire Looks Pretty Cool And Gives A Racing Kind Of Vibe Though It Isn’t One. Heavily Constructed With High-end Rubber Which Makes It Extremely Durable. The Tire Can Withstand Road Abuse Pretty Well As Long As You Ride It Right.

lastly, Like Other Models On The List, It’s Also A Tubeless Model. Though It Is A Little Hard To Maintain, It Is Still Worth The Effort.


  • size: 170/80b15
  • load Index: 83
  • speed Rating: R
  • diameter: 16-inch.
  • width: 7.87 Inch.
  • tread Depth: 8/32
  • max Load: 40 Psi

From Our Experience-

  • heavily Engineered And Constructed For Touring And Cruiser Motorbikes.
  • the Distinctive Tread Design Makes It Suitable For Both Dry And Wet Terrains.
  • effective Siping On The Tire Pushes Water Away To Give Good Traction.
  • suitable For Both Custom And Oe Motorcycle Wheels.
  • comes With A Speed Rating Of 106 Miles Per Hour And A Load Index Of 83.
the Pros
  • perform Well On Wet And Dry Roads.
  • offers Good Stability.
  • tread Siping Keeps Water Out.
  • comes With A Good Look.
  • fits Custom And Oe Wheels.
  • can Ride Well With A Heavy Load.
  • 106 Miles Per Hour Speed Rating.
the Con
  • a Little Hard To Maintain.

Why Do We Recommend It?

are You Someone Who Does Long Tours? If The Answer Is Yes, Then That’s Why You Should Consider Picking This Model. The Stability And Easy Handling Ability Long Tours Require, The Tire Comes Packed With It. Plus, The Grip And Durability Are Also Up To The Notch.

4. Metzeler Me888 Rear Motorcycle Tire: Best For Rough Surfaces

look No Further Than This Metzeler Me888 Marathon Ultra Motorcycle Tire If You Were Searching For Tires That Can Take Heavy Abuse. Metzeler Is A Trusted Manufacturer Of Tires Which Always Adapts Pretty Well To The Trend. They Always Come Up With High-quality Tires Without Sacrificing The Look.

metzeler Me888 Rear Motorcycle Tire

it Was Actually Designed Keeping The American V-twin Motorcycle In Mind, So If You Own One Then That’s Great. But No Problem At All Even If You Don’t As This Tire Is Suitable For Various Motorcycles Whether It Is A Harley Davidson Or A Racing Bike, As Long As The Size Is Perfect, You’re Ready To Roll.

one Feature That Will Amaze You From The Very Beginning Is How Easy The Tire Is To Handle. And That’s One Of The Things That Makes It A Suitable Choice For Touring Or Cruising Bikes.

it Is Very Stable At Both High And Low Speeds Because Of The Advanced Dual-compound Construction. The Dry Terrain Performance Is A1, We Wish We Could’ve Said The Same About Wet Riding But Unfortunately, We Can’t.

it Is Not Very Bad For Wet Terrains But Not Very Good Either. The Siping Does An Excellent Job Keeping Water Out Of The Tire But Still, The Performance On Wet Terrain Is Low Compared To Other Tires Of Its Class. You Can Say That’s The Only Flaw Of This Tire.

moving On!

it Has A Top-notch Dual-compound Construction Which Not Only Makes It Durable, It Enables The Tire To Withstand Higher Speeds As Well. With An S Speed Rating, The Tire Can Withstand 112 Miles Per Hour Speed. Moreover, Braking Is Also Pretty Smooth With These Tires.

compared To Other Cruiser Or Touring Bikes, This One Tends To Last Longer Thanks To The Deeper Tread Pattern And Dual Compound Construction.


  • size: 150/80b16
  • load Index: 62
  • speed Rating: S
  • diameter: 16-inch.
  • width: 6.99 Inch
  • tread Depth: 8/32
  • max Load: 40 Psi

From Our Experience-

  • formulated Dual-compound Construction Gives Longevity And A High Rating.
  • all Thanks To The Construction, The Tire Can Withstand Up To 112 Miles Per Hour Speed.
  • features Advanced Siping On The Tread Which Does An Excellent Job Of Keeping Water Out Of The Tire.
  • the Tire Offers Incredible Traction On Dry Roads Allowing The User To Handle The Bike Effortlessly.
  • smooth And Effective Braking On Dry Terrains.
  • very Easy To Handle.
  • offers Good Stability.
  • smooth Braking Experience.
  • effective Siping For Water Drainage.
  • highly Long-lasting.
  • can Withstand Heavy Abuse.
  • 112 Mph Max Speed Rating.
  • wet Terrain Handling Could Have Been Better.

