10 Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Rider (Ride No Matter)

Can’t you reach the ground while riding your favorite motorcycle just because you are short? Why don’t you try motorcycle boots for short rider?

Motorcycle boots are a lot tougher than your regular boots. And they give you that extra height you need to balance your bike without leaning or tiptoeing.

Let’s get our eyes on an array of high-quality motorcycle boots to help you choose the best motorcycle boots for short rider.

And get to know some crucial factors you need to consider before buying motorcycle boots. Let’s suit up and get going.

Does Short Rider Need Special Motorcycle Boots?

When you are on a moving motorcycle, it will keep the balance due to the gyroscopic stability. But problems arise when you come to a stop. You need to keep the balance of the weight with your feet on the ground.

But short riders often need to tiptoe to stand upright over the bike. In some cases, riders need to lean on one side to keep the balance. Thick sole motorcycle boots for short riders can help a lot in such scenarios.

Does Short Rider Need Special Motorcycle Boots (Ride No Matter)

Motorcycle boots add a few inches of height so you can keep your feet flat on the ground while stopping or parking the bike. It helps short riders keep their balance easily and saves them from falling over.

Boots specially made for motorcycle riders are equipped with protective pads to save the feet of the riders. If you are wearing a good pair of motorcycle boots, you are less likely to face abrasive injuries.

Comparison Chart:

Best Motorcycle Boots for Short RiderMaterialSizeColorClosure TypeShank Type
O’Neal Unisex-Adult Rider Shorty BootTPU Leather, Mesh, Plastic, Metal7-15BlackBuckleMedium
Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Motorcycle BootLeather, Synthetic7-13Black, Grey & White, Red & WhiteBuckle, VelcroLow
RIDETECS Biker Riding BootsLeather, Rubber7-14BlackZipperHigh
ARIAT Men’s Workhog XT Motorcycle BootLeather, Mesh, Rubber7-15IronNoneHigh
Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar BootLeather, Microfiber7-13Black, BrownBuckleMedium
Forma Adventure Low WP BootsLeather, Rubber, Nylon, Plastic8-14BlackBuckleMedium
Fly Racing Maverik BootLeather, Rubber, Plastic7-14Black, Red & Black, White & Black, Grey & BlackBuckleHigh
Fox Racing Men’s Bomber Motocross BootSynthetic Leather, Suede, Rubber, Plastic8-14BlackBuckle, VelcroLow
Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Motorcycle BootLeather, Rubber7-13BlackZipperMedium
HARLEY Women’s Amherst Motorcycle BootLeather, Mesh5-11Black, BrownZipperMedium

10 Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Rider In 2023

Our team of experts hand-picked the 10 best motorcycle boots for short rider based on several aspects. Let’s take a closer look at what these boots have to offer.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Rider (Ride No Matter)

1. O’Neal Unisex-Adult Rider Shorty Boot: Editor’s Choice

O’Neal riding boot provides the ultimate comfort and safety while riding. With its high-quality construction and adjustability, you can now make riding your routine without fear.

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Rider Shorty Boot

This riding boot isn’t too bulky like many other boots in the same price range. Rather, the design is quite sleek. There will be plastic plates between the insole and outsole to withstand high impacts.

The shank of the boot is reinforced with a metal plate. So, the boot will hold its shape even after years of use. With two buckles that snap in place, wearing these boots will be much faster than ever.

O’Neal incorporated a mesh interior along with cushioned insole to ensure the maximum comfort of the rider. A metal toe guard is also included to protect the tip of the boot.


  • Material: TPU Leather, Mesh, Plastic, Metal
  • Size: 7-15
  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Shank Type: Medium
  • Fit For: Men, Women
What I Like?
  • Constructed with high-quality materials
  • Enough reinforcements for added safety
  • Mesh interior ensures maximum comfort and breathability
  • Easy buckle closure system
What I Don’t Like?
  • The outsole isn’t that thick.

What Other Reviewers Say?

Most people who have used these boots said that the boot is very stiff. They also mentioned that this pair of boots is mostly suitable for paved roads than dirt trails.

Almost all users agree that these boots provide great protection while riding. But the pair is a bit heavier than many other riding boots, according to many users. Some also said that it would be great if the boot were made of original leather.

Why You Should Buy O’Neal Unisex Riding Boot?

Considering the price range, O’Neal unisex riding boot is one of the best motorcycle boots for short rider.

You will get a tough, protective pair of very comfortable boots. The comfort and confidence you get while wearing these boots are ultimate.

2. Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boot: Best for Men

By just taking a glance at the overall design language of these boots, you can bet these boots are for motorcycle riders. Every small detail of these boots is developed, keeping short riders, to be specific, in mind.

Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boot

This pair is made with a combination of 95% cowhide leather and 5% synthetic material. As a result, the boot is very durable. This is a low shank boot with a rear pull loop, so it will be easy to wear on or off the boots.

With a buckle closure system, you also get a Velcro strap on the cuff to make the fit right. And the cuff area is additionally padded for extra comfort. Stress areas are reinforced with double stitches to ensure the maximum durability of the boots.

But here are two features that I like the most. The outsole is designed to sit on your motorcycle peg perfectly. So, that sleeper feel under your feet won’t remain anymore.

And motorcycle boots mostly catch wear and tear in the shifter zone. The Atomic riding boot is reinforced in that zone to protect the boot from wearing. So, you can now rev and shift as much as you can without worrying about torn boots.


  • Material: Leather, Synthetic
  • Size: 7-13
  • Color: Black, Grey & White, Red & White
  • Closure Type: Buckle, Velcro
  • Shank Type: Low
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • Excellent build quality with almost full leather
  • Easy adjustment system with buckle and Velcro
  • Outsole design is perfect for motorcycle riders
  • The Toe area is reinforced for shifting
What I Don’t Like?
  • The shank is too low.

What Other Reviewers Say?

Some users have complained that the front section of the insole isn’t properly glued to the main sole. There are also issues with the aluminum latch of the boot.

Most reviewers said the boot to be very well built and protective for motorcycle riding. These boots are very comfortable for a longer period, according to many users.

Why You Should Buy Atomic Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boot?

Atomic Motorcycle riding boot will be one of the best mens motorcycle boots for short riders as it will withstand high impacts. It is built with high-quality leather and protects your feet from getting hurt.

The boot will last much longer than other boots in this price range with all the protective features.

3. RIDETECS Biker Riding Boots: Best High Shank

As a biker, you might have got water inside your boots during the monsoon. You know how irritating it could be. This high-shank boot from RIDETECS will protect you from getting water inside the booth. So, you will be dry and warm all the way.

RIDETECS Biker Riding Boots

RIDETECS boot is made of full-grain leather, so it is highly durable. Due to the high shank of the boot, your legs will be much more protected.

This pair has a zipper closure to wear on or off quickly. The outsole is made of rubber, and the insole is made of PU leather. There will be a rubber midsole and leather lining to enhance protection.

You can remove the insole to clean easily. This high boot will be a great addition to the short riders’ garage. As there is no funky design on the outside, this boot will give you a clean look.

RIDETECS boot won’t need any break-in like many other stiff boots in the market. It only gets better after wearing for some time. And the high shank boot with a one-and-a-half-inch thick heel will help short riders keep from tiptoeing.


  • Material: Leather, Rubber
  • Size: 7-14
  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Shank Type: High
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • It gives a bold and decent look
  • High shank boot is oil and water-resistant.
  • It can handle versatile riding conditions
  • Made of heavy-duty leather for extra protection
  • Comfortable insole
  • Easy zipper closure
What I Don’t Like?
  • The insole feels somewhat cheap.

What Other Reviewers Say?

Most of the users are quite happy with the performance of this boot. RIDETECS riding boot gives them the confidence to ride comfortably in any weather condition on any terrains.

Some complained that the zipper quality isn’t that good, and it breaks off after a few months. Some also said a strap for adjustment would be great.

Why You Should Buy RIDETECS Biker Riding Boots?

RIDETECS Biker Riding Boots will give you the ultimate comfort and durability with its full-grain leather construction. Its high shank will protect your feet from getting wet.

This boot isn’t too stiff on your feet. And the comfort level will continue to grow over time. RIDETECS boot provides a very good value for money.

4. ARIAT Men’s Workhog XT Motorcycle Boot: Best Leather Boot

ARIAT incorporates many technologies in the Workhog XT series boots to make them the ultimate choice for short riders. With a superior leather build and great mesh cushioning, this pair of boots will provide you with maximum comfort.

ARIAT Men’s Workhog XT Motorcycle Boot

ATS Max technology is used to give the boot better stability. So, you will feel less fatigue in your feet. There is an EVA midsole between the oil and slip-resistant outsole and rebound foam insole to absorb shocks.

Due to the mesh lining inside the shaft, there will be good air circulation to keep your feet dry and cool even in summer. The U-turn entry system looks cool, but unfortunately, there is no buckle or strap for adjustment.

