10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots In 2023 (In-Depth Reviews)

Nothing is more annoying than riding a bike with soggy socks and wet boots. We bet you will agree with us if you encounter the same situation as us and understand the importance of having a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots.

When it comes to motorcycle riding, you want to avoid those soft soles motorcycle boots as they wear out quickly. You wish to get boots that will last for hundreds of miles. Of course, the pair of riding boots should be waterproof and ready for cold weather. Nonetheless, the motorcycle boots should have enough safety features to ensure riding protection.

Getting such riding boots that meet the above criteria will be typical. But when it comes to bike riding, you shouldn’t neglect those things.

Based on those criteria, our editorial team found out 10 best waterproof motorcycle boots after researching the boot market. All of them waterproof or water-resistant, easy to put on & off, and durable. So, let’s check out the list.

Are Motorcycle Boots Waterproof?

When you go to the market to shop for waterproof motorcycle boots, you may be misled by these words- water-repellent, water-resistant, and waterproof.

Are Motorcycle Boots Waterproof - real review

Honestly, there are no waterproof shoes in the real sense. How waterproof a pair of motorcycle boots will depend on the membrane. If the membrane is waterproof, the boots will deliver better support against rain and expel the water out of the shoe.

Fortunately, every motorcycle boot we enlisted below is waterproof and ensures ultimate foot security if you go on a ride wearing them on a rainy day.

Should I Get Waterproof Motorcycle Boots?

Yes, you should get waterproof motorcycle boots if the area you live in receives an annual average rainfall of 75” per year. You may know how bothersome it is to ride a motorcycle with wet boots. Soggy socks and clammy feet will make your riding so uncomfortable that you need to tear off the boots at every stopping point to drain the socks.

Should I Get Waterproof Motorcycle Boots fro me

To avoid this situation, you must have waterproof motorcycle boots. They prevent water from getting into your shoes or socks. So, your socks and feet will remain dry.

Apart from these, the waterproof boots will also deliver superior protection against possible injuries in case of an accident. For example, if you slip on asphalt, the motorcycle boots will prevent your feet from shredding. On top of this, the riding boots offer greater traction to keep your feet protected against falls.

In short, it’s worth having a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots.

Comparison Chart:

If you are in a hurry, take a look at this comparison table to make a quick decision.

Product NameMaterialWaterproofnessWeightClosure System
Sidi Adventure 2 Gore waterproof motorcycle bootsTop Grain Leather and Split Grain LeatherWaterproof4.41 poundsVelcro & Buckle System
Oxford Comanche Short Men’s Leather Waterproof Motorcycle BootsLeatherWaterproof6 poundsZipper
Rockrooster Comfortable Motorcycle Anti-Fatigue BootsSuede Leather, 1000D Cordura FabricWaterproof3.99 poundsLace-up
Alpinestars Men’s SMX-S Waterproof Motorcycle BootAdvanced MicrofiberWater-resistant3.15 poundsVelcro/Strap
RIDETECS Mens 13in Harness Straps Heavy Duty Oiled Leather Motorcycle BootsFull-grain LeatherWaterproof14.4 ouncesVelcro/Strap
Kronox Motorcycle Riding BootsPU LeatherWaterproof3 poundsVelcro/Strap
Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Mid Leather Motorcycle Riding BootSplit Grain LeatherWaterproof3.22 poundsZipper
SCOYCO Motorcycle Boots Waterproof Moto Motocross BootsPVC, LeatherWaterproof3.63 poundsLace-up
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Amber Motorcycle BootFull-grain leather, CementWater-resistant-Zipper
Richa Adventure Waterproof Touring Enduro Bike Motorcycle BootsLeatherWaterproof6.08 poundsVelcro/Buckles

10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Reviews

This chapter will give you a detailed description of every pair of boots to let you pick the right one that meets your riding requirements.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots review

1. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Waterproof Motorcycle Boots – Best Waterproof

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore is the best waterproof motorcycle boots on our list. These boots use a Gore-Tex membrane that keeps water away from entering your shoe. So, your feet will remain dry while riding on a rainy day. Apart from its superior waterproofness, the Sidi Adventure 2 is loaded with a lot of breathtaking features. To discover those boot attributes, continue to read.

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

GORE-TEX® Membrane:

Truly waterproof! Sidi Adventure 2 is engineered with a Gore-Tex membrane. It contains 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. Those pores are 20000 times smaller than a water droplet. So, water from outside gets no chance to penetrate, which keeps your socks and feet dry. But the pores are 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. In return, less amount of moisture gets trapped in the insulation. In short, these boots will keep you warm when it’s cold and drier when you perspire.

Velcro & Replaceable Buckle System:

Adventure 2 uses a soft PU velcro strap to close the gaiter to prevent the gravel, rocks, and dirt from entering your boots. On top of this, the velcro strap features a wide adjustment to get a custom fit.

Therefore, Sidi uses a 2-buckle closure system to complete the closure. Each buckle works individually from the other. Above this, the buckles have only one fixed point to promote easy closing. It allows the boot to adapt to your leg and delivers greater comfort.