Why Do We Recommend It?

for Those Who Ride A Lot, This Metzeler Me888 Is A Perfect Tire For Them As It Can Last Very Long. Plus, Everyone Wants The Privilege Of Smooth Handling And Good Stability, This Tire Offers You That As Well.

5. Dunlop D402 Whitewall Rear Motorcycle Tires:  Perfect For Country Roads

another Dunlop Touring Tire Is Approved By Harley Davidson. It Is A Tire For Harley Riders Who Ride Often And Ride Long. The Manufacturer Has Designed It Mainly For American Roads, So It Can Deliver What The American Roads Demand.

The Handling And Stability Of This Tire Are Up To The Notch, Thanks To The Advanced Construction Formula Which We Will Be Discussing In The Coming Section.

dunlop D402 Whitewall Rear Motorcycle Tires

this Tire Is Constructed With A 3-ply Polyester Casing Along With 2 Fiberglass Belts Which Not Only Makes It Extremely Durable But Also Enables It To Deliver Incredible Stability. Plus, There Is A Computer-optimized Tread Profile That Makes The Rider Very Confident While Riding On Rough And Tough Terrains. The Tread Profile Also Contributes To The Stability Of This Tire.

riding It On Wet Terrains Is Pretty Comfortable As The Tire Offers A Good Grip And Comes With Siping That Channels Water Out Of The Tire Easily. Riding At High Speed Won’t Be A Problem With This Tire, It Can Withstand Up To 130 Miles Per Hour Speed.

And Don’t Worry About The Wear And Tear, It Is Heavily Constructed To Withstand All The Road Abuse.

it Has A Dual Compound Construction Which Means The Middle Part Of The Tire Is Tough, And The Edge Is Soft Enough To Provide The Needed Traction While Cornering. Having That Said, It Is Not A Tire Designed For Cornering, So Be Very Careful With That.


  • size: 130/90b16
  • load Index: 74
  • speed Rating: H
  • diameter: 25.7-inch.
  • width: 5.20inch.
  • tread Depth: 9/32
  • max Load: 827@40

From Our Experience-

  • the Tire Is Approved By Harley Davidson And Comes With A Harley Logo As Well.
  • constructed In A Way That Fulfills All The American Road Demands.
  • dual Compound Construction Makes The Tire Offer Good Traction On All Terrains.
  • advanced Siping On The Tread Pushes Away Water Out Of The Tire.
  • computer-optimized Tread Profile Provides Good Handling Ability And Stability.
  • can Withstand Up To 130 Miles Per Hour Speed And All The Road Abuse.
  • top-notch Durability.
  • good Stability And Easy To Handle.
  • can Withstand All The Road Beating.
  • provides The Needed Grip.
  • performs Well On Both Wet And Dry Terrains.
  • slight Expensive.

Why Do We Recommend It?

those Who Are Flexible On Price And Do Long Rides, Don’t Want To Miss Out On This Dunlop 402 Motorcycle Tire. It Is Specially Designed For Harley Riders And Comes Packed With Everything The Rider Needs To Ride Comfortably On American Roads.

6. Avon Cobra Chrome Whitewall Front Tire: Firm Grip On Wet Surfaces

as The Name Suggests, This Tire Actually Comes With A Stylish Cobra Snake-themed Design Which Looks Good. This Cobra Chrome Tire Is The New Offering Of The Avon That Is Aimed To Fulfill Both The Rider And The Road’s Demand. The Tire Is Suitable For Cruising And Touring.

avon Cobra Chrome Whitewall Front Tire

one Feature That Pushes This Avon Cobra Chrome Tire A Little Ahead In The Competition Is Its Performance In Wet Terrains. To Be Very Precise, The Wet Braking Performance The Tire Offers Is Impressive. It Is One Of The Best Tires That Delivers Great Wet Terrain Braking.

it Is Constructed With A High-end Formulated Compound And Got A Radial Construction. Plus, Comes With Siping On The Tread Which Pushes The Water Out Of The Tire. All Of These Together Make The Tire Extremely Stable On Both Wet And Dry Roads.

