CE level 1 Vs. 2: What Are The Differences & Which One Should You Choose?

CE Level 1 and Level 2 are two of the most sturdy protective gear for motorcyclists. Aside from motorcycle helmets, motorcyclists need other protection equipment. This is because it is not only the head in danger when an accident occurs. Your shoulder, forearm, elbow, hip, lower leg, and knee also needs protection from injury if you have an accident. Since the accident is not predictable for both professional and novice riders, CE levels 1 and 2 often come in handy.

But to know which one is best for our protection, comparing CE level 1 vs. 2 is necessary.

CE level 1 and Level 2 armours are differentiated according to the level of force they both can withstand. CE level 2 gear can withstand more force than CE level 1, and this makes level 2 have the edge over 1.

But, we have to look at other factors to get a verdict on the comparison. So, in this article, I have included a list of differences between CE level 1 and 2. It also has everything you need to know about the two gears.

What Is A CE level 1?

CE level 1 is a motorcycle armor manufactured by D3O that comes in pads, and these pads come for different parts of the body. There is a CE level 1 armor for the shoulders, knees, elbows, forearms, lower legs, hips, and backs. This armor is best when you are on a casual road riding experience, where you cannot have a major accident.

What is a CE level 1

The level 1 CE armor looks tougher and broader, but they absorb a satisfactory level of impact during an accident. D3O make this armor for people who just want to enjoy a simple road trip on their motorcycle.

This is because you can only have minimal accidents in such rides, and the armor is good enough to protect your body from such accidents. CE level armor has a maximum transmitted force of 18kN, and no value exceeds 24kN.

You should know that CE protection for all the joins is different from the one for backs. The joints level 1 CE armors have a different impact limit from the back level 1 CE protector. The joint protectors have residual force below 35kN, and the back protectors have residual force below 18kN.

PROs of the level 1 CE Protectors

PROs of the level 1 CE protectors

1. It protects the joints and other areas of the body

Every body part that has a joint has a level one protection kit. You can protect your knees, elbow, and shoulder from an accident with the armor. It is known that aside from the head, your elbow, shoulder, and knees are the most vulnerable parts of your body during an accident.

Your chest or other flat body parts can escape injuries, but your knees always seem to get one. Even your shoulders and elbows don’t want to be left out in the injury exhibiting part. So they need protection.

Also, the other parts of the body like the back, forearms and lower legs have a protection kit from the level 1 CE armor. It is important to protect these body parts even if they are not the most vulnerable. They still partake in injuries, depending on the fall from the accident.

Your back might scratch on the floor, your forearm scrub a hard surface, or your lower leg does the same. All these will be avoided with the armor.

2. It is easy to use

You don’t need extra classes to learn how to use a level 1 CE armor. The armor is very easy to use, and a novice motorcyclist can use it without guidelines. Once you can figure out the particular pad for each part of the body, the rest is easy enough to figure out.

3. It can fit into your cloth

Although the level 1 CE protector is big in its way, you can still wear your jacket on it. Many people do not like the pads’ looks when they are in the open. So, opt for wearing their jackets on the pads. Surprisingly, the protectors fit it just right, and the riders are good to go.

4. Ventilation

Level 1 CE protectors have holes on them and them for cold air to come in and hot air to leave. Riding a motorcycle can sap energy from you and work your body to produce heat and sweat, even if it is a joy ride. This heat can make you uncomfortable to continue the ride.

So, you need good ventilation in whatever you wear to keep you comfortable while you are riding. The level 1 CE protector has adequate ventilation holes for you. The holes are small, and they don’t pose any threat to risk your safety.

5. It is lightweight

When you are riding your motorcycle, one thing you don’t want is extra weight on you. If your protection kits are heavy, it causes a level of discomfort. The level 1 CE armor is lightweight.

Cons Of The Level 1 CE Protectors

1. Minimal resistance to impact

The main reason you wear protection armors is to keep yourself from broken bones or injury in an accident. When this is compromised, it means the armor is not good enough. Level 1 CE armors are suitable protectors, but they are not good enough compared to its counterpart. This is because they have a limit of force they can withstand, and the limit is low.

In other words, the armor cannot protect you from a server accident. Although we advise you not to use a level 1 armor for intense riding, you still cannot predict the kind of accident that will meet you on a simple ride.

What Is A CE level 2?

CE level 2 is a high-rated protector for motorcycle riders. It gives you protection from high-speed crashes. The kind of crash you get when you are riding your motorcycle at high speed and have an accident.

It might take a while for you to stop rolling when you encounter such a fall. Here, only a level 2 CE armor can protect you from all the potential injuries and fracture you would have.

What is a CE level 2

CE level 2 armors are ideal for advanced tracks and also for less advanced tracks. We include the less advanced tracks because a severe accident can still happen. It is traumatic to hit a barrier, and a level 2 CE protector can reduce the trauma more than double the way a level 1 CE protector can.

A level 2 CE protector has a maximum transmitted force of 9kN to the body. This makes it better than the level 1 CE protector. The back protection pads have a different residual force than the joint protection pads. The back armor has a below 9 KN residual force, and the joint armor has a below 20 KN residual force.

Pros Of The Level 2 CE protectors

Pros Of The Level 2 CE protectors

1. Excellent protection against impact

Parts of your body that need protection the most aside from your head are parts that have joints. Parts like the elbow, shoulders, and knees. The level 2 CE protectors provide adequate protection to them.

Places like your chest, forearms, lower legs, and your back also need protection from injuries. The level 2 protection kit has this part under control too. You are sure of complete protection with the armor.

2. Protects from high-speed crashes

A high-speed crash is so severe that a common armor cannot protect you from incurring injuries. Most armors will pull off, leaving your body to absorb the crash. Some of them will keep you from external injuries and allow you to have internal ones. But the level 2 protectors keep you safe both from internal and external injuries, and they stay on your body.

3. They are lightweight

The level 2 CE armors are even more light weighted than the level 1. You can wear them for hours without feeling their weight on you, promoting a comfortable ride. They are also easy to use, and their lightweight can make them fit into your clothes perfectly.

CONs Of The Level 2 CE protectors

1. They are more expensive

Level 2 CE protectors are more expensive than level 1 protectors. The difference might be in just a few dollars, but it matters to some people who might not have that few dollars to add to this advancement.

CE level 1 vs. 2: Basic Differences You Should Be Aware Of

For CE level 1 vs. 2, it is a straightforward classification. Let’s compare the two CE-rated protectors with some of their features.

CE level 1 vs. 2


Protection is an excellent place to start, as it is the main reason you want CE armor. The advanced protection mechanism that the level 2 CE armor has is better than the level. The level one armor offers protection for mild accidents, while level 2 offers protection for intense crashes.


This might not be a big deal for some people. But to those people who want to feel free when riding, the level 2 armor is the best for them. The level on is light too, but level 2 is lighter.

This might make you wonder how a lighter protector protects more than a heavier one. Well, the protection mechanism is not in the weight but the material.


The level 1 and level 2 CE protectors are for the same reason, which is protection. They keep your elbows, forearms, knees, lower legs, shoulders, chest, and back away from injuries during an accident.

But when you compare CE level 1 vs. 2, you will realize that level 2 is better. Still, you can wear the level 1 for short road trips.

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