Flex System:

These boots are equipped with a flex system that makes the boot more flexible. Sidi employs the flex system where the plastic heel ends. It offers superior racing performance and safety.

Protective Features:

Safety comes first when riding a motorcycle. And Sidi injects a lot of safety features into its Adventure 2 Motorcycle Boots to ensure superior protection. For example, these boots from Sidi feature plastic support on the ankle area to protect your ankles from scrapping during a crash. On the other hand, its rigid & shock-resistant heel cup keeps your heel free from pain by absorbing shocks & impacts. Therefore, this pair of riding boots feature a PU shin plate, back reflective inserts, and shift pad to maximize riding protection.

Touring Sole:

Nonetheless, these riding boots feature a non-slip rubber sole. It delivers superior traction and will not slip away. Due to the non-slip and aggressive sole, you can safely participate in off-road riding. Therefore, the sole is thick, which also offers great toe protection.


  • Brand: Sidi
  • Membrane: Waterproof
  • Upper Material: Top Grain Leather and Split Grain Leather
  • Closure system: Velcro/Buckle System
  • Protection: Plastic ankle support
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

Spot-on protection, comfortable, and waterproof are some useful features that motivate bikers to rely on the Sidi Adventure 2 for their riding safety.

These boots work great at keeping the feet dry & warm due to the Gore-Tex membrane. Wearers also found these boots easy to put on and off. One of the motorcycle riders claims he rode his bike through an unexpected snowstorm with the temperature dipping down below freezing. And his feet were dry and didn’t freeze.

Some users complained that these boots squeaked a bit after wearing them all day long. However, the squeaky noise doesn’t sacrifice the protective and comfy characteristics of these boots.

  • Easy to get in and out
  • Deliver ultimate comfort & support
  • Fit well and keep your feet dry
  • Offer superior protection for off-road riding
  • They squeak a little bit


It is the best waterproof motorcycle riding boots on this list. From waterproofness to ultimate protection, these boots deliver everything you wish to have in the motorcycle boots. These boots are also comfortable to wear and you can easily put them on and off.

2. Oxford Comanche Short Men’s Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Boots – Best Budget

Oxford Comanche Short Men’s Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Boots are our budget-friendly pick. If you are on a budget but want to look for comfortable & protective boots, we recommend you give the Oxford Comanche a shot. This pair of boots will also fit snugly. Take an eye to the following features to check whether they will meet your riding style or not.

Oxford Comanche Short Men’s Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Waterproof membrane:

We want to thank this boot manufacturer for adding a waterproof membrane inside the upper. Because of the waterproof lining, water molecules fail to pass in. It means you can trust these motorcycle boots to shield your feet against water or wet weather conditions.

Leather upper:

Like top-rated riding boots, the Oxford Comanche Boots also feature leather upper. And you already know what leather upper actually is. It promotes breathability, durability, and stability. In other words, you will feel comfort and longevity when you slip your feet into the boots due to their leather upper.

Flexible padded instep and back:

No one knows (except those who have a high arch) how painful it’s to walk on hard surfaces. And this pair of boots will help alleviate the pain as it has flexible inserts or pads on the step and back. The arch support system helps to distribute pressure, provide support, and lessen arch pain. Indeed, these affordable boots offer the superior comfort & support you need for motorcycle riding.

Reinforced ankle protector:

Bikers are prone to injuries, especially ankle injuries because of a slip away or fall down. To protect your ankles from scraping, the Oxford Comanche Boots have reinforced ankle protectors. Plus, the high-top shoes can easily cover your ankle. So, your ankles will not be exposed to the road or asphalt in the event of a crash.

Dual Full-length Zips:

Its dual full-length zips offer a snug fit, which is crucial for motorcycle riding. They don’t come off easily because of the full-length zips. However, the downside of the full-length zips is they are a bit stiff. Besides, we found the zipper a bit hard to close.


  • Brand: Oxford
  • Membrane: Waterproof
  • Upper Material: Leather
  • Closure system: Zipper
  • Protection: Reinforced ankle protector
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

Most users go for these motorcycle boots for their affordable price. Besides their low price, these riding boots are comfortable, functional, and protective.

Every consumer of the boots found them comfortable to wear because of their leather upper, arch support system, and breathability. They could also easily slip their feet into the shoes with ease. On top of this, these boots are waterproof. When it comes to protection, the boots feature ankle protective systems to keep your feet covered during a crash.

Despite having these upsides, these motorcycle riding boots also have some downsides. These boots fit tight though you get the size you order. Therefore, users claim that the zipper is a bit challenging to close.

  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provides sufficient ankle protection
  • Weatherproof
  • A little bit stiff
  • A bit difficult to close the zipper


We recommend you go for the Oxford Comanche Short Men’s Waterproof Motorcycle Boots if you are on a budget. It is comfortable, stylish, and delivers the support and protection you need in the event of an accident or fall down.