that Being Said, 4.8 Mm Tread Depth Isn’t Something Very Impressive But Still Offers Good Grip And Lasts Pretty Long. But There One More Thing That Might Excite You Is, This Tire Has A V Speed Rating And It Can Withstand Up To 149 Miles Per Hour Speed.

it Is A Tubeless Tire, So You Don’t Need To Worry Much About The Puncture. And Lastly, Use It On Wet And Dry Roads But Do Not Try To Do Off-roading With This Tire, It Is Not Made For That. The Tire Won’t Be Able To Provide The Needed Grip For Off-roading, You Will Not Only End Up Damaging The Tire, But You Might Also Hurt Yourself Too.


  • size: 120/70-21
  • load Index: 68
  • speed Rating: V
  • diameter: 27.9-inch.
  • width: 4.7 Inches.
  • tread Depth: 4.8mm.
  • max Load: 40 Psi

From Our Experience-

  • constructed With A Heavy-duty Compound That Offers Good Durability.
  • it Comes With Radial Construction Which Offers Incredible Puncture Resistance.
  • offers Impressive Braking, Accelerating, Cornering, And Steering Performance.
  • it Is Very Stable And Easy To Deal With A Puncture As It Is Tubeless.
  • the Tire Can Withstand Up To 149 Miles Per Hour Speed, That’s A Big Deal.
  • top-notch Wet Braking.
  • stable On Both Wet And Dry Terrains.
  • can Take Decent Road Abuse.
  • good Braking Performance.
  • easy To Deal With Punctures.
  • comes With A Good Design.
  • not Suitable For Rocky, Bumpy, Muddy Roads.

Why Do We Recommend It?

the Avon Cobra Chrome Tire Is An Absolute Gem In Terms Of Wet Road Performance, The Braking Is Very Impressive. It Has A Snake Design That Blends Well With Harleys, However, Can Be Used On Other Motorcycles As Well. Would Be A Good Catch For Cruising And Touring.

7. Shinko Classic 270 Whitewall Front/rear Tire: The Best For The Lowest Budget

searching For A Motorcycle Tire That Comes At A Low Price And Offers Decent Performance As Well? Have A Look At This Shinko Super Classic 270 Tire. It Is A White Wall Tire That Is Suitable For Commuting. Before You Go Any Further, This Is Not A Tire That You Should Expect Good Performance From. We Recommend This Tire Only For Commuter Bikes.

shinko Classic 270 Whitewall Front_rear Tire

it Has An H Speed Rating, Saying It Can Withstand Up To 130 Miles Per Hour Speed And The Load Index Rating Is 64. That’s Pretty Impressive For A Tire Coming At Such A Low Price. It Is Constructed With 4 Full Ply Nylon Carcass Which Makes It Withstand Decent Road Abuse.

the Sawtooth-style Grooves Drain Water Effectively Enabling You To Ride Comfortably On Wet Terrains. However, It Is Not A Tubeless Unit So It Would Not Be Able To Deliver The Stability And Puncture Resistance That A Tubeless Tire Would Deliver.


  • size: 130/54-26
  • load Index: 54
  • speed Rating: H
  • diameter: 26.42-inch.
  • width: 4.9 Inches.
  • tread Depth: 4.2mm.
  • max Load: 41 Psi

From Our Experience-

  • nylon Carcass Construction For Good Durability And Stability.
  • deep Grooves Drain Water To Give The Needed Grip On Wet Surfaces.
  • it Has A Speed Rating Of 130 Miles Per Hour And A Load Rating Of 54.
  • the Tire Comes At An Extremely Low Price.
  • affordable Tire.
  • effective Water Drainage.
  • h Speed Rating.
  • decent Durability.
  • can Take Road Beatings.
  • not A Tubeless Model.

Why Do We Recommend It?

if You’re Short On Budget Or Looking For A Tire For Your Daily Commuter, Go With This Shinko Super Classic 270 Tire. The Price Is Extremely Low And Offers Decent Stability And Good Grip As Well.