The front flex panel will protect your boots from wearing quickly. This is a common incident in stiffer boots. High-quality leather is double-stitched in stress areas to increase durability.

As the heel is quite thick, it will help short riders keep them stable while stopping or parking their bikes. And the bottom of the outsole won’t slip off the peg to give you a safe ride.


  • Material: Leather, Mesh, Rubber
  • Size: 7-15
  • Color: Iron
  • Closure Type: None
  • Shank Type: High
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • An easy U-turn entry system ensures a secure fit.
  • VentTEK Mesh panels inside increases breathability
  • ATS Max technology reduces fatigue
  • EVA midsole absorbs light to medium shocks
  • The slip-resistant outsole makes riding safer
What I Don’t Like?
  • The design on the sides of the shank looks childish to me

What Other Reviewers Say?

According to most ARIAT Workhog XT boot users, this pair is much more comfortable than pointed-toe boots. These boots are also very lightweight, so even newbies can rock with these riding boots.

Some users said that these boots are a bit stiffer when new. But after one month of breaking in, everything gets in the right position, and the boots give a very comfortable fit.

Why You Should Buy ARIAT Men’s Riding Boot?

Though the price is a bit higher than usual riding boots out there, it is justified due to the premium leather of this boot. ARIAT men’s riding boot combines comfort and safety with a bit of style and character.

If you want to keep your feet safe and cool while riding in different conditions, this will be the best leather boot to protect you for a long time.

5. Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar Boot: Best Professional

Be it the toughest trail, Alpinestars Mens Boot is widely known for giving better protection and comfort to even professional motorcyclists.

Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar Boot

With durable construction and innovative technologies, this is one of the most popular riding boots anywhere in the world.

The black-coloured boot is made of PU leather, and the brown coloured boot is made of full-grain leather. In either case, you get suede leather as the midsole. The inner area has microfiber to increase the flexibility of the boot.

TPU plastic is used to make the cuff plate that reinforces the boot and saves you from shocks. There will also be a shift pad made of TPU that makes your boots last much longer.

Wearing the boot is fast and easy due to the wide opening. There are two buckles for adjusting the fit of the boot to your choice. And the soft foam in the ankle area will add to the overall comfort.

The proprietary Drystar membrane is placed inside the outer leather layer. This will protect you from rough weather.


  • Material: Leather, Microfiber
  • Size: 7-13
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Shank Type: Medium
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • Appealing design with sturdy construction
  • High-quality leather and microfiber for greater durability and comfort
  • Top-notch protection against shock and weather
  • Easy buckle closure system
  • Water and oil-resistant
What I Don’t Like?
  • A bit costly

What Other Reviewers Say?

Alpinestars make praiseworthy boots that are very popular. Most users of the Belize Drystar boo commented they are satisfied with the comfort and protection of this boot.

Though some said this boot to be on the heavier side, they were comfortable after getting used to the boot. Most reviewers praise the fit and feel of this boot.

Why You Should Buy Alpinestars Belize Drystar Men’s Boot?

Belize Drystar boot from Alpinestars is the ultimate deal you will get as a professional rider. The thick outsole will help short riders grow confidence and ride with safety.

Its high-quality leather, comfortable inner materials, shock-absorbent midsole, TPU reinforcement plats, everything makes this pair the best professional boot for short riders.

6. Forma Adventure Low WP Boots: Best for Adventure

Forma Low WP Boots are made with an impeccable design to be your companion on rough trails. If you love adventure and exploring, these boots will be the best suit for you. Here is the breakdown.

Forma Adventure Low WP Boots

The vintage finish of the full-grain leather used in these boots is spectacular. You instantly look like a veteran rider after wearing these boots. Though the boots are made with double density rubber sole and look bulky, they are very lightweight.

There are plastic protections in several different parts of the boot, like near the cuff, ankle, toe, etc. An external plastic pad is also used in the shifting area to make the boot much durable.

The height of the shank isn’t too much, so you can comfortably wear these boots. Two plastic buckles help you adjust the fit. These boots are even great for walking if you are off the motorcycle for some moments.

There will be Drytex lining and soft memory foam for excellent padding and breathability in the inner area. So, your feet will remain dry and cool even after riding for hours.

The EVA midsole is reinforced with special nylon to absorb the shock. So, the overall performance of these boots is satisfactory.