3. Rockrooster Comfortable Motorcycle Anti-Fatigue Boots – Best Comfortable

Rockrooster Motorcycle Anti-Fatigue Boots are the best comfortable bike riding boots on our list. Thanks to its memory foam support insoles. The memory foam superiorly absorbs impacts & shocks, disperses weight, and makes the boots fit your feet more. As a result, you will feel like you slip your feet into butter or foam. Indeed, these boots offer ultimate comfort and reduce fatigue no matter how long you wear them.

Rockrooster Comfortable Motorcycle Anti-Fatigue Boots

Waterproof Membrane:

Never fear again driving your motorcycle on a rainy day! These boots feature a hydro guard lining’s waterproof membrane that expels water out of your outsole and fabric. So, your socks and the inside of the boot will remain dry. Besides, the waterproof membrane also promotes airflow to keep the riding boots cool, breathable, soft, and dry.

Nylon Shank:

Unlike other riding boots, the Rockrooster Boots feature a nylon shank for the arch. And you know how supportive & flexible the nylon material is. It provides rigidness and stability to the boots. As a result, these boots reduce foot fatigue by supporting the arch of your foot.

1000D Cordura Fabric:

Rockrooster uses 1000D Cordura Fabric around the ankle area of the boots to maximize ankle protection. Cordura Fabric makes a huge buzz due to its extreme rigidness and durability. This fabric can superiorly resist abrasion, and tear, and delivers unparalleled strength. It means if you fall down with your bike accidentally, these boots can handle the impacts & shocks coming out of the road. As a result, your ankle and feet will remain intact and out of the scrape.

Rubber Sole:

The rubber sole of these boots doesn’t extend up the back of the heel to let you avoid heel pain. On top of this, this pair of boots use rubber as its outsole material, which makes the shoe slip-resistance. Extra physical properties make your feet more comfortable when you wear these boots. Turns out, the footbeds of these boots incorporate PORON XRD Technology to maximize comfort, support, and longevity.


  • Brand: Rockrooster
  • Membrane: Waterproof
  • Upper Material: Suede Leather
  • Closure system: Lace-up
  • Protection: Reinforced Cordura Fabric around the ankle area
  • Width: X-Wide
  • Weight: 3.99 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

Fashionable, durable, breathable, and comfortable are some breathtaking features that convince thousands of bikers to rely on the Rockrooster Motorcycle Boots.

Some users say they found this pair of boots comfortable due to their extra width. Some of them have hammer toes and struggle to get boots that are wide enough. Fortunately, the extra width of the boots fits the feet like butter. Besides, these boots provide superior ankle support to protect the ankles during a crash.

Though these boots have a lot of advantages, they also have some disadvantages. One of the users complained the boots will get warmer when he wears the boots with a pair of socks.

  • Comfortable and well-made
  • Provide better ankle support
  • Absorb impacts & shocks superiorly
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • No lace hooks above ankles


If you want to get a pair of waterproof yet comfortable motorcycle boots, you should go for the Rockrooster MGDB Waterproof Motorcycle Boots. Its hydro guard waterproof membrane prevents water from entering your shoes and keeps your feet warm & dry.

4. Alpinestars Men’s SMX-S Waterproof Motorcycle Boot – Best For Men

Comfortable right out of the box, stylish, and most importantly, this pair of boots will give you the support & protection you need for moto riding. Indeed, Alpinestars SMX-S Motorcycle Boots provide everything all of us ask for in a motorcycle boot. Below, we break down every feature that convinces us to rank it as the best men’s waterproof motorcycle boots.

Alpinestars Men’s SMX-S Waterproof Motorcycle Boot

Waterproof & Breathable Membrane:

Alpinestars claims that the membrane they incorporate is waterproof and breathable to ensure a higher level of comfort and weather performance. Yes, the membrane is definitely breathable because it’s vented, which promotes airflow to keep your feet cool.

However, when it comes to waterproofing, we can technically say it’s not waterproof. It’s water-repellent. In other words, these boots can withstand a little to medium amount of water despite being perforated.

So, if you encounter rain in the middle of your riding, this pair of riding boots will surely keep your feet dry & warm.

Microfiber Upper:

Thanks to its durable & long-lasting upper construction. It uses microfiber as the built-in material for the upper. As a result, the upper will last for a long time and put together with other parts of the shoe optimally. It means the boots will not break down due to a crash. On top of this, the upper will hug the front part of your feet like butter because of the flexible and soft nature of microfiber material.

Ergonomic Last:

We also love its ergonomic new last for forefoot streamlining. This last design makes Alpinestar Motorcycle Boots unique from the crowd. We have a wide foot profile. So, when we got it, we thought it didn’t fit us. But the ergonomic last proved us wrong and our feet went into the shoe like normal.

Protective Features:

Foot protection comes to mind first when riding on a motorcycle! And this pair of boots are loaded with protective features.

Firstly, we love the boots because of their high tops. They go over the ankle and cover it. So, it means the shoes will cover your ankles in the event of a crash. Secondly, the Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots incorporate TPU shin plate protectors. Due to these, they keep your heels protected during a fall or crash.