8. Continental Conti Legend Rear Tire: Best Fit For Heavy Motorcycles

and Here Comes The Last Whitewall Unit On The List, The Continental Conti Legend Tire. A Suitable Unit For Heavy Motorcycles And Long Rides. Cruising And Touring, Both Are Fun With This Very Tire As It Comes With Features That Make Sure You Get Everything You Expect From An Ideal Cruiser And Touring Tires.

continental Conti Legend Rear Tire

the Tire Comes With A Technology Called Mileage Plus, And It Extends The Tire Mileage Significantly Without Compromising The Handling. It Offers A Minimum 10% Increase In The Mileage And At The Same It Keeps On Delivering Consistent Stability.

it Features Carcass Construction Which Makes The Tire Super Easy To Handle And Also Makes It Very Comfortable For The Riders. Another Thing That Contributes To The Handling And Stability Of This Tire Is Its Width.

the Tire Comes With Grooves That Are Pretty Deep And Works Great In Draining Water From The Tire, As A Result, The Grip In Wet Terrains Will Be Up To The Mark. It Can Withstand All The Road Abuse, Thanks To The Carcass Heavy-duty Construction.

And The Max Speed Is 130 Miles Per Hour But That Can Be Extended As It Comes With Mileage Plus Technology.

having That Said, Do Not Try To Do Off-roading With This Tire, It Is Not Made For That. Lastly, It Comes With A Good Design And Looks Pretty Classy. And Gives A Kind Of Racing Or Sports Vibe Though It Is Not Suitable For That.


  • size: 180/65b-16
  • load Index: 81
  • speed Rating: H
  • diameter: 16-inch.
  • width: 7-inches
  • tread Depth: Not Specified
  • max Load: Not Specified

at A Glance:

  • features A Unique Design Pattern That Makes The Tire Look Classy.
  • it Is Suitable For Heavier Bikes And Can Withstand Road Abuse As It Got Carcass-construction.
  • mileage Plus Technology Increases The Mileage Significantly Without Compromising The Stability.
  • deep And Functional Grooves Effectively Drain Water That Makes The Tire Deliver A Good Grip.
  • look Good.
  • extends The Mileage.
  • highly Durable.
  • comfortable To Handle.
  • gives Good Stability.
  • top-notch Wet Road Performance.
  • can Take All The Road Abuse.
  • not Suitable For Off-roading.

Why Do We Recommend It?

who Doesn’t Want Comfort While Riding? Everyone Does! And This Tire Delivers That! Good Mileage, Stability, Comfort, Grip, And Durability, This Tire Is Packed With Everything.

How To Understand Tires’ Sidewall?

not Only White Wall Motorcycle Tires But Every Motorcycle Tires Come With Some Kind Of Code Labeled On The Sidewall. And The Codes Usually Tell The Size, Ratio, Speed, Load, Etc.

how To Read White Motorcycle Tire Sidewall

on Every Motorcycle Tire, You Will See A Code Like This, 130/90-18 68 H. These Numbers Are Alphabet Mean Something And That Is What You Will Learn In This Section.

first: 130, The First Number Tells The Width Of The Tire Tread In Mm.

second: The Second Number Is The Aspect Ratio Of The Tire. 90 Means The Tire Sidewall Is 90% Of The Total Tire Tread Width.

third: Then Comes The Rim Size, Here 18-inch Is The Rim Size.

fourth: And Then There Comes The Load Rating. The Number Actually Means Load Index And To Find That Out You Will Have To Find A Calculator That Can Convert Numbers In Load Index.

there Are A Bunch Of calculators Online. The Load Index Of 68 Will Be 694 Lbs. That Means The Tire Can Take A Maximum Load Of 694 Lbs.

fifth: And The Alphabet At The End Shows Speed Rating. We Have Provided A Chart In The Buying Guide Section, That Should Tell You Which Alphabet Means How Much Speed. Here H Means The Tire Can Withstand A Max Speed Of 130 Mph.

how To Ensure You Get The Best White Wall Tire

you Are Set To Get So Confused When You Are In A Motorcycle Tire Shop For The First Time. There Are Hell Lot Of Tires That Will Make You Sweat Choosing The Right One For Your Motorcycle.

how To Choose The Best White Wall Motorcycle Tire - Buying Guide

even Though It Seems Pretty Easy, But It Isn’t. From Different Types To Construction, There Are A Bunch Of Factors That Require Your Attention.

however, Don’t Worry If You Are New To This, We Are Here To Assist You! We Want You To Roll Your Eyes Through The Below-buying Guide, And Read Through Each And Every Section So That You Would Understand What You Should Exactly Check When Shopping For The Best Motorcycle Tires.