  • Material: Leather, Rubber, Nylon, Plastic
  • Size: 8-14
  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Shank Type: Medium
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • Rugged yet lightweight build with full-grain leather
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Breathable inner area with memory foam padding
  • Plastic inserts for reinforcement
  • Easy buckle closure system
  • Vintage look
What I Don’t Like?
  • Not fully water-resistant

What Other Reviewers Say?

We have gone through several reviews of Forma Adventure Low WP Boots. Most of the reviewers are quite satisfied with the comfort and protection of the boot. Some users have taken these boots to dirt trails.

Their shin and ankle were well protected. These boots are a bit beefy to some users, but the stiffness was right. And after a few weeks of use, the boot becomes much more comfortable.

Why You Should Buy Forma Adventure Low WP Boots?

Forma Adventure Boots are the right bang for the buck. You pay the price and get some straightforward protection in all areas to escalate your riding experience.

With high-quality leather, sturdy outsole and midsole, comfortable insole and lining, reinforcement pads, etc., Forma Low WP is the best boot for adventure.

7. Fly Racing Maverik Boot: Best Value for Money

What a pair of boots! These bright and shiny colors are recognizable from yards apart. Whether your feet are on the pegs or ground, the grip of the rubber outsole is excellent.

Fly Racing Maverik Boot

Muscular construction is the first thing you see in these boots. The upper is made of high-grade leather. There will be an injected plastic insole between the durable and shock-absorbent rubber outsole and the plush insole.

A steel stank is also included in the 4-stage sole. So, you will be protected from any shock coming from below. Considering its features, this is probably the best boot for entry-level short riders.

Besides the shin protection, the rear ankle is articulated for great support while riding. And the inner area will be very comfortable no matter what is going on outside.

This pair of boots comes with a buckle closure system. Unlike most other boots in this price range, it has 3 quick-lock buckles for easy adjustment.

The rubber heat shield is an essential feature for motorcycle boots. Fortunately, these boots have that shield to protect the inner side of your feet from the engine heat.


  • Material: Leather, Rubber, Plastic
  • Size: 7-14
  • Color: Black, Red and Black, White and Black, Grey and Black
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Shank Type: High
  • Fit For: Men and Women
What I Like?
  • Excellent protection in all areas
  • Durable 4-stage sole design with steel shank
  • 3 quick-lock buckles for convenient closure
  • Rubber heat shield in the inner side
  • All-terrain performance
  • Best affordable
What I Don’t Like?
  • Poor toe protection

What Other Reviewers Say?

According to most users, these boots are worth a lot more than they cost. They find this pair of boots highly attractive and protective. This full-sized boot amazed users with its durable rubber outsole and comfortable insole.

But some users complained that the toe area isn’t well protected. Some of them even have ripped the top toe area, which was disappointing.

Why You Should Buy Fly Racing Maverik Boot?

If you want a well-protected boot for safe riding with your hard-earned money, then the Fly Racing Maverik is the best value for money boot out there.

It has got several layers of protection at the bottom, along with shin and ankle protection. From an easy buckle closure system to a rubber heat guard, everything screams protection in this boot.

8. Fox Racing Men’s Bomber Motocross Boot: Best Low Shank

Fox Racing Motocross Boot has the same DNA as premium full-sized boots from this brand. So, it will provide you with great support and comfort while riding on paved streets or dirt trails.

Fox Racing Men’s Bomber Motocross Boot

These boots are made with a combination of synthetic leather, suede, and rubber. The outsole is made of Duratec rubber, and it absorbs a good amount of shock to give you a comfortable riding experience.

A steel shank is incorporated in the midsole to increase shock absorption. And then there will be the comfortable inner fabric to keep your feet cool. With a lot of padding, especially in the ankle area, you’ll be safe from getting toasted.

Bomber Boot borrows the buckle design from premium boots of Fox Racing. You will see a single buckle closure system along with a Velcro to adjust the fit. High shank boots can be a bit intimidating for short riders.

This low shank one will suit short riders very well. The toe area is protected with molded plastic pad. There is a plastic pad in the shifting area. So, you will be shifting with confidence and less fear of wear.


  • Material: Synthetic Leather, Suede, Rubber, Plastic
  • Size: 8-14
  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Buckle, Velcro
  • Shank Type: Low
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • Synthetic leather looks quite good and is durable.
  • Duratec rubber outsole for maximum grip and stability
  • Easy buckle closure with fine adjustments
  • Plastic toe and shin guard for added protection
What I Don’t Like?
  • Size starts from 8, so smaller riders may not get a good fit

What Other Reviewers Say?