Lastly, thanks to its durable velcro straps. Like the lace-up shoes, they don’t come off easily. As a result, your feet or ankles will not be exposed to the road if you slip away with your bike accidentally.

Medial side entry opening/closure system:

Slipping your feet in and out will be a piece of cake due to its aperture opening. The closure system of the boot has a zipper with a velcro panel. It doesn’t only allow you to gain custom fit but also offers flexibility. You can even open or close the velcro strap with riding gloves on due to their flexibility.


  • Brand: Alpinestars
  • Membrane: Water-resistant
  • Upper Material: Advanced Microfiber
  • Closure system: Velcro/Strap
  • Protection: CE certified, TPU Shin Plate Protector
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

The Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots offer the comfort and protection a rider needs. It features a breathable membrane that promotes airflow to keep your feet cool. Plus, it can withstand a little amount of water. So, you don’t need to worry about wet and clumpy feet.

Apart from ensuring ultimate comfort, this pair of shoes is loaded with safety features. These boots have high tops, a toe guard, TPU shin plate protector to keep your toe and ankles protected in the event of a crash.

However, some users complain about the velcro straps that cover the top of the foot. They found the strap doesn’t tighten more snugly than it does. It doesn’t mean the boot will come off, but they think it needs to be tighter.

  • High-quality upper material promotes comfort & durability
  • Offer precise fit & support
  • A Long-lasting TPR shift pad makes the shifting of gear easy
  • Easy to put on and off
  • The velcro strap doesn’t tight enough


If you want to get the best durable, comfortable, and water-resistant motorcycle boots for men, don’t hesitate to go for the Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Boots.

5. RIDETECS Mens 13in Harness Straps Heavy Duty Oiled Leather Motorcycle Boots – Best Durable

RIDETECS Men’s Leather Motorcycle Boots are the best durable motorcycle boots on this list. These boots use heavy-duty full-grain leather upper and Goodyear welt constructions to ensure longevity. Because of the sturdy built-in material, these boots can handle impacts & shocks efficiently and will last for years to come. Below, we break down every feature these boots provide.

RIDETECS Mens 13in Harness Straps Heavy Duty Oiled Leather Motorcycle Boots

Heavy-duty Oiled Leather:

A pair of boots you can trust for years! These motorcycle boots are made of 100% heavy-duty full-grain oiled leather. Due to the sturdy construction material, these boots can withstand water and prevent the water from entering the shoes. On top of this, the boots from RideTec can also resist oil. In short, these waterproof boots will last longer by resisting water and different weather conditions.

Double Side Zipper:

We love the double side zipper of these boots. Now, we don’t need to nag with lace-up trouble. Just pull up and down and get the fit you need. In other words, you can easily put the shoe on and off without any hesitation.

O-ring Ankle Harness Straps:

The O-ring ankle harness straps promote a secure fit. You can customize the fit the way you want by adjusting the O-ring ankle strap. It keeps your boot snugly fit with your feet and doesn’t come off easily, even in the event of an accident or crash. In other words, the ankles will be covered and remain intact with no scrapes.

Rubber Sole:

Like other riding boots, these motorcycle boots also come with rubber soles. And guess what, you already know the rubber sole is slip-resistant and absorbs shocks & impacts optimally. As the soles are slip-proof and oil resistant, bikers will appreciate these boots as they deliver good support.


  • Brand: RideTecs
  • Upper Material: Full Grain Leather
  • Closure system: Velcro/Straps
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • For: Men

User Experience

All users love these boots from Ride Tecs due to their business & classical look, square toe, and sturdy look.

They found these boots easy to slip in and the boots fit like gloves. However, most bikers said that the boots were a bit stiff and tight at first but this is normal with leather. Over time, the boots broke in and they found these boots comfortable to wear. Besides, these riding shoes offer adequate foot protection. Overall, every user is pretty happy with these boots because of their overall quality and affordable price.

The only negative of these boots is the sizes are not correct. A few users complain that they got too big or small. However, they are satisfied because the return process is quick and painless.

  • O-ring ankle straps provide both precise fit and support
  • Easy to slip in and out due to the dual side zipper
  • Reasonable price
  • Provide sufficient support and foot protection
  • Consistent sizing issue


If you want to get waterproof and durable motorcycle boots, you should give the RideTecs Men’s Motorcycle Boots a try. These boots use sturdy and heavy-duty full-grain leather as their construction material to ensure durability.

6. Kronox Motorcycle Riding Boots – Best For Riding

Kronox Motorcycle Riding Boots are the best waterproof motorcycle riding boots. They are easy to put on because of the big auto-lock zipper. Turns out, these boots are waterproof, comfortable, and provide better protection. Indeed, this pair of motorcycle boots deliver both security, support, and comfort that make the boots a perfect choice for touring riders.