tire Types

this Is The First Thing You Should Determine. What Type Of Tire You Will Need Depends On What’s Your Riding Style! Is It Off-roading? Racing? Street Riding? Adventure? Cruising? What Is It?

motorcycle Tire Types Including Touring And Cruiser Tires, Adventure And Dual Sport Tires

once You Have Determined Your Riding Style, Now It Is Time To Pick Your Type. There Are A Bunch Of Different Types Of Tires But Here We Will Be Only Focusing On The Most Popular Ones.

touring And Cruiser

 cruiser And Touring, Both Are Almost The Same Kind Of Tires. Touring Bikes Need Tires That Will Be Able To Withstand Heavyweight. Often Touring Bikes Are Loaded With Stuff, And The Bike Itself Is A Little Heavy, And Not All Tires Will Be Suitable For This.

touring And Cruiser Tires Are Designed To Take Heavy Loads And Are Suitable For Cruising At A Decent Speed. If You Intend To Ride Fast, Then You Better Go For A Racing Tire. Touring And Cruising Tires Are For Long And Comfortable Rides.

they Won’t Support You Doing Aggressive Cornering. However, Usually, Such Tires Are Constructed With A Harder Rubber Compound Which Enables Them To Withstand Heavy Abuse.

these Tires Come With An Ideal Thread Pattern That Will Deliver The Needed Grip In Different Road Conditions. Moreover, Cruiser And Touring Tires Come With Rain Sipes Which Help The Tire Channel Water When Going Through The Wet Condition.

adventure And Dual Sport Tires :

adventure And Dual Sports Tires Are Kinds Of Multi-purpose Options, They Are Suitable For Both Off And Paved Roads. That Being Said, These Are Now Being Used For A Little Bit Of Cruising As Well. If You Are An Off-roader And Also A Street Rider, Then Adventure Or Dual Sports Tires Are Just Perfect For You.

you Will See Some Labels On The Tire Wall. To Be Precise, You Will Find Some Number On The White Wall Of The Tire Which Will Be Something Like 80/20 Off-road, 50/50 Off-road, Or 80/20 Street. If You Are New To Tire Shopping, You Might Not Know That These Numbers Mean Something.

80/20 Off-road Tells That The Tire Is Suitable For 80% Off-roading And 20% Street. 50/50 Means The Tire Is Equally Suitable For Both Off-roading And Street Riding.

sport Tires:

top-notch Grip, Good Mileage, And High-speed Performance, Sport Tires Come With All Of Them. And The Name Tells Whom This Type Of Tire Is Suitable For.

if You Are A Racer Then This Is What You Need. Sport Tires Are Designed To Ride Through Different Weather Conditions, Wet Or Dry, The Tire Delivers The Needed Grip, All Thanks To The Soft Compound Used In The Construction.

racing Tires:

sports And Racing Tires Are The Same Except Racing Tires Are Designed To Provide More Grip. Racing Tires Tend To Have More Speed Capability As Well. That Being Said, Like Sports Tires, They Are Suitable For Roads That Have Debris, Mud, Or Anything Like That. Racing Tires Require Warm-up To Deliver A High Grip.

off-roading Tires:

these Tires Come In Different Thread Patterns And Are Constructed With Different Compounds As Well. If You Often Ride Through Muddy, Rocky, Bumpy, Wet Terrains, The Off-roading Tires Are What You Need. They Offer Great Grip And Can Withstand Heavy Abuse As Well.

tire Construction

once You Got The Tire Type Right, Now It Is Time To Take A Closer Look At The Construction. How Well The Tire Will Perform And How Long It Will Last Mostly Depends On The Construction, That’s A No-brainer. So It Is Very Crucial That You Inspect The Construction Thoroughly, Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Mess With This.

there Are Mainly Two Types Of Construction…

  1. bias-ply Construction.
  2. radial Construction.

both Constructions Come With Their Own Set Of Pros And Cons. Let’s Have A Look!

bias-ply Tire Construction:

The Reason Why It Is Called Bias-ply Is Because Of The Construction Method. Here Plies Are Laid Bead To Bead On The Bias Diagonally. Then The Next Ply Is Laid On It In A Completely Opposite Direction That Forms A Crisscross Pattern.

these Tires Come With Ratings Like 2-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply, 8-ply, And More. Once The Rating Is Used To Denote The Number Of Plies Used In The Construction. But Now It Is Changed, All Thanks To Material Advancements.