Short riders who use this boot are very comfortable and satisfied with the boot. But some tall riders complained that this boot isn’t so good for them.

They felt much stiffness in the ankle area. So, riding with these boots on wasn’t a comfy option for them. Some also said that the Velcro comes off quite often.

Why You Should Buy Fox Racing Men’s Bomber Motocross Boot?

Though the price range is slightly higher than entry-level motorcycle boots, the Bomber boot is the best low shank boot for short riders.

With satisfactory build quality, high-grade material, and attention to safety, you can rock these boots if you are a short rider.

9. Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Motorcycle Riding Boot: Best All-Age

Joe Rocket is a well-known brand for producing quality riding gear. And the Meteor FX will probably suit riders of all ages as the design is pretty straightforward.

Joe Rocket Men’s Meteor FX Motorcycle Riding Boot

This medium-high boot is made of split-grain leather. There is a DryTech membrane underneath to make the boot waterproof. The woven fabric will provide greater flexibility while riding.

Though the toe profile is lower than usual, it will be tough enough and provide great protection. A shifting pad is also included to protect the boot from scuffing.

Like the previous Joe Rocket boot on our list, it has a zipper closure. Though zippers are weaker than buckles, they will help you wear the boot quickly. The outsole is made of rubber and will be slip-resistant for safe riding.

Above the zipper, a leather overlay will hide the zipper and give your boot a seamless look. Double stitches are done to strengthen the boot.

If your feet are wider than usual, you need to try these boots before buying. These boots tend to be a bit smaller than the actual size.


  • Material: Leather, Rubber
  • Size: 7-13
  • Color: Black
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Shank Type: Medium
  • Fit For: Men
What I Like?
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great ankle, toe, and hill protection with reinforcement pads
  • Easy zipper closure with leather overlay
  • The reflective lining around the boot to be more visible at night
What I Don’t Like?
  • Less room for feet movement

What Other Reviewers Say?

Some reviewers complained that the zipper was the weakest link of the boot. Though most of the users like the overall quality of the boot, the size wasn’t true to their feet in many cases.

But almost everyone is satisfied considering what they get in this price range.

Why You Should Buy Joe Rocket Meteor FX Motorcycle Riding Boot?

If you are a short rider with a preference for low or medium shank riding boots, Meteor FX will perfectly suit you. These boots have the features of high-end boots of the same brand.

You can rely on quality leather construction. The non-slip rubber outsole and comfortable fabric insole will provide a great riding experience. Want simple boots to go with your age? The Meteor FX will be the best boot for all ages.

10. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Amherst Motorcycle Boot: Best for Women

You will be amazed by the plain yet elegant design of this Amherst boot for women. This gives a sleek look to female riders without comprising comfort and protection.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Amherst Motorcycle Boot

The upper of this boot is made of full-grain leather. It comes in two colors, black and brown. Both the colors look so cool. When riding is your passion, take fashion with you too with these boots.

The outsole is made of synthetic rubber. As the heel is thick, it will help short riders keep balance without tiptoeing. Inner mesh lining will provide greater breathability and riding comfort.

Stress areas of the boot are double stitched for further durability. You will get an inner reinforcement pad in the toe area to save you from minor bumps. The zipper closure is pretty convenient.

As these YKK zippers use a dual locking system to close the zipper on both sides, the zipper will be much more secure than usual.


  • Material: Leather, Mesh
  • Size: 5-11
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Shank Type: Medium
  • Fit For: Women
What I Like?
  • Heavy-duty construction with high-grade leather
  • Mesh lining for maximum comfort
  • Ankle and cuff padding
  • Superior grip outsole for safe riding
  • Easy dual-locking zipper closure
What I Don’t Like?
  • No shin pads

What Other Reviewers Say?

These boots were comfortable for most of the users. But some of them complained that the boots caught wear too quickly, especially in the shifting area as there is no protective pad.

Most reviewers also praised that the boot didn’t need any break-in. The stiffness was on point.

Why You Should Buy HARLEY DAVIDSON Amherst Women’s Motorcycle Boot?

As for the entry-level riding boots for women, Amherst boot is very affordable with some solid build quality and great comfort.

If you are looking for a riding boot to be protective, comfortable, and stylish at the same time, then the HARLEY DAVIDSON Amherst is the best riding boot for women.

What To Look For Before Buying Good Motorcycle Boots For Short Rider?