Kronox Motorcycle Riding Boots

Waterproof Membrane:

With waterproof protection, you can rely on these boots to keep your feets dry. The Kronox Motorcycle Boots incorporate 100% polyester waterproof yet breathable membrane. The polyester membrane expels water out of the fabrics to keep the inside of the shoe dry. Apart from these, the membrane also promotes airflow to prevent your feet from boiling after miles of riding.

PU Leather:

Unlike other biking boots, these Kronox Motorcycle Boots use premium PU leather as their built-in material. This construction element doesn’t only make the boots waterproof but also long-lasting. You can ride with these boots for a long time handling the roughest conditions without any wear & tear. In addition, Kronox adds a honeycomb panel on the gear shifter to let you navigate your bike’s gears.

Auto-lock Zipper:

Ensuring comfortable riding is in the vein of the Kronox Motorcycle Boots! These boots have auto-lock zippers with adjustable velcro flaps. In return, you can easily slip in your feet by sliding down the big auto-lock zipper. Then, just tighten the velcro to gain the protection and adjustment you need.

Protective Features:

For better protection, these boots feature toe, heel, and ankle protection systems. The construction materials give a rigid and rough look to resist both impacts & shocks. On top of this, this pair of riding boots has higher tops to cover the ankle, which ensures the safety of your ankles from scratching due to a crash.

Rubber Sole:

Get the grip & traction you need for safe riding! The rubber soles are anti-slip that give the traction you need to enhance your riding comfort. Therefore, the soles have tread patterns to maximize the grip in every part of the soles for every condition.


  • Brand: Kronox
  • Membrane: Waterproof
  • Upper Material: PU material
  • Closure system: Velcro/Straps
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

Every cruiser or biker loves these boots from Kronox due to their waterproofness, comfortable fit, and easily put in and out system.

Most bikers found these boots easy to wear. For wide feet, there is extra width room for heavy socks. Though these boots are not thermal, some users claim these boots offer better support even in cold weather. They rode in 48-52 degree weather and their feet didn’t freeze. Therefore, every rider found these boots comfortable to wear.

However, these boots are not for everyday wear. They are just for riding. Every rider says the soles and heels are not comfortable enough for walking around.

  • Anti-slip soles with a tread pattern offer reliable grip
  • Lining padded with open-cell foam improves comfort
  • PU materials make these boots waterproof and durable
  • Easy to put on and off due to the auto-lock zipper
  • Some users complain the sizing is a bit off.


We recommend you go for the Kronox Motorcycle Boots if you want to get touring boots. These boots are waterproof and the PU material withstands water to keep your feet dry if you encounter some water on your way.

7. Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Mid Leather Motorcycle Riding Boot – Best for Street Riding

Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Motorcycle Boots are the best motorcycle boots for street riding. The soles of these boots are somewhat aggressive and provide the grip you need. Therefore, this pair of boots are comfortable and easy to put on. The solid and plain design of these boots makes them ideal for street riding, not for off-road riding.

Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Mid Leather Motorcycle Riding Boot

DryTech Waterproof Membrane:

A touring rider always recommends a pair of riding boots with waterproofness. It helps keep his feet dry if he encounters water or rain along the way. And the Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor Boots will meet the rider’s demand. These boots utilize DryTech waterproof membranes. The micropores of the extra thin membrane prevent water from entering but allow water vapor molecules to pass through. Indeed, the boots are waterproof and breathable to ensure comfortable riding.

Leather Lining:

Thanks, Joe Rocket for using leather as its lining. The inside shoe material comes in contact with the entire foot- the side, top, and heel. This leather lining covers the entire inside seams of the boots and adds longevity to your boots. In short, the leather lining maximizes the durability of riding boots.

Zip Closure:

Easy on and off the boot is something every street rider demands. And the Joe Rocket Boots fulfill the needs of the street bikers. These boots have only one zipper for each shoe under a flap secured with a robust velcro. Just pull down the zipper and put it on your feet. Then, pull up the zipper to get the fit.

Sturdy Construction:

The riding boots are made of split-grain leather. Though it’s less durable than full-grain leather, it can withstand every stress and impact coming from the environment. On top of this, every part of the boots is put together by double stitching construction. So, they don’t come apart easily during a crash. Indeed, these boots will go with you every ride for years to come.

Protective Features:

Internally reinforced ankle, toe, and heel of these boots ensure the maximum protection of your feet. During a crash, these reinforced areas resist the impacts & shocks to keep your feet unscratched. Above this, the high-top boots go over your ankle. So, you don’t need to worry about a scraped ankle if you slip down accidentally.


  • Brand: Joe Rocket
  • Membrane: Waterproof
  • Upper Material: Split Grain Leather
  • Closure system: Zipper
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 3.22 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

Most motorcycle riders go for these boots for street riding. They look for boots that are easy to put on and off. And they find the riding boots exactly what they seek for. The zipper system of these boots makes it easy to slip the leg in and out. And the best part is- they don’t need to wait for the boots to break in and they feel comfortable when wearing them.

Therefore, most riders found the boots protective. The reinforced heel, toe, and ankle areas deliver sufficient protection. The users also said that the soles are nice and soft. They provide superior grip when stepping onto the pavement.