now To Make A Tire Durable Or Perfect Multiple Layers Aren’t Required. Instead Of Telling About The Ply Layers, Now The Ratings Carry The Strength. The 2-ply Rating Means It Has The Lowest Strength, The Higher The Number, The Stronger The Tire Is.

bias Ply Tires Are The Perfect Pick For Heavy Motorcycles That Carry Heavy Loads As The Sidewalls Of These Tires Are Usually Very Stiff. This Stiffness Also Protects The Tire From Wearing Off Due To The High Amount Of Cornering. Another Advantage Of These Tires Is They Can Go Very Long. Plus, They Are Incredibly Durable.

that Being Said, Such Construction Isn’t A Good Choice For Racers As The Heat Dissipation Ability Of This Tire Is Close To Zero. If Used On Racing Bikes, Due To The Excess Heat The Tire Will Start Deteriorating At An Early Age. Another Reason Why It Is Not For Racers Is The Stiff Sidewalls, Cornering Could Be A Little Risky.

so Who Should Go With Bias-ply Constructed Tires? It Is Best For Touring Or Cruiser Bikes. People Who Do Long Rides Load The Bike With Heavy Stuff, Bias-ply Is For Them As These Tires Have High Mileage Capacity.

radial Construction:

Radial Constructed Tires Come With Sets Of Steel Cords That Extend From Bead To Bead Across The Tread Laying Parallelly At The Center Of The Tread Line. This Network Adds Strength To The Tire And Also Gives It A Good Shape.

the Sidewall Of This Tire Is More Flexible And Wider Than The Bias-plied Tires Which Results In Low Fuel Consumption And Less Rolling Resistance. Plus, The Tire Provides Great Grip And Comfort As Well.

there Will Be Very Less Heat Buildup In Radial Tires. And Not Only That, Compared To Bias-ply Tires, These Have Better Puncture Resistance. That Being Said, It Comes With Some Flaws As Well But The Major One Is It Is A Little Tough To Ride With These Tires At Low Speed On Rough Terrains, As It Offers Very Poor Grip At Low Speed.

speed Rating

if You Have Ever Taken A Close Look At Motorcycle Tires, You Must Have Noticed That The Sidewall Comes Labeled With An Alphabet And Numbers. The Label Tells A Lot About The Tire.

after Checking The Construction, The Speed Rating Is What You Will Consider. It Is A Rating That Tells You What Is The Maximum Speed The Tire Can Withstand. The Sidewall Should Also Have The Max Inflation Pressure And Max Load Which We Will Discuss In The Coming Sections.

the Speed Rating Is Not A Number, It Is A Letter Code, An Alphabet. Usually, The Sidewall Comes Labeled With Width, Aspect Ratio, Rim Size, Load Rating, Etc. You Will Find The Speed Rating Right After The Load Rating.

let Me Give You An Example So That You Will Understand Better.

on The Sidewall You Should See Something Like This, 120/90 – 14 77 H. Here, H Is The Speed Rating. I Know You Are Wondering How Can An Alphabet Tell How Much Speed The Tire Can Withstand. Here Is How…

in Motorcycle Tires, H Means The Tire Can Withstand A Max Speed Of 130 Miles Per Hour. And Before You Pull Off Your Hair, Thinking About It Let Me Make It Easier For You, Below I Have Provided A Chart Of All The Speed Ratings Motorcycle Tires Come With.

check It Out.

speed Rating Chart

letter Code kilometer Per Hour miles Per Hour
j 100 62
k 110 68
l 120 75
m 130 81
n 140 87
p 150 93
q 160 99
r 170 106
s 180 112
t 190 118
u 200 124
h 210 130
v220 220 137
v230 230 143
v240 240 149
v250 250 155
v260 260 161
v Or W 270 270 168
v280 280 174
v290 290 180
v Or Y 300 300 186
z above 240 above 149


the Exterior Part Of The Tire That Contacts The Road Is Called The Tread And The Pattern Is A Systemic Cut On The Tread Known As Sipes. What It Does Is, It Works Toward Channelizing Water Out Of The Tire So That There Won’t Be Any Grip Loss.

you Will See Off-roading Tires Come With Heavy Siping, They Are Made To Ride In Wet Conditions And Hence The Tires Have A Way To Keep Water Out.

on The Other Hand, You Won’t See Any Sipe On Race Tires Hence They Are Not For Riding In Wet Conditions.