The accessories market is flooded with motorcycle boots. But finding the right boot is tiring. It gets even more intimidating if you are a short rider. We’ll guide you on how to choose the right motorcycle boot for your budget.

how to choose Good Motorcycle Boots For Short Rider

Riding Type

Consider this factor before even checking for a motorcycle boot. Riding on paved streets and off-road trails require different types of boots. The weather condition is also a great factor here.

If you are up to daily commuting, low-height boots will be more comfortable. But if you frequently go off-roading or on race tracks, high-shank boots will ensure you get maximum protection.

Riding in the monsoon season will require waterproof boots. But boots with mesh inner will be more comfortable in summer. So, figure out your riding conditions first.

Shank Height

You may have noticed boots with different shank heights on our list. This is because low-shank boots are great for day-to-day use. When you are riding at low speed, these boots will be enough to protect your feet.

But if you are going to perform a race or stunt, high-shank boots will give you the maximum coverage. These boots also have greater protection in different areas like ankle, heel, and toe.

Material and Build Quality

Most performance boots for short rider are made of leather. Some manufacturers combine synthetic leather or other materials too. High-quality full-grain leather boots are perfect for any riding condition.

Material and Build Quality of O’Neal Rider Shorty Boot

Though these boots are usually stiff when new, you’ll get comfortable after a few weeks of breaking in. Stress areas of the boots should be double-stitched for better durability.

The inner material should be comfortable enough so that you can ride for a long time without any pain or irritation in your feet. Mesh is a very good inner material. It provides high breathability to keep your feet cool in summer.


Though motorcycle boots add style to riding, safety is the main reason behind using these boots. So, the boot you are buying should give you enough protection against shocks or during an accident.

Comfort and Protection of Motorcycle Boots

Most entry-level motorcycle boots are reinforced with molded plastic or steel pads inside the midsole to absorb the shock from the bottom. Some boots have separate pads for ankle, shin, or toe protection.

A protective pad in the gear shifting area is a must for motorcycle boots. Otherwise, the shifting area of the upper leather will catch wear too quickly.


No matter how protective your motorcycle boots are, if they aren’t comfortable enough, there is no point in buying those boots. Motorcycle boots are usually very stiff when bought. But they break in over time and conform to the shape of your feet to give you a comfortable fit.

Check whether the width of the boot is correct; otherwise, riding will be painful. The inner padding should be thick and soft enough to make you feel no pain even after hours of riding.


Most motorcycle boots use a buckle or zipper for the closure. Buckle closures are very convenient as they snap in place and give a snug fit if the boot size is right. Some boots even come with Velcro straps for further adjustments.

Zipper closures can be a bit annoying when the boot is new. And after several usages, zippers tend to come off automatically. Though 3-buckle closure boots will give the best fit, most entry-level boots are equipped with two buckles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a quick look at the answers to some questions short riders frequently ask. Enlighten yourself with something new.

Do Motorcycle Boots Add Height?

Reaching the ground while keeping the feet flat is a common problem for short riders. Motorcycle boots add short riders add a bit of height, one to two inches commonly, to make their riding more confident.

How Much Height Do Riding Boots Add?

Not all motorcycle boots have the same height. Entry-level boots will add 1-1.5 inches of height to make you comfortable while stopping or parking the bike. If you are extremely short and need more height, high-end boots will add up to three inches.

Are Motorcycle Boots Comfortable?

Motorcycle boots are less comfortable compared to your usual walking boots. As motorcycle boots are made for protection, they are tougher and heavier than normal boots.

But high-quality motorcycle boots have enough padding inside to make you comfortable while riding. Walking with these boots isn’t a great idea, though.

Are Steel Toe Boots Good for Motorcycle Riding for Short Riders?

Though it seems to have greater protection with steel toe boots, they aren’t suitable for motorcycle riding. With steel toe boots on, gear shifting might be slower than usual.

In the case of an accident, steel parts can turn into sharp objects to injure your feet.

Do Motorcycle Boots Make a Difference?

Motorcycle boots offer greater protection to your feet than normal shoes. These boots are made to withstand high impact, keep your feet safe from engine or exhaust heat, and reduce the chances of injury in the case of an accident.


It’s time to see you off before you buckle up your riding boots and rev your motorcycle. Just one more thing to check.

O’Neal Unisex Shorty Boot is one of the best motorcycle boots for short rider. If you want some extra height for safe riding, this boot will be the most suitable option for you.

Both the inside and outside of these boots are made of high-quality material. You’ll get maximum protection with reinforced metal plates. And the inner mesh will ensure the ultimate comfort while riding.

When protection and comfort meet affordability, look no further.

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