Unfortunately, most riders found these boots useless for riding on a rocky road. Indeed, these boots are not for off-road riding.

  • Easy to put on and off
  • Soles are rubbery and have sufficient gripping power
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Reasonable price
  • Not perfect for rocky roads


Don’t hesitate to go with the Joe Rocket Men’s Motorcycle Boots for street riding. These boots are comfortable, affordable, and easy to put on & off.

8. SCOYCO Motorcycle Boots Waterproof Moto Motocross Boots – Best for All Seasons

What if a pair of motorcycle boots will support you all season long on your every ride? Then, SCOYCO Motorcycle Boots are what you are looking for. These boots are packed with waterproof function, anti-fall function, and ventilation system that make them suitable for every season. Below, we will break down each of the features. So, keep reading.

SCOYCO Motorcycle Boots Waterproof Moto Motocross Boots

Waterproof Functionalities:

The construction of these boots makes them waterproof & durable. SCOYCO Motorcycle Boots uses super fiber leather, velvet fur, and rubber as their built-in materials. This combined construction doesn’t only make these boots waterproof but also durable & comfortable. On top of this, the punched microfiber leather upper blends with a breathable lining that keeps the boot dry & comfortable.

Anti-Collision Design:

SCOYO incorporates an anti-collision protection system on the toe and heel area to boost foot protection. The lightweight rubber outsole on these areas can resist impacts, shocks, and abrasion to avoid toe and heel pain. Besides avoiding impacts, the rubber outsole also delivers optimum grip & performance.

Full Palm Cushioning System:

Deliver all-day-long comfort! These boots have a layer of cushioning systems to give your feet cushion & comfort. High elastic breathable insoles, thick footbed, and fine sand mesh texture can quickly absorb impacts and dissipate sweat. So, you will never feel tired or your feet will not get pinched after wearing these boots for a day long.

Night Reflective Function:

Make the night ride safe! Thanks to SCOYCO for adding a night reflective function on the heel areas. Because of this feature, it illuminates the dark area and makes the night riding safe & secure.


  • Brand: Scoyco
  • Membrane: Waterproof
  • Material: PVC, Leather
  • Closure system: Lace-up
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 3.63 pounds
  • For: Men

User Experience

Sturdy, comfortable, and waterproof are some breathtaking features that convince hundreds of users to go for the SCOYCO Motorcycle Boots.

Most riders found these boots a little bit stiffer which makes them perfect for moto kicks. Solid tox box, ankle box, side-slam protection, and a shank that allow you to move the foot inside the boot freely without sacrificing safety. They also found the soles grippy.

But the downside they found is- the side-zip. It doesn’t open very far like other side-zip boots. Besides, the side zipper doesn’t help much while putting the shoes on & off. You still need to loosen the laces.

  • Sturdy & Stable
  • Fits well
  • Provide greater traction
  • Perfect for every season
  • Side-zip doesn’t help much to put the shoe on and off


If you want to get a pair of motorcycle boots for every season, SCOYCO Boots will be your best bait. These boots feature a ventilation system, and anti-collision system, and are packed with safety features to make these boots a perfect choice for everyday riding.

9. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Amber Motorcycle Boot – Best For Women

Harley-Davidson Amber is the best women’s waterproof motorcycle boots. It’s a casual riding book that fits women best and blends with their style. Besides, these heels are lightweight yet heavy enough in moto detailing to satisfy your inner rebel. Below, we discuss the key features these women’s boots offer.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Amber Motorcycle Boot

Break-in Quickly:

These riding boots for women take only a few hours to break in. So, you don’t need to worry about the stiffer feel of these boots. After wearing them for a few days, they fit your feet like gloves. Indeed, this pair of riding shoes will give you the ultimate comfort.

Durable Upper:

The upper of these boots are made of full-grain leather. This high-quality & sturdy material adds stability, durability, and longevity to these boots. In return, you can gain support from these shoes for a long time and wear them for years to come.

Mesh Lining:

Every inside part of these boots like the sides, tops, and walls is made of mesh. This lining material doesn’t only cover the inside seams but also makes the inside part soft & comfortable. So, when you slip your feet into the boots, it seems you enter your feet into butter. On top of this, the mesh lining also lengthens the lifespan of the boots.

YKK® locking inside zipper:

Now, you don’t need to deal with the annoying lace-up closure to adjust the fit of your shoes. The YKK locking inside zipper will allow you to open or close the boots both from the front and back automatically. Just slip your feet into the boots and walk away.


  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Upper: Full-grain leather
  • Lining: Mesh
  • Shaft Height: 9.5” / HEEL HEIGHT: 1.75”
  • Outsole: Lightweight outsole and heel
  • Construction: Cement

User Experience

Most women love these riding boots from Harley-Davidson because they are stylish, comfortable, and durable.

Every woman said these boots look great with shorts or pants and they fit like gloves. Something they love most about these boots is their quick break-in time. After wearing it for hours, these riding shoes get broken in and the stiffer feeling will go away.