tread & Grip

as We Have Mentioned In The Above Section, The Exterior Part That Comes In Contact With The Road Is The Tread. And How Much Grip You Will Get Largely Depends On This.

tread & Grip Of Motorcycle Tire

now There Are Two Types Of Tires, Single Compound, And Dual Compound.

single Compound Tires Are Normally Soft And Offer Top-notch Grip At Every Angle. But They Tend To Wear Off Pretty Soon Due To The Softness.

on The Other Hand, Dual-compound Tires Are Hard In The Center And Soft On The Edge, Which Delivers Decent Grip. Unlike Single Compound, Dual Compound Tires Last Very Long.

tube Or Tubeless Tire

once All Bikes And Cars Used To Come With Tube Tires But Now Things Have Taken Hard Turns, Now You Will See Tubeless Tires Everywhere, All Thanks To The Technology.

tubeless Motorcycle Tires Are Stiff, They Are Strong, Durable, And Roll Nicely. And Performance-wise They Are Nothing Less Than Tube Tires.

the Perk Of The Tubeless Tire Is, When The Tire Is Punctured Unlike Tubes, They Will Deflate Slowly Giving You Time To Take The Bike To The Repair Shop. Plus, When Punctured Tubeless Tires Make Handling The Bike Pretty Easy As Well. That Being Said, Such Tires Are Hard To Maintain As Well.

however, Due To The Popularity And The Advantages They Offer, Tubeless Tires Are A Little Expensive But They Are Definitely Worth Every Penny.

frequently Asked Questions

Are White Wall Tires Expensive?

the Answer Is, Yes! Compared To Black Wall Tires, Whitewall Tires Come With An Expensive Initial Cost. But If You Look At The Bigger Picture Whitewall Tires Are Cheaper Than Black Ones. Here Is How!

whitewall Tires Are Constructed With Special Types Of Rubber Which Is Wear-resistant, Strong, And Long-lasting. And As Result, They Don’t Require Change Very Often.

if You Are A Regular Rider With A Good Pair Of Whitewall Tires You Can Expect To Go Around 10-years. You Would Need Two Or More Pairs Of Black Wall Tires In That Time Period Which Means With Whitewall Tires You Are Saving A Lot Of Money.

How Long Do Whitewall Tires Last?

whitewall Tires Are Durable And They Are Very Long-lasting. On Average, They Last 10% Longer Than The Black Wall Tires. However, That Will Be Depending On The Quality Of Your Tire. If You Are Using Cheap Basic Whitewall Tires, Then It Is Obvious That They Won’t Last Much.

Are White Wall Tires Out Of Style?

no, They Aren’t! Yes, Even Though For A While They Were Out Of Sight But Now They Are Coming Back Again. You Will See Some Popular Car Models Coming With Whitewall Tires. And Bikes Like Harley Looks Dope With Such Tires.

Do Whitewall Tires Come Blue?

not Only Blue, Whitewall Tires Now Come In Different Colors, Allowing Riders To Match The Tire With Their Motorcycle Color.

Can You Mix And Match Motorcycle Tires?

yes, You Can Mix And Match Motorcycle Tires But You Need To Be Very Careful When Doing So. Both Of The Tires Need To Be Equal-sized And The Tread Patterns Need To Be The Same Otherwise It Would Be Very Risky. If You Are Thinking Of Mix-match Motorcycle Tires, It Will Be Wise To Consult A Professional First.

Which Are The Best Wide Whitewall Motorcycle Tires?

there Are A Handful Of Whitewall Motorcycle Tires That Are Wide And Perform Up To The Mark. But Here On The List, We Have The Continental Conti Legend Tire That Is Wider And An Extreme Performer.


if You Are New To Tire Shopping, It Might Be Hard For You To Choose One Even If You Are Given Two Options, We Get That And Let Us Help You.

the dunlop D401 Rear Motorcycle Tire Is Overall A Perfect One For Most Riders. Cruising, Riding, And Commuting, This Tire Will Deliver Consistent Performance In Every Area. Easy To Handle, Pretty Stable, Provides Good Grip, And Can Take A Lot Of Road Abuse As Well.

on Top Of That, It Is Approved By Harley Davidson. If You Find It Difficult To Choose One For You, Go With This One.

and That’s All About The Best Whitewall Motorcycle Tires. Hope The Guide Added Some Value.

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