  • Stylish and durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Break-in quickly
  • Come with a higher top to protect the ankles
  • Some users complain they got the wrong size. However, the return process was quick.


Women who want to get stylish, protective, and comfortable riding boots should try Harley-Davidson Riding Boots. They are easy to wear, long-lasting, and offer sufficient ankle protection.

10. Richa Adventure Waterproof Touring Enduro Bike Motorcycle Boots – Honorable Pick

Richa Adventure Waterproof Touring Motorcycle Boots are one of the best waterproof leather motorcycle boots. They are stylish, well-built, comfortable, and also not bad for walking. Below, we mention some breathtaking features of these boots from Richa.

Richa Adventure Waterproof Touring Enduro Bike Motorcycle Boots

100% Waterproof:

As a touring rider, you may sometimes encounter rain during a ride. And you know how bothersome it’s to drive a bike with soggy socks and wet boots. Fortunately, you no longer have trouble from these riding annoyances. These boots from Richa use waterproof material to expel water out of the fabric and boots. So, your feet will remain dry- even when you drive your bike on a rainy day.

Velcro Closure:

Forget the old style of tightening up the boots to get a precise fit! Unlike lace-up shoes, these boots come with a velcro closure system. Once you adjust it, it will never come off like laces and ensure superior foot protection. On top of this, these boots have 2 micro-adjustable buckles to get the fit you wish.

Adventure Sole:

Thanks to its rubber adventure soles. They grab the surface like glue and you will get superior traction. Besides, the soles come with a specific tread pattern to maximize the grip. So, you can ride both on-street roads and off-roads.


  • Brand: Richa
  • Material: Leather
  • Waterproofness: Waterproof
  • Closure System: Velcro with Buckles
  • Weight: 6.08 pounds

User Experience

Motorcycle riders go with the Richa Boots for their durability, perfect fit, and they are comfortable to wear. Though some users found this pair of riding shoes a bit stiff at first, they later felt comfortable after the end of the break-in period.

The built-in quality of these boots also surprised the users. These boots use leather construction to ensure durability. Plus, these Richa boots can also withstand water to keep your feet dry if you encounter some rain. In short, this pair of boots is worth the price.

  • Made of durable & sturdy material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offer superior grip & traction
  • Break-in quickly
  • Not so comfortable for walking


We recommend Richa Motorcycle Boots if you wish to expect boots to break in quickly. Plus, they are comfortable to wear and provide superior grip for off-road riding.

How To Pick The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Choosing a pair of motorcycle boots is not an easy task. If you go with the wrong option, it will destroy both the riding comfort and protection. Fortunately, the following criteria will help you pick the right riding boots that will ensure both protection and comfort.

How To Pick The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots for you


Boots labeled as waterproof might not be waterproof at all. How waterproof the motorcycle boots will depend on the membranes. In this case, you can’t go wrong with the boots that utilize membranes from Gore-Tex or Sympatex. They will help you avoid water from leaking into your boots. We recommend you go with the boots that use Gore-Tex or Sympatex membranes. They don’t only expel water out of the boot but also allow airflow to keep your feet cool.


The height of your motorcycle boots matters a lot to give you sufficient protection. If you want to get better protection from the boots, they should at least go up to your ankle. Of course, the top of the motorcycle shoe should have stable construction. Such a kind of boot will deliver the support your ankle needs.

Keep in mind; a boot with high-top will be a bit stiffer and uncomfortable. But when it comes to protection, the high-top boot will change the total game.  From these riding boots, you will get enough support to protect your ankle from potential injuries when crashes happen accidentally during a fall. Therefore, the position of our ankle bone makes it prone to injury. The ankles may get scraped during slide or even in a low-side crash.

To avoid these injuries, we recommend you go with the full height motorcycle boots that deliver adequate support to ensure ankle protection.

Built-in Material

Ensure the motorcycle boots you are going to buy are made of thicker leather. Motorcycle shoes with thicker leather will resist the abrasion or vibration like a champ. However, some boot manufacturers now start using textile materials to make the boot both breathable and abrasion-resistant. We recommend you to seek for extra reinforcements like double layers of textile or leather in high-wear areas.


It’s completely up to you what shoe closure type you will choose to open and close your shoes or boots. You can find several types of closures, including laces, velcro, buckle, or the combination of laces and velcro. Each of the shoe closure types has advantages and disadvantages.

For example, shoes with laces are most popular because you can easily remove the shoe or gain a precise fit. But the downside of the lace closure system is that the lace boots come loose easily when riding.

On the other hand, boots with velcro or buckle closure will give you the most secure fit. That’s why we can find the racing boots come with velcro closure.


How long the motorcycle boots will last depends on the way they are constructed. Take a close eye whether the boots come with double or triple-stitching or not. We recommend you go for the boots that soles are sewn on rather than put together with glue. If the shoes are connected with glue, they may break down or disassemble in a nasty accident. We recommend you go for the motorcycle boots that have sewn soles.


The amount of grip you will get completely depends on your shoe soles. A shoe with softer soles will deliver ultimate traction, but they wear out quickly. On the other hand, stiffer soles provide superior durability but they sacrifice grippiness. So, it will be best to stick with the middle point. In other words, go with the soles that offer both traction and longevity.

The Fit

When purchasing boots online, we often have trouble getting the shoes that fit us. To avoid this situation, we suggest you read the sizing guide of the shoe manufacturer. Each boot manufacturer makes their boots size differently.

For example, shoes from European manufacturers have different sizes that come from the US manufacturers. If you choose a pair of motorcycle boots from an EU manufacturer, you must convert the size into the US size.

Don’t forget to wear the shoes with a pair of socks when the shoes will ship to your door. Because wearing shoes with socks will affect the fit. If the motorcycle boots don’t not fit snugly, they will fly off in a crash and leave your feet exposed to the surface.

Additional Protection

Motorcycle boots with extra padding or armors will provide extra protection. Ensure your racing boots include armor made of carbon or plastic to the high-wear areas. You can also find some boots that come with steel plates in the toe area to shield your toe against crushed.

How To Maintain Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Admit it or not, your motorcycle boots are one of the most helpful riding gear that keeps you warm, dry, and safe. But the heck is- we leave the gear in our garage with dirt & mud after riding thousands of miles wearing the boots. If you don’t look after your riding boots, they also forget you to take care of. From this chapter, you will learn how to maintain waterproof motorcycle boots to keep in their shape.

How To Maintain Waterproof Motorcycle Boots by you

Step 1. Wipe the MB (Motorcycle Boots) first

Start with wiping away the motorcycle boots with a wet cloth. Make sure you wipe the booths evenly to get rid of every loose dirt, debris, and mud from the boots. You can go over the leather parts without any issue. Also, make sure you clean the bottom as well.

Step 2. Let The Boots Dry

Once you wipe away the dirt, debris, and mud from the boots evenly, we recommend you leave the boots for a decent amount of time to let them dry. It will help you get better cleaning results later.

Step 3. Clean With Leather Cleaner

Now, it’s time to apply leather cleaner on the boots and clean them with the cleaner. Just grab a leather cleaner and pour it on the microfiber buffing pad. Then, use the pad to gently rub around the boots. Don’t forget to clean the rubber walls or the heel of the boots. You can also use the cleaner to clean the inside of the boot if you wish. Once you rub your boots with leather cleaner evenly, leave them for 30 minutes.

Step 4. Apply Leather Protect

After 30 minutes, use a leather protect polish on your boots. It doesn’t only keep the new look of your boots but also protects the waterproof character of your motorcycle boots. So, get a different buffing pad and apply the leather protect gel directly onto the pad. Then, gently rub your boots with your pad in a circular motion. Once you use the leather protection on your boots properly, leave it for 15 minutes.

Step 5. Buff Up Your Boots

It’s optional. But it will give a fresh and protective look to your boots. Just get a new buffing pad and buff up your motorcycle boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Last?

Generally, waterproof motorcycle boots will last less than 5 years of periodic use. However, how and how often you wear the riding boots, the way you care for them, and how you store them will affect the lifespan of your waterproof motorcycle boots. We recommend you wear the boots on the bike only. Also, try to not use them for walking. Clean the boots after every ride and apply polish on the boot to prolong their waterproof life. Don’t forget to store them in a cool and dry area when you don’t wear the boots.

Are Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Expensive?

Waterproof motorcycle boots are expensive due to their waterproof characteristics. They deliver superior feet protection against rain. You can go on a ride in rainy conditions without any issues by wearing waterproof boots. As it delivers utmost protection against rainy weather, it takes a bit more money to get. However, it doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to get a pair of watertight motorcycle boots. For example, the Oxford Comanche Short Men’s Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Boots will not cost you above $60 bucks to get.

Are Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Comfortable For Riding?

As the waterproof motorcycle boots are solely made for ensuring reliable protection, they may sacrifice a bit of comfort. However, most motorcycle boots in recent days have extra padding that ensures wearing comfort. Besides, you can also add padding to promote both comfort and protection.

Should Motorcycle Boots Be Tight?

Yes, motorcycle boots should be tight. But how tight? They should be tight enough so that they don’t come off when you are sliding down the road. Otherwise, boots will come off and fail to protect your ankles.

Final Verdict

Getting waterproof motorcycle boots is a bit challenging. It’s because some boots just label the shoe as waterproof. But in reality, they are not waterproof.

Fortunately, all the shoes we enlisted above are waterproof or water-resistant. Among them, Sidi Adventure 2 is the best waterproof motorcycle boots. These boots utilize Gore-Tex Membran, which is truly waterproof and prevents water from getting into the shoes. As a result, your feet and socks will remain dry if you encounter rain on your way.

On the other hand, we recommend you go for the Alpinestars SM-X Waterproof Boots if you are a man. For women, Harley-Davidson Amber Motorcycle Boots will be best.

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